Movie about father and daughter relationship

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movie about father and daughter relationship

It's definitely not a father-daughter movie, but it does feature a father-daughter relationship so weird and twisted that I almost like the way it. The father-daughter relationship takes a humorous take in this movie. It shows how with age our fathers grow to get dependent on us, how. Celebrate Father's Day or plan a family movie night featuring one of these great films, all of which feature a memorable father-daughter relationship.

Father of the Bride Steve Martin plays the doting father who is caught in the wedding madness when his daughter decides to get married to a man she recently met. With situational humour throughout the film and emotional scenes plugged in at just the right moments, this one is a definite tear-jerker. Piku With Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan playing the father-daughter duo in the film, this one will leave you with a bittersweet smile.

While she plans her entire day around his schedule, he's completely dependent on her. Yet, they argue, fight and agree to disagree.

This film portrays the father-daughter relationship with all its imperfections. Jersey Girl Ben Affleck plays a single dad in the film who has completely immersed himself into his work after his wife passes away in child birth. The conflict in the film arises when he has to make a choice between spending time with his daughter and taking up a new job which will require him to leave New Jersey and move to New York City.

The movie is full of those bonding moments that define your relationship with your father. Chachi After a bitter divorce, the custody of their daughter is given to the mother played by Tabu and the father Kamal Hassan really misses his little girl. He, then, decides to dress up as a woman and take up the job of the nanny at his ex-wife's house just so he can spend some time with his girl. Definitely, Maybe Ryan Reynolds plays the doting father to his years-old daughter who wants to know the love story of her parents.

He starts narrating the story and adds a certain mystery to it where the daughter has to identify who her mother is. This film is a beautiful romantic comedy wrapped with some adorable moments between the father and daughter. Daddy This is the story of a girl who grows up with her grandparents and starts getting mysterious phone calls from a man who only says 'I love you'.

She eventually finds out about her alcoholic father who has spent his life away from his daughter. She helps him recover from his addiction and we see a beautiful bond emerge between the two.

Hanna Hanna has grown up in the wilderness with her father who has been training her as an assassin since she was two.

This father-daughter duo have a strange relationship where he wants her to be able to fend for herself in the time of adversity.

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Chachi A comedy movie that brings out the love between a father and his daughter. After losing visitation rights, Jai dresses up as a nanny to stay in contact with his daughter. The struggles of juggling his real life and this job, all done to be in touch with his daughter will take you on an emotional, yet joyous, laughter ride. The aim is to show that differently abled people are capable of providing unconditional love too. Rizvan accepts and loves Mandira's son as his own and goes to great lengths to prove it during the entire movie.

However, the son sticks by him and Aamir learns how to take care of his son while battling for his custody with his wife. They struggle to survive as Aamir is largely unsuccessful in his career.

movie about father and daughter relationship

Yet they find love in each other even during miserable times. A Jewish man and his family are about to be executed in the gas chambers. However, the father doesn't want to expose his son to the horrid truth and portrays it all as a game to him.

The moment when the son realizes his father's sacrifice is bound to touch your heart. Big Daddy This movie shows a year old Sonny Koufax growing up because he accidentally stumbles upon the responsibility of taking care of his roommate's son. Sonny serves as the missing father figure in the boy's life and gets genuinely attached to him.

The comic ways of the duo are a treat to watch. Bicycle Thieves It's a moving tale which shows a son who is really proud of his father despite the father not being able to secure a job.


Antonio has lost a bicycle, the only means of getting employment and the duo leave no stone unturned in finding it. The moment when Antonio feels he has lost Bruno's respect is heart-breaking, it shows fathers need our validation as we need theirs. Father of the Bride An overly-concerned and over-attached father who does not want to let go of his daughter and doubts her choice of a husband. He performs hilarious actions to try and stop the wedding. George Banks could be any of our fathers who are a little too over-protective of their princesses.

About Time Tim Lake is born with the ability to time travel just like his ancestors. His father is a constant guide teaching him the pros and cons of it. Tim keeps visiting his father even after the latter's death due to terminal cancer.

At the very last day of their meeting, they go back to a fond memory of Tim's childhood. The dynamics between the father and son is great to watch.

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Taken This action thriller starring Liam Neeson shows a father trying to build a relationship with his shy daughter. However she is abducted and that's where we see the sharp mind of the father at work to save his daughter from being trafficked. I Am Sam Its a simple film about a father suffering from a developmental disability trying to raise his daughter all on his own.

There are moments when the daughter is embarrassed because of her father who suffesr from developmental disability but love prevails and Lucy realizes the good man his father is.

Best Father-Daughter Movies

There is a happy ending with the reunion of the father with his daughter. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade This action-packed adventure movie shows Indiana Jones trying to rescue his father who had got lost in search of the Holy Grail. After rescuing his father, the duo set to foil Elsa and Donovan's wicked plans.

This movie is bound to tempt you to go on an adventurous journey with your father. Okay, maybe you won't go through with it. But still, it's the thought that counts, eh? Interstellar Interstellar shows a child who is constantly made aware of scientific theories by her father in a post-truth society. The daughter follows the father's footsteps in becoming a scientist while the father is out in space on a mission.

The scene where they see each other on video with Murphy as an old, ailing woman and the father young as ever will bring tears to your eyes. The Tree of Life This movie shows the relationship between a strict father and a rebellious son. He is unforgiving of his dad's activities and the way he has brought up him and his brothers. O'Brien has a change of heart and his son decides to forgive him. The movie is going to remind you of your rebellious years when you questioned everything your father asked you to do.

Definitely, Maybe Maya, the daughter of Will Hayes is bent on hearing about her soon-to-be-divorced father's love life.

Best Father-Daughter Movies

She has a nice time listening to his stories and commenting critically on them. In the end Maya plays cupid to reunite her father with his one true love April. Daughters always have a superpower of understanding what their fathers truly want. The Game Plan Love conquers all. Little Peyton wins her father over by her love and he begins to grow fond of her.

She brings his arrogant and selfish behaviour to his attention and leads him to mend his ways.

movie about father and daughter relationship

Joe realizes that he is incomplete without Peyton and she is a support rather than a distraction to him. October Sky Homer goes against his father's wishes to take up rocketry. There are arguments between the father and son due to the repeated failures of the son.