Merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

The Return of Merlin Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

Morgana's punishment by Merlin is to be sent to the future where she This Harry will refuse to submit to Dumbledore's heinous plans and will find IMPORTANT A/N: This fic will have mild Ron/Dumbledore bashing (if you think . She felt the same protectiveness and instant connection with him as well. (In this story, Morgana is Merlin's sister and has no relation to Arthur) . Crossover - Harry Potter & Merlin - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words. Harry Potter and Merlin crossover fanfiction archive with over stories. Rated: K+ - Spanish - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 29, When Voldemort resurrects Morgana to help with his plans, the Old Religion cries out in .

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

It was this time that he created the Order. People began to believe he had studied at the school. That Merlin had been born now. He did nothing to subdue such beliefs.

He had found a place. But deep inside him, his heart knew It could not last. And he was right. Merlin found Morgana was nowhere around, and a few weeks later found her crying in the library. She had been there the entire time; being immortal she did not tire or required neither food nor rest. That is when he learned Helena had died. Being Immortal was harsh, Morgana and he, they were sustained by the Earth, should they not eat they would survive so only just.

She had been broken when he found her, weak. And when she had been healed, had been devastated; she could not stand the castle anymore. They went back to before, back to Ealdor, now known as Glen. The year was Five years later Helga died, she had known they were alive. Apparently, Rowena was regarded to have died. Merlin had been forgotten mostly, and the school had kept on working. He had done it. On they received a letter from Salazar.

They went to his place and stayed there, until when witch burnings started on the area and the house was destroyed. In the 's when the International Statute was signed, he influenced some minds to make it happen.

It was what the old religion wished from him. He heard it still, all these centuries but still. And once again they waited, but this time, they did on the crystal cave. Untilwhen they went back to the world, and from them on. Life became a game, both of them, they lived as they wanted. They would go there in disguise.

Merlin as a teacher, and Morgana as a student. And then Morgana as the teacher and Merlin as the student. And so on, so on. Every 50 years they returned, living as muggles once or twice, variating name, appearance and behavior. Things changed onwhen he met Albus Dumbledore. And it was on during the great wars on both Muggle and Wizarding world, that he rose to prominence. And Merlin realised he was the future.

He mantained close, as Dumbledore's very own DA teacher, he protected the young student; knowing what he would be.

Harry Potter and Merlin Crossover | FanFiction

InDumbledore defeated Gellert Grindelwald, took the stick the dark wizard used; a wand he, Merlin himself, had given to a man who helped him cross a swamp. And became Hogwarts' headmaster and chief of Wizengamot, an organization in charge of protecting the interests of Wizard community; a birth of his own Order… Though, with similar goals he never got along with them, some were serious blood purity maniacs. Merlin never understood the idea of blood, one either had magic or just did not, wizards or Muggles were still human beings.

With emotions, ideas and potential for good. But that never stopped them from fighting against each other.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

Even Gwen, after Arthur's death was unable to fully stop it. That is what caused the decline of magic in the first place. All the pain, all those deaths. No balance, no peace. But it was not Dumbledore who he had to look for, and once again, his effort s were in vain. He had been to rush to see his true purpose, him and her both. It was when they noticed Lily Evans and James Potter.

And both Morgana and he agreed that there was something unique in them. Morgana was their teacher, and Merlin befriended them, in escence again he was a fifth of a group, and the Marauders never knew. They had not known who they made Homework with. So the Warlock, and the Priestess kept an eye on them. But they did not foresee the betrayal of Pettigrew.

They did not expect it, and so both of them died. And Merlin blamed himself; it was Voldemort, Tom Riddle again. He did not thought him particularly powerful, just destructive, even Morgana saw in him a monster, Salazar would have been horrified. The boy had been all the shrewdness of Slytherin, but no will for good. Voldemort however discovered Horcruxes, a spell cast of the old religion. It was originally good magic, to attach the soul using the mirroring of life and death, used to protect the high priests from death.

Once they could be made with no killing, but on their decline such power was lost, the soul could not be duplicated anymore just shattered. Now, Voldemort and other 'wand-wielders' had the need to fragment the soul and divide it. And that was a crime. Merlin hated what they did to the world. It made them more powerful alright, but it gave them in the end, pain and suffering.

The creation of such objects brought an enormous loss of Balance. With those objects, he saw only darkness. But Voldemort he did not attack or faced in anyway. He aided the Ministry and the Order of The Phoenix. But from the sidelines, only. Every death augmented the imbalance, the wand wielders knew not, and Morgana doubted, but HE was sure; if the destruction remained the magic of wands will dissipate as well. Voldemort's life was an abomination.

He had to die. And Harry Potter, James and Lily's son, was the one to do it. His mother had died to protect him, he was everything Tom was not; loved, cared for, pure.

Everything Merlin and Morgana were not.

If they were to kill him, Voldemort, and though they could, Horocruxes, even seven were no match for him or her, he could sense them were they close, he could destroy them with little effort; But should he try the balance may never be restored, and magic will decline even more.

His hands were tied.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

Harry was the answer. Only he could defeat the so called 'Dark Lord' They began the preparations, forgery of documents and stuff; they had done it before several times, but with extra time.

And there was no time to loose. One could say a year was too long, but for two who had live of those.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

So they were ready, they could now intervene. They had been waiting for a millennia and a half. In all these years of waiting, planning, they did not think of how.

Morgana wanted to reveal themselves, but Merlin doubted that would do good, his name was now the greatest in Wizard history.

He would be deified! Treated as a god. And Morgana would be hated; so after many fights they decided against it. It left too much strings untouched. It was Morgana's idea, go as a two students instead of teacher.

Keep close to Harry, protect him. And so they began. They had done this a hundred of times before, but not with a purpose Just as means to pass time… Hogwarts was a home for them both, a constant in their lives.

When they first went there aroundwhen he saw Helena, when she saw her daughter. Now a Ghost, Morgana had had a breakdown on the feast. She can't wait to tell the others, and Derek understands why he has certain protective feelings. No one expected that Scott becoming a werewolf meant that danger would be coming at them. Has the Joestar bloodline finally met its match?

And what about the strange end to the Triwizards Tournament, could they have something to do with it? Are they even brothers and why do they sound like they've been in lots of life and death situations? Don't like, don't read. Kilgharrah by Jonquil Gemstone reviews An immortal dragon aging to death?

As a matter of fact, he has many more adventures awaiting him.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction harry

Original characters and mechanisms, too. Merlin couldn't stand by and watch him fall. It's the s, and Tom Riddles rise to power is set in motion with very different beginnings. Ghosts of Merlins guilt spur him into the path of a boy who so many had written off for darkness, but perhaps he can still be pulled from the depths.

Now she must choose between the friend she knew and the monster she has become. When they try to take over America he has a meltdown. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Can Merlin, a very old wizard, who just wants a normal life at last, stop it from happening, or will Merlin fail and Morgana finally get exactly what she wants?

Morgana Pendragon has caused the Once and Future King to rise. Merlin has been called to help a boy named Harry Potter defeat a wizard who is harming the world. And the Great Dragon is used for a tournament where he is believed to be a feeble-minded wyvern also available on Wattpad. Now with new evils that only he and some new Moments later a sharp crack erupted in their backyard, 'it-it must be one of those freaks,' Petunia hissed as she back away from the door.

They're coming to hurt us,' she raised her bony hands to her face thanking the heavens that her own son was upstairs in his room, alone, and safe. The woman was as pale as the full moon that hung above their house, it's light reflected off her skin giving her an iridescent glow. Her hair had long since dried into tangled dark brown waves, and her black dress had long since lost it's magnificence.

It hung on her fragile frame loosely; it was torn, and full of holes. Her light blue eyes looked like the steel of an unforgiving blade as she looked at the people in front of her. Take your magic with you! His breath caught in his fat throat as a faint thump signaled that the woman had caught his hand, looking as stoic as she had previously. Her head slowly turned to his as she stared him in the eyes. Morgana looked around the room, scouring it for it's secrets.

It's strange contraptions, and designs registered in her mind before she caught sight of the child who was staring at her in awe. Her lip curled in disgust as she took in his bruises that were quickly turning colour. A familiar protective feeling overwhelmed her as she stared into his fearful green eyes. She was instantly reminded of the first time she had met Mordred, when Merlin had lead the hurt druid boy into her room. She felt the same protectiveness and instant connection with him as well.

We beat him when he gets out of control! Her lips pursed as silence followed her question. The only thing that made her refrain from acting out was that she no longer had her magic. Morgana had heard every word of Merlin's, and she knew what he meant now that she had seen the boy.

The boy had lost his parents, and out of Merlin's ridiculous need to have everyone feel love he had bound the late mother's love to her. She absently took notice of how the boy let her guide him, and made a note of his naivety, not a suitable trait for any wise person. A vague tickle in the back on her mind reminded her that he was a child, and didn't know any better. Make up whatever stories you see fit. She could steal his magic, pull it from his very body the same way Merlin had hers, but she couldn't.

She growled lowly as the mother's love for the boy echoed through her mind, reminding her of her judgement. It was less about how her heart was bound by anothers love, and more that the boy was of her kind, punished as she was for something they could not control.