Miss parker and jarod relationship marketing

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miss parker and jarod relationship marketing

And what about Jarod? What new things will we learn about the relationship between Miss Parker and Jarod? And most importantly, I welcome your input!!!. Both he and Miss Parker discover stylized rings of fire in relation to Jarod's father. Jarod becomes a black market arms dealer in order to reunite two children. As for the photogenic Jarod and Miss Parker, the writers have created an intriguing codependent relationship that's rooted in love, admiration.

I'll call you later. They needed to know what to do before hand just in case something went wrong. He usually couldn't do very much, that was becuase the Centre had him running sims that were different than her's, ones where he built things, and in one, he learned how to cook.

When they were done, they cleaned the appartment nicely, threw out anything that would expire before they left, and headed out. They caught the cab and boarded the plane right on time. Her eyes were wide.

James's eyes got wide as well and he and Dawn stared at the woman, she was Andrea Parker. I'm sure no one ever told you They never told me either. But your off to find Jarod, like me, and get answers, like me. How do you know so much? I am very confused. I was suppossed to meet daddy first But I'm meeting you. Dawn nodded and the plane took off. Once they reached an okay altitude, Parker and Dawn began to talk. He created me from your egg and Jarod's sperm.

A nurse carried me to full term, and I was born at dawn, just like my name. I lived at the Centre my whole life, not knowing really what the outside world was like. When I turned 18, they gave me two files, one on you and one on Jarod and told me that you two were my parents. My gift from Angelo was a free ticket out of the Centre for good.

He took me through the vents and I left. The next day, James, this guy next to me was waiting for me in an empty appartment in Manhatten.

And so it began. I started searching for Jarod hoping that I could ask him some questions. I know, it's a lot to take in, you have an 18 almost 19 year old Centre grown pretender daughter sitting right across from you.

It was a lot for me to take in at first as well, but now that we have met up, I can help you find Jarod, and whatever you want to know, or whatever you want to do, is fine by me, just after I am done getting my answers from him.

I have never met the guy, just seen photos. Sidney looked at Dawn. They drew him in like the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Sidney gave a slight grin at the name.

James nodded and relaxed in his seat. When Parker came back all she said was "I need a drink. When one of the stuardists came around, Dawn ordered a scotch, and they didn't even ask for ID. Parker gave her a look and Dawn smiled at her. The first thing I did when I got out of the Centre was went to a bar. I found out I like scotch. And I see you do as well. I like my guys the same way, same drinks, as well as I drive a black car back in Manhatten.

My birthday is March 10th, two days after yours, and I enjoy dancing. Do I sound like you or not really? Now, are you good on a computer? Probably better than your main man broots. I can access the Centre mainframe in about 2 minutes flat, give or take depending on how fast the computer is. I prefer an Apple iBook Clamshell laptop becasue it is extremely fast compared to your slow Compaq at the Centre.

Dawn gave a chuckle and looked at her mom. The way I see it, you could have been some crying baby that I had to take care of, but your not. You are a woman, and that means we can be friends and then eventually go into more of a mother daughter relationship later.

The important thing is I know about you now. If I had known before, of course I would have come for you. It would have been a bit more difficult because I am not very good with children, but I still would have done it.

So, when we get there, Jarod, you, and I will all talk, like civilized people. Parker wasn't so bad. She wondered what she should call her, mom, Andrea, Parker, Miss Parker, or something different. She decided she would address it later, when Parker didn't look so stressed. He runs from me, and I chase him. Maybe for my sake? I don't really know the boy from my childhood. And he doesn't really know the woman I have become. But we will definately see. Parker looked at him.

He reminded her of someone, but she couldn't remember exactly who. Dawn read her mind. Tommy spent the night at a safehouse years and years ago, his father was a Centre operative.

He wanted to know if Tommy was a pretender or just had the gene. Well, the Centre took an egg from a woman who was a pretender, and put it with Tommy's sperm and created James. Like I said, I like my guys the same way you do. His mom died in birth with him. But he and I are done with the Centre now.

miss parker and jarod relationship marketing

All we have to do is stay under the radar, and we will be okay. And besides, there has been flooding and storm damage happening all over Florida. Knowing Jarod, he is helping everyone escape the flood.

Dawn nodded and everyone slept the rest of the trip. They landed at 1: They all checked into the Red Lion Inn, where Jarod was staying, and got rooms all right next to eachother and close to Jarod. He was in for a surprise in the morning.

Chapter 3 Talking to Jarod Jarod got up that morning and got dressed. He was ready, ready for whatever was going to happen. As he opened the door to his hotel room, he spotted Miss Parker, and another Parker. What is going on?

Look at her, she looks exactly like both of us! She had just gotten comfortable being with her mom, it was awkward even talking to Jarod. Jarod smiled at her and then looked down again. He felt out of place, but he was totally in the right place. Jarod nodded remembering back to when he was that age. At that age, he was madly in - love with Parker. Heck, he was still head over heels for the woman, he just wouldn't fess up to it.

Jarod looked at Parker and smiled. Those memories, why did they have to come now. I will see you two later. It was strange for her, being the child of a pretender and someone with an inner sense, and yet she felt so connected to both of them. Jarod and Parker were left standing there and both began to laugh. Finally, they managed to compose themselves.

We talked for awhile. Her boyfriend, James, is Tommy's son. Another creation of the Centre's. I mean, now we have a daughter, and she could be the reason we work, but have you not been able to feel the same things I have been feeling?

But she knew, she knew what he was talking about. I had love with Tommy. Your scared of running into a relationship like that, one where you feel good for a few months, and then, once you want change, the Centre takes it all away. It kills the one person who means the most to you, the person that you truly love.

He knew what he was talking about, he knew about emotions and love. The tears that had been building up for years and years began to well up in her eyes. She cried into his chest. They stood like that until Jarod pulled away a bit and looked at her. I have been waiting for you to come around ever since. And now, now we have the best excuse to be together, we have a daughter. If you dont like it, then we can just be friends. Sound okay to you? She felt so safe in his arms. Why did she feel so safe with him?

She had to re-examin her feelings. She had to think about everything that had just happened. She was going into overload. But when she didn't back out of the embrace, Jarod took it as a sign of love and pulled her face closer to his.

He gently kissed her lips and she kissed back, something she had been wanting to do for a long time. Jarod pulled away first and looked at her. Dawn walked up the stairs just then. Andrea grinned and shrugged. It seemed he always knew exactly what to say. She had said it, and she meant it too. Because they were in northern Florida, they weren't too affected by the storm and flooding, but just to be cautious, they had stayed in the hotel and had talked. They had so much catching up to do, all four of them.

The first thing that they talked about was Tommy. His parents had died while he was in college, and he didn't really have anyone that loved him. He was smart, kind, loving. I did love him, but now that I look back on it, I wonder if a marriage between us would have ever worked.

I think eventually, we would have ended. But I'll never know. Anyway, he would have loved you very much. He smiled at her. I guess mom will do. He was wearing his pajamas, flannel pants and a t - shirt. He joined them in the living room like area where they were gathered, taking the seat opposite Parker. He however has turned in for the night, poor guy is very tired from all of this.

First, Sidney is your father mom. So, Sidney is your father. But that is a different story than dad's. I'll start with his, it's a bit shorter. Major Charles and Margaret as well as Emily are now living in London.

Emily was schooled in the finest schools in England and is now studying at some big university over there. Major Charles and Margaret took money from the Centre and are now living peacefully together.

However, the Centre got a hold of them and Emily and brainwashed them of your existance dad. They don't know who you are. If you were to ever go to them, they would be confused. Maybe they can be reprogrammed, but I dont think so. As far as they know, they have one child and that is Emily. Ethan also has been erased from your father's memory. That is where Grandma Catherine comes in to play. She is in Paris, with Ethan and your other kids. Yes, there are more.

There are the twin oldest boys, Dartanian and Edmond. Then, there are the triplets. Porthos, Athos, and Aramis. They are also named after the Three Musketeers, because they follow Dartanian everywhere.

Dartanian and Edmond are 16, the triplets are You dont have to worry about any winy babies. We can easily find your mother there. Should we take Sidney with us? Parker and Jarod were left alone. I'm sorry they don't remember you. Tears were coming into his eyes. It was Parker's turn to know what to say. He did as she commanded. You have six kids, and you have me! If they took everything you care about then I will just be on my way. Parker walked over to him and stood with her arms reaching down and around him.

His head rested on her stomach. He began to breathe softly. Jarod went over to the bed a laid down. Parker was reading her mothers' file that Jarod had given her again. She sat at the table in the hotel room and relaxed.

Jarod began to sleep. Parker finished the file after about an hour. Right as she put it down on the table, Jarod shot up. Stay away from them! Parker came closer to him and stroked his back.

His eyes opened and he scanned the room. She sat down next to him and continued to sooth him. And I couldn't do anything. Once he was relaxed, Parker stood up and was about to leave. She walked over to the bed and got in the side Jarod wasn't in. He wrapped his arms around her waist and breathed a sigh of relief that she was near him.

They knew it was true. And Parker was getting used to the words. Parker half opened her eyes and looked at who was next to her. There he was, Jarod, her Jarod from when they had been kids to this moment.

How did we get kids? We didn't do anything, atleast not yet. I think she was saying something about our plane leaving early. We meet our other kids today. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked at Parker. But I am going to hold you to that Parker, we are going to 'do things later' " She smiled. Meanwhile, Dawn was getting frustrated with her parents.

Why are they taking so long? Probably doing things I am not even going to go into with them. I dont need to have that talk, not at She frowned and went downstairs to see if they were serving the free breakfast yet. Their flight left at 9: Sidney was sitting in the lobby reading a newspaper. How is everything in the news? See, it is the night that you and Catherine got mom. You know, grandma got pregnant.

You know, we are going to Paris in about an hour, and you get to see Catherine for the first time in years. I hope to rekindle our old flame, or what is left of it anyway. I never did get married, she is a hard act to follow. I will go up and pack in a few minutes. Talk to you soon.

He sat there and thought for a few moments, then decided to go up and pack. Chapter 6 Flying to Paris Sidney was nervous. He sat alone in first class, while the other three had taken the six seats in second class. He needed to be alone to pull himself together to see Catherine. Dawn had gotten Catherine's address from a Centre file. If they knew where she was, why hadn't they gone in and gotten her and the kids yet?

Because it would jepordize everything. Everyone in America thought she was dead, and if she were alive, it would ruin Mr. Parker and the Centre. And Catherine was probably an old woman afraid to go back to the Centre.

Jarod and Andrea sat in two seats across from James and Dawn. James was looking out the window and watching the clouds, he was fascinated by them. They were going to be flying for 14 hours, they had a lot of time to talk and to sleep. She died when I was about 10 or 11, or so I thought. She turned back to Dawn shortly after she answered. I am never nervous about anything. I dont think its in me to be shy or nervous, I must get that from you dad.

He knew how to fly a plane, but with all the news he had just received the nigh before, he was a nervous wreck and kept on getting sick to his stomach. He closed his eyes and rested his head on Andrea's shoulder and tried to relax.

I dont feel well. Dawn grabbed a pillow for her and one for James and they both tried to sleep. Andrea did the same. Before they knew it, the pilot came on and announced that they had landed in Paris France. Dawn opened her hazel eyes and looked around. Her eyes were always hazel when she first woke up. She gently stood up and as she did, James woke up too. Andrea kissed Jarod's forehead. He opened his eyes slightly.

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Andrea gave a chuckle and stroked his cheek. She waited for everyone else to file out and then got Jarod up. The way he woke up was like a sleeping child, rubbing his eyes like crazy and stretching as he yawned.

When he stood up he took Andrea's hand in his and they walked off the plane. Andrea thanked the pilot, but Jarod was still asleep somewhat, and very groggy. When they were in the airport, they all met up at baggage claim, showed their passports and made it to a taxi just in time. It was very early in the morning there, Andrea guessed it to be around 4: Jarod woke up a bit more. Her last name matched James's in his passport. Dawn and James laughed. Why would I want to marry off my only daughter?

Jarod showed his passport to Andrea. No wonder we were getting odd looks from the men who were checking our passports. It all depends on the choices you make this week. They reached the hotel, and Jarod led Andrea to her room. She wouldn't be staying with him after all. She walked in and read the note on her bed. This week is full of surprises for you Andrea, but I want to give you some time to ponder what to wear if you would like to go to dinner with me.

If you accept my invitation, the surprises begin. I love you more than the world and with every ounce of who I am. Love, Your Jarod Andrea smiled at the note. She would say yes, and she would ask her mother to go shopping for an outfit tomorrow.

She walked down to Jarod's room and knocked on the door. But no catastrophies Mr. Andrea was nervous, Dawn was excited, James had no feeling at all, and Jarod was relaxed next to Andrea. Sidney was by far the most worried of them all.

As they approached the house, Jarod, who had been driving, parked the car in the driveway and waited a few moments for everyone to gather their bearings.

miss parker and jarod relationship marketing

He could tell that Sidney and his daughter were nervous, and he wanted to help, really, he did, but he did not know exactly what to say in that moment. So, the silence eventually got to Dawn who got out of the car.

Everyone followed right after. Jarod knocked and standing before them all was Catherine Parker. He had not seen her in 22 years either, how was he to react? Catherine ushered everyone in and took not of Sidney. She explained how she and Jarod were together, and she told her mom about Lyle. She explained about the Centre, and how she was off 'searching for Jarod'. Dartanian was the first to enter. All the boys gaped. But I know now.

I promise, if you like your life here, I won't take you away from it. Edmond and Dartanian looked exactly the same except that Dartanian wore his hair in a ponytale and Edmond wore his down. They both had Andrea's eyes and Jarod's shape to them.

They were built strong, tough, just like Jarod.

miss parker and jarod relationship marketing

The triplets were all alike except for Aramis. Aramis had blue eyes like his mom, while the other two boys had brown eyes like their dad. Every other feature was exactly the same. There was something about Aramis that was different, Andrea hated to think about any of her children like that, but she thought that Aramis was the runt. He was different than all the other kids, he wanted to be by her and Catherine, he would not go an play when all the others did. He was also very smart, she learned that from talking to him.

He was almost wise, like a priest. Athos was similar yet different, he knew how to go off and play with the kids, but he preferred to watch the adults with an almost fascination. Every word out of their mouths, he memorized it. Porthos was always outside, he loved to be outside. Right after all his homework was done, he went outside to play. Three very different boys, but they all managed to get along. The twins were similar however, they acted alike and knew about the same things.

Their interests were also very alike. After lunch, Andrea and her mom talked about what Andrea could wear to dinner that night. Catherine led her into her closet and handed her a beautiful lavender gown. She tried it on and it fit nicely.

Jarod and James were talking outside. I know it may come as a shock to you, but Paris is said to be the most romantic place on earth, and I want to propose to her by the Eiffel Tower tonight. So please, can I have your blessing? Dawn wore a simple pair of jeans, a tank top, and a light jacket. Andrea wore the gown her mother had given her. When Jarod knocked on Andrea's door, he was in total awe of her.

She blushed a bit. You look nice too. He was wearing a tux and he looked like he was ready for a night out on the town. She took it and they headed out the door. Jarod had a limo waiting for them. Jarod smiled and joined her. He poured wine into their two glasses and then they toasted to having a great night. The limo pulled up to a very fancy restaurant where they both got out.

She was surprised at how expensive it was. But that didn't matter, she knew he had it all taken care of. The night was going great, and Jarod asked her to dance when the music began. When their food arrived, so did the next clue along with the wine. Next stop, the balcony. I have something very special for you there. Jarod counted down to his surprise as he led her to the balcony. He checked his watch, and finally at midnight He had never been the extremely sincere type to do that, but then again, he was full of surprises.

He and Andrea had gotten to watch James propose, which made for the perfect evening. I will marry you! James's face lit up and he placed the ring on her finger. They kissed and so did Andrea and Jarod from up in the Tower. When the kissing was over, they joined Dawn and James. Mother and daughter hugged, they were both engaged! Andrea and Jarod had made love that night.

For them, it was the most amazing thing ever. Andrea knew she had met her match, he was even better than Tommy was at sex. When she woke up with him by her side, every bit of her felt right. She knew she was taking a huge step in getting married, especially to someone the Centre hated so much, but she would risk it all for love. That same thing had happened to James and Dawn that night, only they had made love many times. This time however, it was different, it felt better knowing that he wanted to be with her forever, and he would never leave her now.

Sidney and Catherine had been catching up all morning. He had rented his own car and had left to see Catherine at around 6: They met at a cafe and talked for hours. They were rekindling what they had had before. Jarod smiled at Andrea, he had woken up first. He kissed her cheek. She wrapped her arms around him and smiled. He gently kissed her neck. Jarod smiled at that and relaxed. James looked at Dawn as she slept. She looked so much like Andrea, it was crazy.

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The only difference was her eyes. He kissed her forehead and continued to watch her. She smiled eventually, the same smile Andrea had just given Jarod earlier that day, and pulled him closer. She gently nibbled on his ear and he laughed. She knew what he loved. His brown hair hung down in his face and she pushed it back so she could get a better look at him. She ran her hands along his smooth back and he kissed her neck and shoulders. Andrea and Jarod were already done showering, and they were all ready to go out for the day.

Jarod didn't know how he felt about his parents, he wanted to talk to Sidney first. He wondered if he could maybe hypnotize his parents into remembering him. Maybe they did remember him and the file was wrong. Maybe they thought he was dead.

There were so many maybes First stop was to Catherine's place, where she and Sidney sat talking. They had gone there after the cafe to make sure the boys were ready for school. It was about 8: School started at 9: Aramis wrapped his arms around Andrea and hugged her.

The other two triplets were sending him telepathic messages. Aramis backed out of the hug and smiled at her.

The way he saw it, he had never gotten to see his mom until the day before, and he was worried that she would leave him again. He knew she loved and cared about him, but he was also a bit jealous of Jarod. He knew that the love was different, but she was always with Jarod, and he wanted to talk with her, spend time with her, get to know the woman that he had never gotten to meet. But when his young mind finally thought about it, he could kill two birds with one stone and talk with both his parents, together, about everything he had always wanted to know.

All the ladies went wedding dress shopping that day, Andrea found the 'gown of her dreams' at a little shop in town. It was white of course, and was made out of silk. It had an open back and the viel was nice as well. Dawn found hers at a different shop. It looked similar to her moms, but it was different. It was an off white that wrapped around her neck and was backless as well.

No one bothered to notice, but Catherine was dress shopping too. Baby Parker - The baby born to Brigitte, supposedly fathered by Mr. Parker, although there is some evidence that he does not have the 'little swimmers' required The Pretender Island of the Haunted TV movieis Miss Parker's half-sibling, although there is speculation among fans that he may in fact be progeny of Jarod and Miss Parker.

He also finds other ways to "taunt her" as she is so fond of saying, like writing a book with someone who looks strikingly similar to Miss Parker on the cover, and calling it "The Saddest Little Valentine" or creating a three stooges video with Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney as the three, or sending her various gifts. He sent her a valentine heart candy, a ring that belonged to her motherletters from her mother, fake dog poop, a portrait of her as a child and other gifts along the way.

He always remembers "the little girl who gave me my first kiss" but it's not clear if Miss Parker remembers that person, because she is sometimes very cynical and cold-hearted. Jarod is also one of the few people that knows Miss Parker's first name. It supposedly begins with the letter M based on the ornament that she treasured in the episode "Not Even A Mouse.

He gains her respect eventually although she would still use her acerbic wit on him. Michael Patrick - Miss Parker's college mate and fencing partner, who reconnects with her when she is chasing Jarod. Raines to try and catch Jarod. Thomas Gates - Her one great love was Thomas who was brutally murdered at her apartment presumably because he was going to take her away from The Centre. Thomas knew Jarod, and it is Jarod who set up their first meeting although Miss Parker does not discover this until after Thomas' death.

Education Miss Parker has spoken of her college education, albeit flippantly, so it is clear that she has a college degree. Quotes Upon hearing her putative familial ties to Mr. I think I'm going to vomit. Famous for answering the phone with a cryptic: You run, I chase. Her toast to the hurricane in Keys - To women, hell hath no fury. Nice Dorian Grey reference: Graveyard full of Parkers burned to death by their father. Same year that my great grandfather arrived alone and founded the Centre.

Generation after generation that evil has been passed on to me" Jarod: And with every new revelation in my life my family portrait becomes a more hideous picture. The only one who terrorizes him is me.

Be invisible and we'll get along just fine. Or lock you in the Bates Motel with Sydney and Broots. Thanks Syd, but I'll leave the mental masturbation to someone else. Be a scientist or a mommy. You can't be both. And you should never underestimate me.

And the next time that you send me into a building that is gonna explode, it had better blow, because if it doesn't it's gonna be your gray matter they will be mopping up with a toothbrush.

Parker and the Triumvirate intervene.