Queer as folk brian and michael relationship expert

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queer as folk brian and michael relationship expert

The fourth season of Queer as Folk, an American and Canadian television series, consisted of Brian warns Justin about his involvement with Cody and the Pink Posse. Can Michael and Ben's relationship survive Michael's Hollywood windfall and Ben's manuscript rejection? Lindsay goes to Brian for advice about Mel. Ten years before SCOTUS ruled in favor of marriage equality—after Ellen DeGeneres came Generally speaking, all of Queer As Folk is watchable. Season 1: Episode 10, "Queens of the Road" Brian throws Michael a surprise Debbie gives him the most wonderful advice: "A word of advice, my sweet. Brian Kinney and Michael Novotny are from the US version of Queer As Folk. They were lifelong best friends with a unique relationship that did not make a lot of.

I'm not really sure that Michael doesn't have thoughts of Sunshine leaving the picture and of him winning the Kinney prize, but that's not important.

Michael met Ben and Ben won him over. Good for Ben, as Michael is a sweet man and they appear good together. Ben is here because Brian is Michael's friend, and he's offering his support to his husband.

Ben doesn't dislike anyone, and he doesn't hold Michael's feelings about Brian against his husband.

queer as folk brian and michael relationship expert

He just accepts that Michael has certain areas in his brain that do not make sense. They are good together and they do love each other. It's a strange combination, but it works for them. If something happened to Brian… well I won't even go there. Sitting next to Michael is Teddy. Teddy is Brian's accountant, but their friendship goes way beyond that of employee.

I guess it started back when Teddy had his website and was arrested for hiring an underage kid. Oh me, that was a terrible time.

Teddy was put in jail and I thought for sure that Stockwell was going to have him rot there. But then Brian used his influence as Stockwell's campaign manager to get Teddy out. Then poor Teddy experienced a downward spiral and started using drugs. I'll never forget Brian taking me aside in Babylon and telling me to forget Teddy, that he was all but dead. I was so mad at Brian at that moment, but then I realized that he was right.

If I didn't leave Teddy, I would be pulled down into his drug-filled work as well. Brian isn't fickle though. He knew Teddy could be great and when he got clean and Brian needed an accountant for his new business, he went straight to my Teddy.

Teddy shined there and he got his confidence up. Then the cancer showed up. Oh that was a bad time for Brian, but Teddy helped him out. He kept his secret for a long time; Brian eventually told everyone so really, Teddy kept his secret the whole time. Teddy practically ran Brian's business.

Since then, they have been really close. Brian helped Teddy in his time of need and Teddy helped Brian. I guess that is what good friends are for. Teddy will help his friend in any way he can. Mel is sitting next to Teddy. They met in college and have been friends ever since. Teddy advises her about her money and they occasionally do social things together. Mel, however, is not Brian's friend. At least not like the rest of us. Mel tolerates him since he is the biological father of Gus, the son she and Lindsay are raising.

She makes snide remarks about Brian every chance she can get. I really wonder how Lindsay got her to agree to use Brian's sperm for their child. Anyway, Mel is here for Lindsay, not Brian. If something happened to Brian, I'm sure she would console Lindsay, but secretly be really happy that Brian was out of her life. But since Lindsay is another member of Brian's little family, she is waiting with the rest of us.

Brian Kinney/Michael Novotny (Queer as Folk US) - The Shipper's Manifesto

Lindsay and Brian met while in college. I think they dated for a little bit. Seems strange to me since from the way Brian tells it, he's been fucking men since he was fourteen. Oh well, the mysterious Mr. Kinney has secrets that only a few select people really know. I think that Lindsay secretly has a fantasy like Michael; that one day, Sunshine will be out of the picture and she, Gus and Brian will be the happy little family.

That's never going to happen. Brian is Gus' father and Lindsay is his mother. That ties the two of them together forever. I find it really interesting that Brian agreed to be a sperm donor for Lindsay's baby, but I do not have the guts to ask him why he did it. You just do not ask Brian his motivations to do anything. Lindsay is very close to Brian, asks him for advice and talks to him regularly. She often brings Gus, his son, with her. I think Gus' presence feeds into her little fantasy world of the happy couple.

She is friends with Brian, but I secretly think she wouldn't turn down a chance to be his lover. She would be lost without Brian. Across from Mel and Linds is Debbie. While Debbie is actually Michael's mother, she is the surrogate mother of all of us boyz on Liberty Avenue. She's a waitress at Liberty Diner and tells all of us her opinion about everything, whether or not we ask for it. She's a second mother to Brian, having opened her home to him when he was a teenager. She and Brian have an interesting relationship; one minute she blames him for everything bad that happens, and the next she praises his generosity.

Brian is her son almost as much as Michael is, and I would say they were friends with a very special and unique relationship. Jennifer is sitting in the seat next to Debbie. Jennifer is Sunshine's mom. I don't think she liked Brian very much in the beginning, blaming him for taking Sunshine's innocence, but believe you me, he was never innocent.

That boy knew it all way before he ever stepped foot on Liberty avenue. After all, Sunshine was just seventeen when he started seeing Brian. But let me tell you, Sunshine was never a kid.

From the first time I met him, that night when Brian picked him up on Liberty Avenue, he knew what he wanted and he wanted Brian. But I digress, I'm talking about Jennifer. Jennifer blamed him for the bashing too.

That was a nasty time for everyone, and Brian sort of blamed himself for the bashing too. But then, she turned about face and asked Brian to take Sunshine back. All of us were shocked, but of course, Brian took him back as she asked. Nowadays she praises Brian, never misses an opportunity to meet him for lunch or share drink with him. I've seen them around Liberty avenue, even though I would never dare stop and say hi when they were out by themselves. She's as worried as the rest of us about the doctor coming through that door.

She is his friend and they have become as close as in-laws can be. Where do I fit into this circle of Brian Kinney? I have a unique relationship with Brian. Brian was one of the first people I met on Liberty Avenue. For some unknown reason he bought me a drink at Babylon the first night I was there.

queer as folk brian and michael relationship expert

I say unknown, since as I've gotten to know the "Stud of Liberty Avenue", he would normally not look once at the likes of me nor would have ever acknowledged my presence. But he did and we shared a drink, and the next time I saw him we made short eye contact and he nodded at me. He's helped me many times, least of which was when he saved Teddy from jail, but then you already know about that incident. We know Jack Kinney was an abusive drunk, and that Joan was cold and manipulative.

The household was toxic. But do you know what else was happening at that time? This was when the AIDS hysteria was in full swing. But despite the dawning realization it was not a disease that only affected gay men, there was a horrific stigma surrounding the disease, to the point some people would refuse to even touch a spoon that somebody infected with the disease had touched. This article does a pretty good job of outlining the AIDS hysteria, but suffice to say, this was a really scary and confusing time in the US, but especially for gay men, who bore the brunt of the stigma and were being barraged with misinformation.

Can you imagine how terrifying and isolating that must have been, to live in a home in fear of your family discovering who you really are? To hear all over the news and in schoolyards about how this disease is killing all the days, and to not even feel safe and protected in your own home?

And then he met Michael. Michael was like him. That house was filled with love and warmth and acceptance, and they welcomed Brian with open arms. He finally had a place where he felt safe to be himself. Think of all those doubts and insecurities and feelings of self-loathing Brian felt as an adult.

So what does this mean for his friendship with Michael? Michael knows the truth about Brian. He knows that Brian has a big heart that he tries to keep hidden away. Fighting off the bullies in school, giving me the answers to tests, taking me to the hospital the first time I got gonorrhea.

And Brian knows this and loves him for it. He knows at the end of the day, Michael will always be there for him.

Queer as Folk (US TV series)

And who is the person Brian goes to after he goes to see his dad in 1x09? And Michael knows immediately what happened, and he knows to hold Brian and let him cry. So, yes, Lindsay gets Brian in a way nobody else does, but so does Michael.

Michael, and his friendship, is so important to Brian, even decades after Brian finally escaped from his parents. And yes, that does produce some tension. People fall in love with their best friends all the time. And for the longest time, Michael knew Brian in a way nobody else did, and he was very aware of that.

His comment to Brian that he should have just left Brian lying there was vile and inexcusable and still makes my skin crawl every time I hear it. However, to understand Michael here, I always think about when my best friends go through nasty breakups. I get incredibly protective of them. My first loyalty is always going to be to my friend, and the ex that hurt them is immediately the enemy. Remember, he is fiercely loyal to and protective of Brian. Justin hurt Brian after Brian had given him everything.