Michiru and haruka relationship test

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michiru and haruka relationship test

Two weeks had passed and Haruka and Michiru had both decided not to tests we can move on with our lives," she put her hand on Michiru's. Haruka & Michiru's relationship with Usagi. Usagi is the reincarnated Princess Serenity and the sailor soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon. While Usagi can. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

Setsuna smiled a little at her words, "Is Michiru still isn't feeling well? Soon Michiru entered the kitchen sleepily, hiding a yawn behind her hand. Haruka smiled at her, "Good morning.


Haruka was happy Michiru seemed better this morning, "Are you ready for your appointment this afternoon? Haruka remained strong, "You're going and that's final. Breakfast was pleasant and delicious as it was made by Setsuna, who was now the best cook living there.

A few hours later Haruka and Michiru left for the appointment. The appointment wasn't what they expected, although Michiru had to take some usual doctor visit tests, she was also forced to tell the doctor she had been raped which was upsetting and Haruka held her hand through the whole thing.

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After some more tests and examinations, Michiru was free to leave. We will then present our collected evidence with the most subtle evidence and build up to the most overwhelming proof you could find. SOS told me that there was someone named Prince Uranus.

No, there is no Prince Uranus. Allow us to quickly explain. Their claim was extremely wishy-washy, relying both on only one person who thought that they had read an interview somewhere on this subject, and had no source.

SOS has removed that piece of bull from their website, showing to us how little they trusted that little story. Aren't they just good friends?

michiru and haruka relationship test

No, they are lovers. Check out our proof below.

michiru and haruka relationship test

How do you know? Did one ever tell the other that they loved the other? In Japanese culture, love is shown through action, and not through words.

michiru and haruka relationship test

It would have been improper for either of them to have acted otherwise. Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailormoon, has said herself on numerous occasions that Haruka and Michiru are in fact lovers.

This time, it was with Shitennou generals Kunzite and Zoisite. In the original version of the show, the two are male lovers, though in the manga they are depicted more as brothers. When it came to dubbing the English version of the show, it was tough to pull the "cousin" card for Kunzite and Zoisite as they were very outwardly affectionate with each other.

Get a female voice actor for Zoisite and pretend he's a woman in a straight relationship with Kunzite. In Sailor Moon Crystal, they appear to be truer to the original anime characters. The character Fisheye is presented in the anime as another gay character, particularly as an effeminate gay man who enjoys dressing in drag.

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Sailor Neptune's voice is no different-- and the voice actress behind Michiru actually lent her chops to quite a handful of other anime characters in English dubs as well. She is also known for being behind a slew of additional voices for anime and video games including Super Smash Bros.

Unfortunately, this plot never happened. While a Sailor Moon Super S film did get released inthe original story that was pitched-- Uranus and Neptune betray Sailor Moon and awaken an ancient god at The End of the World-- was scrapped in favor of a totally different plot. Instead, the movie was about Sailor Mercury's love life and Queen Badiane's evil plans involving gingerbread and fairies. However, Michiru was an exception-- she was able to awake as a Sailor Scout on her own through dreaming.