Rachel and ivy relationship quizzes

Starless (Half Light, #3) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

rachel and ivy relationship quizzes

Feb 9, And at first I have to admit I didn't see Ivy/Rachel as couple until the 3rd book, I could already tell from book one that Trent was a dating option. Dec 20, Quiz from the "Speak" book written by Laurie Halse Anderson. Sample B. David. C. Ivy. D. Rachel. 3. Which item symbolizes Melinda's life? A. Tree. B. . What was Melinda's relationship like with her parents? A. Close. B. But it also seems suggestive. Furthermore, while we see an endless cycle of men moving in and out of Rachel's life, her relationship with Ivy is incredibly stable.

This is book 3 in the Half Light Series. Every time I read a book from this series, I fall more in love with the characters. I never would have imagined enjoying the books the way I do if you told me they were about Aliens, but I have been surprised. Alyssa keeps you captivated from the beginning to the end of the book so much that you just cannot put that book down. Rachel and Noah are still trying to figure out the whole starmate thing while also trying to find Caspians Starmate.

rachel and ivy relationship quizzes

Of course while doing so, there are obstacles and issues after every turn they take. I love the intensity between Kelby and Angie in this book. The only downfall was I feel like Rachel and Noah's spark wasn't there like the previous books.

Fangs For The Fantasy: The Problem With Trent and Rachel's Love Story in Kim Harrison's The Hollows

However, I am thinking that is due to everything else on their mind I am excited to read the next book and see what else is to come for the gang. I really hope Caspian finds his girl! In her third novel of the Half Light Series, Ivy takes us on a journey of soulmates as Rachel, Noah and their beloved gang set out to find Prince Caspian's star mate.

While most would think aliens, star mates and inter-galactic journey's are touch out of the ordinary, Ivy delivers her story in a way that captivates you until t Once again Alyssa Rose Ivy has delivered a book with interesting well though out characters development and plot lines that'll take you across the universe and back again.

White Witch, Black Curse

While most would think aliens, star mates and inter-galactic journey's are touch out of the ordinary, Ivy delivers her story in a way that captivates you until the very end. I truly enjoyed reading about these characters, their relationships and the strength of a strong female character.

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The saga continues and again I loved it! There is a lot going on in this book and it kept me guessing. Essentially, humankind becomes stricken by an infection borne in tomatoes and the world almost shuts down.

The world is saved by the supernaturals Inderlanders who not only announce their presence but take on the jobs once filled by humanity to keep the world running.


Our protagonist is Rachel Morgan and she is a witch. She lives with her friends Jenks, a pixie and Ivy, a living vampire. Together our merry threesome spends most of the series involved in one supernatural disaster after another. Throughout the series, Rachel for better or worse has had several love interests.

Ivy and Rachel: Heating up the Hollows' Journal

There are longtime fans of this series who are great fans of this pairing and, to some degree, I agree that Rachel and Trent make an awesome couple. Talk about a pure tease. Rachel and Trent have known each other since they were children and for much of that time it would be fair to describe their interactions as acrimonious. However, as the relationship progressed, even as my pure fanpoodle heart was racing, there were several problems that I have been forced to acknowledge.

rachel and ivy relationship quizzes

As the story develops we learn so much more about him - and see so much about his growth. Was he ruthless and engaging in terribly illegal practices? Of course he was - his entire species rested on the results of his tests.

rachel and ivy relationship quizzes

His people will literally become extinct if he is not successful - how could he not break these laws? And how could he not destroy his enemies with brutal, evil efficiency? If someone was literally menacing the last hope humanity has to stave off extinction, what would we do to them? Was he callous and cold?