Peter pan and jane relationship trust

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peter pan and jane relationship trust

Following are the best Peter Pan quotes with images. “All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust. Jane is now a common grown-up, with a daughter called Margaret; and every spring-cleaning time Our goal is to provide our readers with the comprehensive lists of quotes on love, life, relationship. Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up or Peter and Wendy is J. M. Barrie' s most famous work, in the form of a play and a novel. Both versions. Wendy has an obvious crush on Peter Pan. Peter is keen on her attention to him, he is stridently opposed to any form of intimate relationship between the two.

I have read and deemed these stories to be the best. If you don't enjoy this couple, don't come in. Some of these stories are not quite PeterWendy stories, but they qualify enough.

There are more stories available, I just haven't gotten around to them all If there are any good ones you know of, email your suggestions to me: Isle of the Lost by Zeppelin Skies reviews There will always be a new game to play, just with higher stakes and battling odds.

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This time, Peter Pan finds himself in a world he can't control, chasing after a woman he never thought he would need, while dodging the promise of death on his heels. But he's only broken one promise in his extended life.

Wendy Darling

He isn't about to break another. Sequel to "Isle of Thorns. Just with a warning. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, and it was all she could do to remain still against his touch.

peter pan and jane relationship trust

His mistake was letting her get under his skin. Once Upon a Time - Rated: Gold - Complete Greatest Pretend by Albion19 reviews Centuries of waiting is over as the heart of the truest believer is finally in Pan's clutches.

Jane (Peter Pan)

Wendy struggles between doing what she knows is right and the need to protect those she loves at any cost. However, as they're celebrating, Tootles finds the whistle and not knowing what it was for blows it loudly.

peter pan and jane relationship trust

Smee, and the pirates show up and capture Peter Pan and the Boys. Jane tells Hook about keeping his promise and Hook pulls off one of the hairs on Peter's head and gives it to Jane to keep.

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Peter berates Jane for her betrayal and lies, telling her about Tinker Bell's light going out if she doesn't believe. Jane runs to Tinker Bell's house and finds Tinkerbell dead. Jane, ashamed of what she had done, apologizes, saying that she believes in fairies. Jane and Tinker Bell arrive just in time as Hook is about to make Peter walk the plank he is strapped to an anchor, so he couldn't fly.

Jane steals one of the swords from the pirates and cuts the Lost Boys free while Tinker Bell manages to throw Mr. Smee overboard into the rowboat.

peter pan and jane relationship trust

Jane and the Boys throw Hook's treasure overboard, inciting the pirates to jump in after it. Hook chases Jane up onto the sails and tells her to give up. Jane refuses, telling Hook that he'll never win as long as the ideals of Neverland live. Tinker Bell sprays some pixie dust on Jane and she is finally able to fly, having shed her skepticism and finally believing in magic.

Peter, the Lost Boys, and the pirates in the row boat cheer for her.

peter pan and jane relationship trust

Jane frees Peter, but Hook grabs her. However, Peter manages to cut the rope. Hook falls into the water but the Octopus quickly chases him back onto the ship. This makes the ship sink, but Hook manages to swim into the rowboat where he, Smee and the other pirates are forced to flee the Octopus. The boys congratulate Jane for her victory, but then Peter says sadly that because she can fly, now she can go home to London.

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Jane tells the boys she will miss them, but that she'll always remember them. Peter and Tink escort her back to London. When Jane gets home, she reconciles with her mother and tells Danny all about her adventures in Never Land. Wendy is reunited with Peter for a short period of time and convinces him that she hasn't changed. Then, a truck pulls up; Edward has returned home from the war. Wendy also becomes very jealous, when she sees Tiger Lily flirting with Peter, with Peter enjoying the attention.

Later, when Wendy and her brothers and the lost boys are kidnapped by Captain HookWendy doesn't lose faith in Peter Pan, and believes that he will save them. Peter catches Wendy when she is forced to walk the plank, and after he defeats Captain Hook, he takes her back to London. Wendy clearly cares for Peter, and in both J. Barrie's book and various movies and anime, she tries to communicate this to him.

In all cases, while Peter is keen on her attention to him, he is stridently opposed to any form of intimate relationship between the two. His hatred of mothers and strong ambivalence to emotional love sets him at odds with Wendy's reverence of mothers and her nurturing desires. The irony of this is made even more evident by Peter's initial reason for bringing Wendy to Neverland, and that is to have her be a mother to the Lost Boys, with him as the "father".

peter pan and jane relationship trust

However it becomes quickly apparent this is only for play, as Peter shows amazing ability to be a bit narcissistic in having things tailored to his liking. In the sequel, Wendy and Peter reunite. Wendy is now a married adult, while Peter is still a child.