Prost and senna relationship quizzes

F1 great Prost's regret over Senna film - CNN

prost and senna relationship quizzes

Drivers · Teams · Seasons · Tracks · Statistics · Rate the Race · Quizzes · Points Calculator · Going to a Grand Prix Alain Prost says he hasn't watched the Senna film. Balestre's perceived closeness to Prost was the subject of much . Prost, about the incidents with Senna, his relationship with Balestre. JACKIE STEWART: Ayrton Senna said he'd never speak to me again after I accused him of crashing into Alain Prost to win the title. Ayrton Senna and the Ferrari Connection Part 6: Prost after a desastrous 91 campaign took a sabatical year, and Mansell and Williams Renault were almost unbeatable. Senna's contrat . Quiz: The Audi quiz to end all Audi quizzes.

Alain Prost on Ayrton Senna: 'Between us, we can screw all the others!'

Even going to offer Frank Williams to drive for free in But there was a bit of a problem Renault and Elf wanted Prost and the french driver didn't wanted to race against Senna in the same team again.

Last but not least, Mansell who was world champion in with Williams didn't wanted to have Prost as team mate once again Ayrton finally stayed one more year at McLaren before switching to Williams for Prost clinshed his 4th championship title in 93 and retired at the end of the season Because Senna would drive for Williams in So in this context, Senna talked to other team during to see what were his other option. Ferrari once again was a possibility.

Sadly, as we saw in the 5th part of this article, Ferrari was all but in great shape at the time. Things were heating up at McLaren too, as Honda announced they would leave F1 at the end of the season.

Prost remembers Senna: The bitter feud that healed

Gerhard Berger, best friend and Senna's teamate decided to come back to Ferrari where he had only good memories of his previous time with the reds the idea was that maybe Senna would rejoin Berger there later: I think there was more potential in it, but due to certain circumstances I couldn't apply it right.

Ayrton said, 'I want to win, I will leave, I will go to Williams, I think it's time to move to the best car, and the best car now is Williams. He sustained severe injuries and passed away later that day. A three-day mourning period was declared in his home country of Brazil and he received a state funeral. Responsible for five Formula One deaths, three of those during a race, which track holds this unfortunate record?

Dead on the Track click to play it. Question by author WesleyCrusher. A reconstruction in the early s took out some of the worst hazards and the track was used for six more races until Niki Lauda's near-fatal accident that left him severely burnt.

In spite of its many spectacular accidents and utter lack of any buffer zones, the Monte Carlo circuit has claimed only one driver's life. Where does he come from? Question by author Jordyvandebunt. Where in England does he come from?

He won his first race in a Honda in the Hungarian Grand Prix. The season was a cakewalk for McLaren as they won 15 of 16 races. How many times did they finish ? The Greatest Rivalry in Racing click to play it.

F1 great Prost's regret over Senna film

Question by author minardifan. Senna won 8 races to Prost's 7, and although Prost scored more points in total, Senna was World Champion as only the best 11 of 16 results counted to the final total.

Senna vs Prost - 1989 Season

In Championship terms, his best finish was fourth overall. In which year did he finish fourth? So Near, Yet So Far click to play it. That would be his best season results wise, apart from when he did manage two seconds and a third with March. He came closest to winning at the Italian Grand Prix, a race he led easily until a problem with his helmet visor caused him to drop back and finish sixth.

His final heartbreak came at the French Grand Prix. Amon dominated the meeting, taking pole position and again leading easily. But a puncture caused a pitstop and he dropped down the field.

prost and senna relationship quizzes

He broke the lap record numerous times in an attempt to retake the lead but eventully had to settle for third. Having matched his double world champion team-mate in his maiden season, he won the title himself in only his second year in Formula One.

Which driver is being described? Mixed Up Formula One Drivers click to play it.

prost and senna relationship quizzes

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