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Mounika was living together with Balu Mahendra. Balu Mahendra himself has confirmed his relationship with Mounika in many of his interviews and also in his . Despite Balu Mahendra acknowledging actress Mounika as his wife, she was not allowed to pay her last respects to him. As soon as news spread that Balu. Balu Mahendra Balanathan Benjamin Mahendran (20 May – 13 [60] In , he married another actress Mounika and declared their marriage shows how Bhagyalakshmi recovers her memory with Srinivas' help.

For her, it is more important to finish cooking food for her husband than to waste time on music. Her love for her husband manifests itself in every other form except an appreciation for music. Barring a few skirmishes now and then, they get along well being basically good-hearted people. Sindhu is an orphaned girl who has a tremendous sense of music.

She chances to meet the singer in one of his crowded concerts. She crosses sword with him on the question of why classical singers should confine themselves to singing of songs in an unintelligible language all the time when they should be reaching the masses through singing in a language known to them.

The singer is initially irked by the idea but sees the sense of it in course of time. When he finds that she is also an ardent admirer of his, he loses his heart to her. The girl being a lonely person all her life accepts his love. Thereafter the story meanders through twists and turns and ends up in the usual cinematic climax.

When the film ended with the girl setting out once again on her long and lonely journey leaving her child born of her brief affair with the singer to be brought up by the first wife, many were upset by the unfairness of it all.

Since then, he directed over 20 films in a span of 36 years. Mahendranhe is regarded as a trendsetter in Tamil cinema.

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During the tail end of his career, he established a film school in Chennaiwhich offers courses in cinematography, direction and acting. Following a brief phase of poor health, Mahendra died of cardiac arrest in February Widely regarded as an auteur ,[2][3] Mahendra usually scripted and edited his films apart from shooting them. He was the recipient of six National Film Awards including two for Best Cinematographyfive Filmfare Awards South and several state government awards.

However, I used to get the top rank in cinematography, so the professor did not mind my going to other classes. My main concern at that time was direction and scripting with a little bit of interest in cinematography.

Upon completion of school, he joined the London University and graduated with a bachelor's degree honours in science. Menon 's Panimudakku got released before Maaya, thus becoming Mahendra's first release. Made in Kannadathe film was a "triangular love story". It was equally successful in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu and has the distinction of being the only Kannada film to complete days in Madras now Chennai as of Mahendran 's directorial debut Mullum Malarum He named the film Azhiyadha Kolangalwhich according to him was "partly autobiographical".

Vishwanath 's Telugu film Sankarabharanam which turned out to be a major critical and commercial success. Of the many movies that Balu directed only two standout for not just being uncompromising but even artistic integrity.

The puckish old man played by Chockalinga Bhagavathar was a hit. Yet, compared to Satyajit Ray's 'Mahanagar' it will remain a valiant effort not an achievement. Balu's talents as director are way overrated. Fear of old age haunts any man let alone an artist. Balu made his one other uncompromising movie 'Sandhyaragam'. Literally meaning 'song of the twilight hour'. If Scorsese has a fetish for gangster movies Balu's fetish was making movies themed about extra marital affairs.

He would plagiarize 'Mickey and Maud' to deliver a laugh riot in 'Rettaivaal Kuruvi' where a photographer will have two wives. Then he would turn to the subject again in a a Tamil remake of Mahesh Bhatt's 'Arth' as 'Marupadiyum'.

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When the heroine walks out on her husband, a movie director, learning of his affair with an actress a song wails in the background "a woman wishes to be garlanded but once, can she live with a man who garlands a woman a day, would such a marriage be civilized". After 'Marupadiyum' he made forgettable movies most of which bombed in the box office.

Mounika, who starred in a movie as a nymphet, would go on to become his second wife. She would support Balu in his lean years when he was reduced to making short films, based on short stories, for the drab national television.

Balu Mahendra made movies that were either 'inspired', albeit uncredited, or totally plagiarized. Lets remember that Balu sat on the jury for National Awards. For a man who took pride in his work and had a healthy ego to end his movies with a sign off 'A film by Balu Mahendra', this plagiarism, par for the course in Indian movies, will remain a blot.

Even after many directors, including childhood friend Bharathiraja, deserted Ilayaraja, who had grown titular and stale, Balu stuck by his friend. Ilayaraja had run out of steam by the early 90's and his scoring for Balu's movies made after that had mediocre music and thanks to Raja's antics about lyric writers there were not much decent lyrics either. When an artist sacrifices perfection for the sake of relationship art suffers.

Mediocrity creeps in and finally destroys. We cannot speak of a Balu Mahendra 'oeuvre'.

Mounika allowed to pay homage to Balu Mahendra

Anyone who sets Balu's directorial abilities on a pedestal has not probably had even a modicum of introduction to Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Aravindan, Shahji, Ray, Benegal, Girish Karnad and others. His last movie 'Thalamuraigal' bombed at the box office. Few quoted the last words of the movie: I was surprised to see that chauvinism in Balu, a man who made movies in Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada besides Tamil.

The man had lost his creative juices a decade back and the last movie only confirmed that the creator had died before the body died.

He was no intellectual. Like many of his compatriots he had not much to say beyond films, specifically the technical knowledge of movie making, and a smattering of literary taste. In the later years he would have another paramour after Archana. In another interview he would extol that his legal wife Akila epitomized the ideal Indian woman and needs to be worshipped.

She could've done well with a little less worshipping. Balu's extra-marital affairs were front and center to not just his life but to his movies too. As such they are of topical interest beyond just salaciousness.