Oberon and titania relationship goals

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oberon and titania relationship goals

How Does The Relationship Of Titania And Oberon Reflect That Of The Other Relationships In A Midsummer Nights Dream In the beginning of 'A Midsummer. Oberon is powerful but Titania appears to be just as headstrong, and they seem equally matched. We know they have had a good relationship. Oberon and Titania are a married couple, the king and the queen of all the fairies. At the beginning of Act II, the two are in an argument, which causes all of.

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After all, it's their wedding. What kind of resolution do they need? We barely see them during the play - what conflict could there be? A closer look at their relationship raises some concerning questions. Woo'd with the Sword?

oberon and titania relationship goals

We learn about Theseus and Hippolyta's relationship immediately in Act 1. Even if you are not an expert at Shakespearean English, these are concerning statements.

Bottom is turned into a donkey and Titania falls for him - 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (Balanchine)

Wooing someone with a sword and injuring them hardly sounds like the foundation for a healthy marriage. Theseus is the hero of many tales from Greek mythology. To give more context to this statement, we need to take a look at the myths behind their characters.

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Greek mythology was like the 'Disney' of the Shakespeare's time. Just as we would probably understand a reference to a Disney movie, Shakespeare's audience would have understood references to Greek mythology.

oberon and titania relationship goals

Theseus is a hero in several Greek myths and is recognized as a well-liked king of Athens. Hippolyta was the fabled queen of the Amazons, a nation of warrior women.

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There are different renditions of how Theseus and Hippolyta came to be together. Some say that Theseus was the victor in an attack on the Amazons and chose Hippolyta as his prize. Others describe Hippolyta refusing a peaceful wedding proposal and Theseus kidnapping her anyway. When Theseus says in A Midsummer Night's Dream that he woo'd Hippolyta 'with his sword,' Shakespeare's audience would have understood that as a reference to capturing or conquering Hippolyta.

But doesn't that make her a prisoner of war?

Theseus & Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night's Dream: Relationship & Wedding

That puts a bit of a damper on their marriage. What do you make of their quarrel over the little Indian boy? While reading their interaction, I was amazed at how these seemingly wonderful, magical creatures could be so plagued by the very same human sensibilities that the human characters are seen struggling with.

Pride, jealousy, and a need for power and acknowledgement are emotions and needs that are not controlled and thus ultimately leave them emotionally vulnerable. These passions are what cause Oberon to seek out his revenge which I thought to be very uncharacteristic of a king fairy.

oberon and titania relationship goals

Their interaction and their passions greatly remind me of the ancient greek gods who were just as medelsome in the affairs of the humans in order to achieve a personal goal or need. With all this said, I cannot help but wonder if Shakespeare wanted us to think about fate and the degree of which we hold agency in our own lives.

I think that we can juxtapose their relationship with that of Theseus and Hippolyta and see the different roles that gender play.

Titania & Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream: Relationship & Fight

Her agency derives from within the male relationships that are established. Like Hermia who is forced to obey the will of her father, so Hippolyta is forced to obey her conqueror and future husband. In the fairy world, the outskirts of the city, we see the gender roles switch. We see Titania, a queen, exerting her own agency and not obeying the male figure in her life, her husband and king.

oberon and titania relationship goals