Mockingjay clip gale and katniss relationship

mockingjay clip gale and katniss relationship

A new Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 clip has been released, showing the moment when Katniss learns that her on-off lover Peeta is still. Of all of the relationships throughout The Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss's relationship with Gale is the most complex and, at times, confusing. The Hunger Games tell an incredible story of rebellion and resistance, but The relationship between Katniss and Peeta is on the odd side for sure. . With bullets, characters can load a bunch of clips and rounds into their.

There are cameras in the arena since the Hunger Games are basically a sport that is televised. The cameras are not only expensive high-tech equipment, but they are also everywhere so that they can capture every little thing that happens in the games. While it makes sense for the cameras to be in the games, the placement of the cameras outside of the arena get a little more confusing. Plus, if Snow was this concerned about another uprising or rebellion, why did he not put a camera in every house within the districts?

mockingjay clip gale and katniss relationship

The Capitol certainly had enough money to do this and the technology is also present for something like this to take place, yet it never happens. The cameras are not everywhere but the way the plot relies on them you would think they would be. Many times these love triangles can become quite awkward for the characters and viewers alike.

The love triangle between Gale, Katniss, and Peeta dragged on for four movies and got incredibly awkward in The Hunger Games: One of the main reasons for this is because Snow forced Katniss to pretend that she was in a relationship with Peeta. In a scene early on in the movie, President Snow visits Katniss to tell her that since she got away with her berry stunt, people in the districts may start to think that the Capitol is weak. He was worried that since Katniss was never punished for breaking the rules of the Hunger Games, people might try to start another rebellion, which could likely lead to a war.

Snow tells Katniss that while they are on tour, she needs to pretend to be in love with Peeta to prevent a war between the districts and the Capitol.

Katniss, obviously wanting to protect her people, agrees to his terms but fails to make it convincing. They made it painfully obvious more than once that it was a sham but they continued to try to keep up appearances. Also, why would Snow think that a relationship would stop a war? The fog does not make any sense for a number of reasons. Secondly, why did Katniss not assume that the fog was going to be harmful to her? She has seen all types of traps in the 74th Hunger Games, yet she did not think that a mysterious fog that appeared out of nowhere could potentially be harmful?

The group eventually outruns the fog except for Mags, who sacrifices herself so that Finnick can help Katniss save Peeta. They trip and tumble down a hill but eventually stop, and Katniss watches the fog approaching. It stops just before it can get to her because it is being contained by some type of force field.

mockingjay clip gale and katniss relationship

What was the point of even using the fog in the first place if it was going to be stopped before it could fatally harm Katniss? The first rebellion against the Capitol took place 75 years before the events of the first Hunger Games. The first attempt at an uprising was led by District 13, which was in charge of nuclear weaponry and graphite mining. The first rebellion proved to be unsuccessful, but 75 years later, District 13 succeeded in overthrowing President Snow. District 13 was thought to have been destroyed at the beginning of the Dark Days, but the heads of District 13 struck a deal with the Capitol so that they could secede.

Even though a deal was struck, you would still think that the Capitol would have been keeping a close eye on District 13 since they were in charge of making nuclear weapons, but apparently, this was not the case. District 13 functioned from an underground facility and was able to build up enough supplies for a second uprising.

However, for some reason, Snow had no idea.

mockingjay clip gale and katniss relationship

With all of his cameras around the districts, are we really supposed to believe that he had no idea that people were planning a rebellion? Their relationship arc was one of the most complex storylines of the entire series and it is easy to see why.

In the first film, Katniss seemed to get very close to Peeta but that could have just been so that she could survive. Peeta, on the other hand, has always seemed to love Katniss ever since the first movie. Yes, he should have walked the bread over to her, but he was still thoughtful enough to give her food rather than feeding it to the pigs. Peeta and Katniss are forced to pretend that they are in a relationship under the orders of President Snow during the events of Catching Fire.

Throughout the movies, Katniss can often be heard saying that the rebels should have saved Peeta over her but why does she think this? It is never explained, yet Katniss repeats it several times during Mockingjay- Part 1.

Mockingjay- Part 1 members of the rebellion are sent to visit a hospital in District 8 with Katniss Everdeen. The team had previously tried to film Mockingjay promos in the comfort of a studio, but Katniss had trouble getting into character.

In order to make Katniss seem inspiring in the promos, they took her to see the sick people in District 8. All was going to plan and the people in the hospital were in awe of having the Mockingjay in their presence.

Angry that the people would align themselves with the Mockingjay, Snow orders for the hospital to be targeted rather than Katniss and her team. They quickly run to find some higher ground to get a clear shot at the incoming planes.

The bombers shoot at Gale and Katniss but completely miss. Katniss is able to shoot one of her explosive arrows up in the sky to destroy one of the planes, which then conveniently slams into the other one, destroying both of the bombers.

However, upon further speculation of the plan, it really was kind of dumb. Peeta was captured by the Capitol sometime after the 75th Hunger Games, probably after Katniss destroyed the arena with her electrified arrow. Peeta is missing in action until he is seen on TV being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman. His appearance is quite unlike the Peeta who we are used to since he looks very frail and exhausted. In order to try and convert Peeta, the Capitol had tortured and brainwashed him.

If that was not enough, they convinced him that the woman he loved, Katniss, was actually the enemy and was also some sort of mutation. The hardcover set is nice to have for those who enjoy The Hunger Games, however, and it is recommended.

Katniss reassures Prim before the Reaping. This was a key turning point for Katniss, because without it, she may not have become the adolescent she is throughout the novels. Her love for Prim is obvious both in the novels and in the films.

Everyone who has seen the movie trailers knows the line "I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute! Later, when Prim comes to say goodbye to Katniss in the Justice Building, she tells Katniss that she has to win and come back to District Twelve. Though she believes there is no hope of her returning home, Katniss promises Prim that she's coming home, and later informs Caesar Flickerman that she's going to try. When she's in the Arena, Katniss begins to see her sister, Prim, in a twelve year-old tribute named Rue, who she vows to protect in the Arena as much as she can.

It is because of her love for Prim that Katniss loves Rue and goes great lengths to attempt to protect her. Everdeen checks Katniss out in the mirror before the 74th Reaping. Everdeen deserve Katniss's hatred? She abandoned her family when she became too depressed to look after them. Yes, but only temporarily. Katniss should have forgiven her when she recovered. It's natural for a woman to retreat emotionally when her husband dies.

It wasn't her fault. See results The Relationship with Her Mother In the case of Katniss's relationship with her mother, it is illustrated differently in the movie than it is in the books. However, if you are a reader and not just a movie-goerit is clear that Katniss has not and may never forgiven her mother for abandoning her and Prim when their father died in the mines.

This is a significant point which underscores Katniss's ability to hold a grudge. The question is, did her mother deserve her hatred? Throughout the books Mrs.

Katniss Everdeen's Relationships in "The Hunger Games"

Everdeen gradually improves, but Katniss's feelings for her quite apparently do not. Everdeen's fault that Prim nearly starved and Katniss has never forgiven her mother for nearly taking her sister away from her -- or putting herself in a position to nearly die of starvation in the district when her mother could have been working.

Gale avoids watching the Games, as he promised Katniss he'd do, in order to put a wrench into the Capitol's works. Source Do you believe that Katniss loved Gale all along? I believe that she was in denial of her affection for him. Yes, I believe that she was lying about her affection for him.

No, I think she fell in love with him while "faking" it in the arena with Peeta.

Katniss and Peeta (Favorite Moments)

No, I think she fell in love with him during Catching Fire, when she saw him whipped and tended him afterward. No, I believe her true love was always for Peeta. See results The Relationship with Gale Of all of the relationships throughout The Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss's relationship with Gale is the most complex and, at times, confusing. From the earliest part of their relationship, the two of them have relied on one another and one another's skills in order to survive and to support the survival of their individual families.

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Katniss has great skill with a bow, taught to her by her father, and Gale is an excellent trapper. Together they can bring down almost any game in the woods that surround District Twelve.

Aware of Gale's large family, Katniss provides for his family while he provides for the Everdeens what Katniss herself cannot kill. Early on in the first novel, Katniss says that her relationship with Gale is platonic and that she can't think of him romantically because of the fact that they rely on one another in the woods and as friends. This is where the complexity in their relationship becomes profound, if not astonishing.

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Bear in mind that when reading the books, we only have Katniss's perspective on the events of the story. In the movie, we get to glimpse Gale's affection for Katniss in a different way. Throughout the story of Catching Fire and later in Mockingjay, it becomes apparent that Gale has feelings for Katniss, and that she may return those feelings for him. In many ways this is a sudden turn around from platonic, friendly affection to romance, the love triangle that has become so popular in teen novels in the twenty-first century.

Peeta talks to Katniss before the Hunger Games begin. To attempt to explain their relationship in a few words seems foolhardy, but it's required in order to establish who Katniss is. Consider this a breakdown, and look for future hubs on the subject of Katniss and Peeta's relationship with one another.

So consider this a summary of Katniss's relationship with Peeta.

mockingjay clip gale and katniss relationship

According to Peeta's explanation of their meeting during what is widely known as the Cave Scene among fansthe pair met when they were five years old on the first day of school. Though Katniss failed to notice Peeta, he noticed her, her dress, and her pigtails. Later his father told him that he had once been in love with Katniss's mother, but that she had chosen Katniss's father for his beautiful singing voice.

Katniss didn't notice Peeta at the time. She would only come to recognize him years later, when she was starving and digging through the garbage behind the Mellark Bakery. His mother tried to run her off, and she and Prim would have starved if Peeta hadn't dropped some loaves into the fire, then tossed the ruined bread to Katniss to take home to Prim. Later, when Katniss saw a dandelion in a field, she associated the flower with hope and hope with Peeta.

mockingjay clip gale and katniss relationship

He was, ever after, The Boy with the Bread. He had saved her life. So when Peeta's name was called out at the Reaping, his was only the third most dreaded name Katniss could have heard the first being Prim's and the second being Gale's.

She knew that in order to survive and return from the Arena, she was going to have to kill him, or see him be killed. Peeta manipulates Katniss throughout the series.