Optimus prime and bumblebee relationship test

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optimus prime and bumblebee relationship test

Optimus is the leader of the Autobots and Bumblebee is one of the soldiers under the Autobots, but we can assume the relationship between Bee and Prime is. Transformer/organic relations are not any richer in this regard. of War issue 3", Arcee promised Bumblebee to "rotate his tires" if he could beat her, with one of the most disturbing involving Optimus Prime deriving pleasure. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Optimus Prime, Little Brother, and will focus on Bumblebee and his relationships with his fellow .. "And I'll finally get a chance to test out this brand new weapons system in.

Hasbro has been totally cool with IDW doing this. The Falling, Chapter 6: Unforgivable And yes, there is the fact that IDW has previously established that Transformers are genderless in their continuity, but let's not kid ourselves about what we're seeing here.

Your shift lever is dirty," Marissa exclaims. I will wipe it clean for you now. We didn't make that up.

That actually, canonically happened. The hints are few and far between, but Transformers is not devoid of the possibility Transformers might engage in sexual activities for recreational purposes.


Kissing is a regularly observed sign of affection and in The Headmasters episode " Return of the Immortal Emperor ", Chromedome was rather thrilled he got to see Arcee transform.

Nevertheless, Beast Wars was the first to pick up the subject in a more direct manner: Rape euphemisms are commonly inserted in the Japanese dubs of Western Transformers programs for, uh, "humor". The Japanese dub of " Maximal, No More " has Rattrap, thinking himself about to be stabbed by Dinobotask his attacker to penetrate him "gently, because I've heard the first time can hurt.

And tonight was proving to be one of those times. Bumblebee sat comfortably in his alt form in the Witwicky garage, his naturally small frame easily squeezing between the various clutter that lined the white walls of the wooden shack.

He had been having a relatively pleasant joor, spending most of it out in the sun while Sam and Mikaela gave him a good wash down. Earth was a fairly dusty and muddy planet, so regular washings were needed to keep the Autobots from developing a bad case of rust. Not that any of the Autobots were complaining, of course; a good wash down on such a regular basis was a novelty that most of them had not experienced in a very long time.

However, even a thorough washing and waxing was not enough to the ease the sharp pain that was gripping Bumblebee's spark. The youngling had been feeling somewhat drained and ill over the past few orns, his entire frame aching from the angry pulses his spark kept sending out.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship test

He had not felt this kind of pain ever before in his life. Nevertheless, Bumblebee was pretty sure that he knew the reason behind his spark's suffering. It was the death of his brother. Although nearly two human years had passed since Megatron's death, such a time was infinitesimal when compared to the lifespan of a Cybertronian. And Bumblebee had never before felt such excruciating pain as when Megatron's spark had joined the Matrix.

It had been absolutely spark-shattering, leaving a void so great that Bumblebee wondered if survival would be more of a curse than a blessing. Ratchet had given the youngling a very thorough talk about bonds shortly after Mission City, explaining to Bumblebee why Optimus was in so much pain as a result of Megatron's death. Little did the medic know that Bumblebee was currently suffering from the exact same agony as their commander.

The spark bond that Bumblebee had shared with Megatron was the equivalent of that of a sibling; thus, making the loss of such a strong bond absolutely excruciating to the young mech. The loss of a sibling bond was one of the worst spark bond losses that a Cybertronian could ever experience. Only one loss was considered to be more painful and that was the loss of one's sparkmate. However, the big difference lay in the fact that sparkmates shared half a spark and the death of one sparkmate always resulted in the death of the other sparkmate.

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The same concept was applied to twins as well, since they shared the exact same spark. Such a fate was not always the case for siblings. Most Cybertronians did not have more than one sparkling during their lifetime, so siblings were not near as prevalent on Cybertron as they were on Earth. Only about one in every ten Cybertronians possessed a sibling, be they from the same creators or from the All-Spark.

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Siblings shared exactly one-fourth of their sparks with one another through the spark bond; and if one sibling were to die, the other would be left with one-fourth of their spark gone.

Until the war had begun, it was rare for Cybertronians to die early because of their long-lived lifespan. As a result, most siblings died together from severe old age and most creators died long before their creations passed into the Matrix. It was much easier for the created to survive the death of their creators than for the creators to survive the death of a sparkling or youngling. However, as the war rapidly progressed, the Cybertronians became much more familiar with the damages such losses caused to the survivor's spark.

Most siblings and creators survived the deaths of their loved ones, their sparks continuing to live long after the loss had occurred. Unfortunately, the painful void left in the spark as a result of these losses was permanent and would haunt the survivor for the rest of their life. Many mechs and femmes would have considered death to be a preferred alternative to the unbearable pain that resulted from such a gaping void in their spark.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship test

It was possible for survivors to draw comfort from others whom they shared spark bonds with, such as their sparkmate or their other creator. In spite of this, by this point in time the war had taken such a toll on the Cybertronian race that most mechs and femmes had very few left with whom they possessed spark bonds. Most Cybertronians, especially Autobots, had lost the majority of those they had shared spark bonds with, namely their creators and extended relatives.

After all, there were only five types of spark bonds: Bumblebee had tried numerous times to interact with Optimus's spark, but each and every time he had been pushed away by the older mech.

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The young mech had never felt so alone as he did at this point in time. True, he had Sam and Mikaela as friends and had the other Autobots here on Earth with him. Ironhide's presence was a huge help and Bumblebee often went to his guardian when he just wanted to be reassured that someone was there for him. But it was the spark interaction that Bumblebee needed, very badly. No one besides Optimus knew what Bumblebee was suffering through, but for some reason the Autobot commander simply refused to wholly embrace the spark bond that he shared with the yellow youngling.

The regal Autobot had embraced it when the scout had been younger, but had gradually pulled away as Bumblebee grew older and older, especially after the youngling had received his third-frame when he was about the Cybertronian equivalent of a ten-year-old Earth child.

And now, when Bumblebee was about the equivalent of a fifteen-year-old Earth child, the interaction was almost nonexistent. He was, after all, a naturally outgoing and friendly mech. He always put the well-being of his comrades and friends above his own feelings and health. It was just the way he was programmed, and Bumblebee would not have it any other way.

Nevertheless, sometimes the pain and grief just became too much and even cheerful little Bumblebee could not twitter and laugh his problems away. The loss of Megatron had hit the youngling's spark hard, much harder than he had expected given their overall relationship. But, as Ratchet had said, the outward relationship of two bonded individuals did not matter; only the bond between the two sparks mattered.

And the bond that Bumblebee had had with Megatron was of the strongest kind. The youngling whimpered in pain, his spark twisting in its casing as wave after wave of pulses traveled through the void that had once been filled by Megatron's dark and powerful presence.

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Starting inthey wanted to honor not just popular characters, but also the real people behind the toys, TV shows, comics, and films. Bumblebee, being the popular character he is, was one of the first five characters inducted into the Hall induring a ceremony at BotCon; the convention for all things Transformers. He was joined, not surprisingly, by other super-popular transformers: Optimus PrimeMegatronStarscream, and the Dinobots.

Humans enshrined in the Transformers Hall of Fame over the last few years include everyone from director Michael Bay to Peter Cullen the iconic voice of Optimus.

There, you first get a quick glimpse of a group of five Autobots in vehicle mode, including Bumblebee alongside Optimus Prime. Wheeljack transforms into a Cybertronian vehicle, then Bumblebee loads the sticks inside him. Bumblebee is so relatively small that he remains in robot form and hops inside Wheeljack for a ride, rather than transform himself. But some of the characters themselves tend to be more than meets the eye. In fact, they can become other Transformers. The Goldbug change happens in many different continuities, but in the original animated series, it happens like this: His new body is much shinier, so a restored Optimus Prime dubs him Goldbug.