Miharu and yoite relationship questions

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miharu and yoite relationship questions

(Warning: Shonen-ai, Miharu X Yoite, Boy X Boy) in other words, if you Yoite began to wish that Miharu hadn't brought up those impossible questions. . " Yoite's never been in any kinda romantic relationship before and the. Miharu & Yoite | I just want to make you happy. Miilru While in fact it doesn't say anything about my relationships with others. Either way I. well anyways yoite doesnt like ppl being nice towards him because he killing. and since he kinda threatened miharu into helping him, i thnk.

By the end of the series, she suffers greatly yet again, but she smiles through the sadness, being not the only one to suffer. Shes not like most of the characters, strong physically. However, when it comes to her emotions, she is very strong. She is willing to do anything to help Miharu, no matter what happens to her.

However, he doesnt let anyone know that, until Gau asks. Why did he keep the downfall of his family a secret? Raikou believes that he must suffer the past alone.

miharu and yoite relationship questions

He also doesnt care how his sister feels about him, just as long as she is safe from the past. Like I said before, Raimei soon finds out the past about the Shimizu clan, due to Gau telling her. In a attempt to silence Raimei, he takes up his katana a swings.

miharu and yoite relationship questions

Rather than wound Raimei, he wounds Gau. Gau goes into a coma due to his wound and wont wake up. Because of this, Raikou feels that Gau wont awaken because he hates Raikou. Raikou comes off as easy going, but inside, he is suffering, saying that he must suffer, because he absolutely doesnt want to lose Gau. By the end of the series…. Its a great lesson for anyone. No one should ever have to live their life alone, and should at least have on person to trust, to lean on.

Daww…he reminds me of my little brother…: Gau only wants the best for Raikou, even if Raikou doesnt think it as best. When Gau is in a coma, he explains that he looks for his mother, who were killed by men that Raikou soon after killed. He says that he was unable to find her, and was awakened by Yoite, who used the kira to wake him up. Gau tells Raikou that he wants to stay by his side, being the best friend that he can. What Gau teaches in Nabari no Ou is that doing what is right, even when it hurts, is always the best thing to do.

He constantly teaches this to watchers whether it be reuniting the Shimizu siblings, or helping Miharu and Yoite, even if it makes him a Kairoushuu rebel.

Yukimi is the guardian of Yoite, but doesnt act like it. He is the exact opposite of Tobari, but at the same time, he isnt. Sure, he can kill if he needs to, but he cant kill children.

He says that he hates children, but really, is that true? He was the person that even gave Yoite his name. By the end of the series, Yukimi believes that he should not see Yoite again, feeling that to two meeting again would bring bad memories of what happened throughout the series. Yukimi is a character that made even more unique than it already is.

He is brash and comes off as somewhat lazy, but he has a great relationship with his sister, and is like a father to Yoite. He does care, but he just doesnt want to show it. Aww…Miharu needs to smile more… 7. However, when Yoite comes to him, things change. The two start off as acquaintances, but Miharu, a boy who doesnt care about anything…begins to care for Yoite.

Miharu says many times throughout the series that Yoite is just like himself, same in apathy and loneliness. Yoite has become someone that Miharu wants to protect, someone that he will do anything for, even if Miharu gets hurt. Miharu is an interesting character for a shounen anime. What Miharu learns is that there will always be people who will care about him, no matter what he does or says, and those people in his, life are true friends.

He needs to smile more…. He uses the kira, a power that uses his own life force to kill his enemies. He doesnt believe that he is alive, and in the beginning of the series, says that he is not afraid of death.

Midway through the series, he shows that he is afraid of death, despite being so close to death and even being nicknamed a burdensome angel of death. Yoite is my favorite character. Despite all of his strength and independence, Yoite is weak and his feelings are easily hurt. Yoite is a beautiful mess of emotions. He believes that there is no way to escape his abusive childhood, and that he can never come down the mountain of corpses he has created.

He doesnt want to exist, feeling that he is only a burden to those around him. He has only a limited amount of time for his existence to be erased, and throughout Nabari no Ou he is constantly trying to rush Miharu to erase him.

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By the end of the series, Yoite learns that even though he has caused harm around him, even though many have reasons to hate him, he is not hated, especially by those who surround him. In the end, he doesnt get erased from existence, and he lives the rest of his days with Miharu and the others. The characters of Nabari no Ou are the greatest part of the series, and their development is the most beautiful part. Though this is a shounen show about ninjas, its more about relationships and how beautiful and important they truly are.

In fact, the villain of Nabari no Ou wanted to use the Shinrabanshou to erase human relationships, emotions, and history. Nabari no Ou is about a boy being changed forever, throwing away his past life, and risking it all to help someone who becomes not just a friend, but a brother. Nabari no Ou is about saving and changing a life before it disappears, even if saving and changing that life hurts. Nabari no Ou broke my heart, and made me cry so many times, but it taught me a lot as well.

Each of the episodes brought something new for me to learn, whether it be the heart wrenching Christmas episode or not even midway though the series.

As a Christian, I found this series inspiring. We all have relationships that are important to us. We all have a close friend that we would do anything for. We even have a friend that we hope to change and to save. Some of us have friends that have any a matter of time until they leave this life, and we only have a matter of time to do whats right for them.

Some of them may not know Christ, and only have a short time left. As Christians, relationships should be something that we hold as important.

Miharu pushed up from the floor and shifted his position from lying on the ground to kneeling directly in front of Yoite; his legs and feet tucked under him and his hands resting in his lap.

They exchanged stares for a few moments. Indigo eyes, hiding nervousness, met and latched onto shy, Forest-green ones.

Silence set in, but this time it was uncomfortable. Both boy's minds were blanked of all things to say. Yoite began to wish that Miharu hadn't brought up those impossible questions.

miharu and yoite relationship questions

Now he sat, just staring at the boy. A slight blush formed on the fourteen year-old's cheeks. The sixteen year-old downcast his eyes. Yoite had trouble looking at people straight in the eyes for an extended period of time. Butterflies formed in Miharu's stomach, then migrated to his chest.

He steadily leaned in towards Yoite. Miharu was barely inches from his face when Yoite looked back up and realized the extremely short distance. Miharu quickened his motion and closed the remaining space between their mouths, pressing his lips to the Kira user's.

Yoite's breathing hitched, his mind only just registering the current situation. He had never kissed or been kissed before, and now he was experiencing it.

In nabari no ou...what is the relationship between miharu and yoite?

He had no past in the subject and sat still and statue-like, not turning his head a certain way or parting his lips well-enough to fit. Thoughts ran through his head over and over. I'm doing it wrong. Why is he kissing me? I know, he feels sorry for me and is being kind. Yoite eventually came to the conclusion that it would be better to just pull away and not earn any more embarrassment than he had already managed to accumulate. He pulled away "I'm sorry, I'm just not good at this sort of thing.

He had expected to see Miharu relieved, apathetic, or even [God forbid] horrified that he had just kissed Yoite, but instead he saw pure devastation and tears glittering in the younger boy's eyes.

miharu and yoite relationship questions

Why do you seem hurt? Miharu looked away angrily.

miharu and yoite relationship questions

He stood himself up. The boy began to walk to the door leading into the hallway. I can't believe that you haven't realized how much you mean to me! He turned his back to Yoite and proceeded to run down the hallway. Yoite could hear the other boy's heart-broken sobs from the end of the hall.

Yoite did not follow him. He curled up and brought his legs into his chest tighter. How much I mean to him? But I thought he was only being kind. Another voice answered Yoite's doubts.

Nabari no Ou Episode 18 Discussion

It isn't all about being kind in hopes of reward, you know. But why would he kiss me? It must have been disgusting to him. He kissed you because he wanted to kiss you. And he wanted you to kiss back. How dense are you? You mean everything to him, and he wanted to kiss you so that you could both feel loved.

But I don't deserve to feel loved. Not after what I've done. Does Miharu deserve to feel loved? Of course he does! Then you should go give him what he wants. No, a purple heffalump. How do I know that he would even want that anymore? He probably hates me now.

Yoite x Miharu Comics

He wants it, trust me. But- Go find him, now. Yoite then realized that he had his gloved fingers entwined with strands of his jet-black hair, making it seem as if he were planning to rip it out in clumps. He guessed he must have done it sub-consciously out of irritation with himself. He took his hands away from his head and placed his hat back on.

Yoite stood up weakly, his straining arms shaking, and walked into the hallway.