Mystogan and erza relationship test

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mystogan and erza relationship test

On the beach, Jellal and Erza sit uncomfortably at a distance, Erza asking the the two of them have finally found the answer to their complicated relationship. -jellal тo erza I reмeмвer I cried and fan-girled so нard wнen I saw тнaт episode.. iт even One of these times Erza is gonna her fed up with all this and just kiss. The Fairy Tail manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Hiro . He has said that his father's death influenced the relationship between Natsu and the dragon . Abandoned at infancy by her mother, Irene Belserion, Erza is enslaved at the Tower of Heaven at age 11 and befriends Jellal.

Despite his reclusive nature, Mystogan is extremely loyal to Fairy Tail and its guild members, and is willing to go to great lengths to protect it. He single-handedly took down all of Phantom Lord's sub-divisions during the guild war and directly confronted Laxus when the latter attempted to forcibly take control of the guild.

Mystogan gets along very well with Pantherlily due to Pantherlily saving him from death when he was young. He wished for Pantherlily to attain happiness when he reversed the Anima rather than play the "villain". She is the Edolas counterpart of Erza Scarlet.

Knightwalker is a well-endowed female with long, flowing, wavy scarlet hair with an elegant, loosely tied knot at the back, but it was later reduced into a short bob haircut in an attempt to have her troops distinguish her from her Earth Land counterpart, Erza Scarlet.

mystogan and erza relationship test

Knightwalker wears a very provocative outfit comprising of a revealing, halter-type armor breastplate top, that leaves much of her cleavage and stomach exposed, with light-armored gauntlets and greaves on her forearms and forelegs, respectively, as well as her thighs. She also wears a dark bikini bottom with a piece of cloth obscuring her hips. She wears a dark scarf around her neck. Unlike her Earth Land counterpart, Erza Knightwalker is sadistic and cruel, showing no sympathy towards her enemies; killing them without mercy.

Vijeeter was dancing along with them, awing them with his weird-ass moves. I chuckled again as I watched Mira and Freed do their kinda-sorta-ish flirting. For how much Mira loved to match-make, when it came to her love life she was dreadfully lonely, and terribly awkward.

mystogan and erza relationship test

She didn't think she had enough time for a relationship, but Freed seemed to change that. Bickslow was being the usual pervert with his babies repeating everything he said. Master was ogling the girls, Jet and Droy were growling at how close Levy was to Gajeel. Gray and Natsu were having one of their normal fights.

mystogan and erza relationship test

Erza was eating her cake peacefully, until the two idiots accidently knocked it over. She went overboard as usual and started a guild-wide fight. Ahh, I missed this. I have been spending so much time with that two-timing jerk Hibiki that I wasn't around the guild as much, and I missed out on all of the craziness, I thought, smiling faintly. It's really creepy…" Happy said, a weird smile on his face. My smile is not creepy! When she got the guild, the sweet music coming from her abruptly stopped.

Why aren't you guys answering me? Lucy acted without thinking.

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Sneaking up behind the man, she summoned flueve d'toiles. She then wrapped it around his neck, just tight enough to make the skin a light ruddy color.

With her captive mostly immobilized, she went to draw Sagittarius' key, but was thrown off of the muscular bloke. He whipped around, cloak fluttering and unsurprisingly touching the dark mask covering his face. She got Sagittarius out in the nick of time, just have time to give him instructions before she had to duck and attack. He fired, effectively pinning the adversary to the floor.

Forgoing the summoning of Taurus' key, she pressed it against the man's neck. How are you still awake?! Lucy screeched in her mind, practically loud enough for the men around her to hear. And you countered one of his most volatile spells. On another note, how did you do that? Nothing deserving of S-class, surely.

mystogan and erza relationship test

I'm referring to the fact that you completely distroyed him in one-on-one combat. Just acting on instinct to protect my family. Beneath my mask, I started to blush at the compromising position. Lucy didn't seem to be affected, as she was absorbed in her conversation with Master. Master got a knowing look on his face after he said someone had to train her. I groaned inside my head, cursing the short man and his cleverness. He was going to try to match us up and make me train her.

Not that I was complaining. She was a wonder to look at, with her golden hair and chocolate eyes. She is your family! I sighed quietly, but Lucy heard it. She turned to me and looked me in the eyes, not bothering to get off my hips.

She just went through a terrible heartbreak. And she needs time away from the guild. It was just like him to shoot first and ask questions later. She silently nodded, a sad, but determined look in her eyes.

Jellal is a young man whose most prominent features are his blue hair and a red tattoo under and above his right eye, which he has had since his childhood. As his Siegrain alter-ego, he dressed himself in elegant yet simple robes; consisting of a long white tunic with black stripes across the edges and on the upper part of the arms, a decorated collar, large straps connected to decorated buckles closing the inducement on the front over a dark shirt, and matching pants and shoes.

He also sported a ring on his right middle finger, and usually had the medallion attesting his status as one of the Ten Wizard Saints around his neck, hidden by his jacket's collar. Jellal himself is seen in much darker clothing, with his attire consisting of a whitish blue shirt under a hooded dark blue coat with light blue edges, two strings with shield-shaped pendants hanging down from the hood and a prominent golden symbol on the left part of the chest, reminiscent of Fairy Tail's mark, plus simple, loose, dark pants tucked inside laced boots.

Under these clothes is a special fighting suit for melee combat, designed for his Meteor spell, revealing his toned and muscular body. In the manga, this takes the form of a skin-tight outfit. Said outfit is dark around the torso and mid-arm regions of Jellal's body, whilst the rest, such as his shoulders, forearm, and thighs down, is light in color.

On his shoulder and hips, Jellal has small protrusions on his outfit, which, each, come with the three holes, serving the purpose of aiding him in his aerodynamic efforts. The rest of the suit is decorated by groups of three thin lines over the arms and legs, with a double set adorning the chest. In this attire, a metal necklace with a small pendant, highly reminiscent of the Wizard Saint's one worn by his Siegrain counterpart is visible around Jellal's neck.

In the anime, however, his fighting suit is portrayed as a simple skin-tight sleeveless purple shirt paired with extremely loose blue cargo pants tucked inside simple bootswhich is held up by a light bluish belt, and gloves. Later, after his revival, he is seen taking the clothes of a defeated Naked Mummy member to cover his partially torn fighting attire in the anime, the clothes were instead Erigor's. This new attire consists of a long black coat decorated by golden trimmings, white bands around his arms, two red medal-like ornaments on each side of his chest, a tight-fitting shirt reminiscent of the one in his old attire, and loose grey pants held up by a belt; the pants are tucked inside the boots.

Seven years later, while his physical appearance is virtually unchanged, save for his now longer, scragglier hair, his attire now consists of a dark coat, very similar to the one he stole from the Naked Mummy member, only with heart like designs running down the sleeves and sides of the coat.

Over the top of all this, Jellal sports a dark, high-collared cloak. During the Grand Magic Games, when disguised as his Edolas counterpart, Mystogan, Jellal wears the same attire that he wore during his time in Earth Land, and even opts to use the Former Mage's staves as his own.

When he was young, Jellal was a very kind boy, and cared deeply for his friends. He was always cheerful and optimistic, despite his disposition as a slave. After a failed escape attempt, he readily accepted punishment in Erza's stead, and never once lost his faith in the thought of being free.

Later, as he was manipulated by what he thought to be Zeref's ghost, he drastically changed: