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Mar 3, And when Boyd confronted Ava about lying to him, he was more concerned about the true nature of her relationship with Raylan (Timothy. Apr 14, After Raylan finds Ava in Lebec, she begs him not to tell Boyd about his son. The last thing she needs is the son following in daddy's footsteps. Apr 14, Raylan, now a marshal in Florida, couldn't work out his relationship with with his young daughter; Boyd is in prison; and Ava Crowder (Joelle.

This show, which just concluded its six series run, stars Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, an old-school U. The three, brilliantly portrayed by Olyphant, Walton Goggins, and Joelle Carter, made for addictive watching. Lexxi and Laura they are social media friends of mine were among those who suggested the show to me last year—for which I thank them—so I asked them whether they thought Justified had a great love story in it.

This blog may contain spoilers. Justified is obviously not a romance, but the vast majority of romance readers who watched it loved it except those for whom the violence was too much.

Do you think there was a great love story on Justified that might have drawn them in? Strangely enough I think there was but it was unrequited. So I guess it was really more of a triangle that does not resolve in a happily ever after for any of them.

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Although Raylan and Ava do seem to find some peace. I think she cared very much about both Raylan and Boyd, but her number one priority was Ava. And when Ava kills Delroy, and then plans to kill—or have Boyd kill—Ellen May, I think it sort of seals the deal of her as both stronger and less romantic than Boyd. I think it would be just as easy to see Boyd as the hero, albeit a violent one. He uses his friends, his co workers, and pretty much anyone to accomplish his goals.

None of his actions are heroic. Ava responds by pouring booze on him and threatening to set on fire. She takes his gun, a Berretta PX4 Storm and keeps it for the rest of the episode. Ava is once again seen waving a prop gun in season four, episode Here he tries to convince the cops that this pistol they found on him isn't his Though he may be a bit of an idiot, he is loyal, following Boyd Crowder since his stint as a white supremacist. Dewey appears to be a bit of an opportunist when it comes to guns, though he shows a preference for small semi-autos.

Dewey pulls out on Raylan. He then asks if Dewey thinks he can rack a shell before Raylan puts a hole in him. Raylan empties the pump and sends Dewey away, but not before smashing his face against his own steering wheel. He dresses up like Raylan and tries to get a stash of drugs back that was taken in a highjacking. Dewey robs a store with an air soft replica of the Berretta Cougar. Dewey tries to lie his way out of an impossible situation.

Dewey embarks on a string of armed robberies to raise the cash with what appears to be a Berretta Cougar, but the prop department actually used an air soft replica, the HFC M, as a stand in. Eventually Dewey surrenders, after Raylan convinces him he most likely still has both of his kidneys right where they're supposed to be. Dewey is caught with a handgun in the season five premier, a violation of his probation.

He shoots the man when he lunges at him with Colt Mustang, but the. Dewey seemingly wields a full-size auto. In S5E12, Dewey shows his true colors as a born loser, accidentally copping to a number of crimes on tape. Dewey seems fond of. One of his strong suits is collections, not hesitating to inflicting violence on loved ones to get his point across.

Eventually he enters an ill-fated partnership with Boyd Crowder to sell heroin. He even has a habit of turning state's witness when he needs to. The seam on the non-gun is visible, revealing the as a counterfeit. It makes sense that someone that utilizes intimation in their trade would opt for a full-size. The silver full-size semi-auto is pretty convincing clone of a nickel-platedbut a seam bisecting on the piece reveals it to be a fake, likely an airsoft gun.

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Wynn with a PPK replica. In the second episode of the fourth season, Wynn and his goons confront the Crowder gang. A bloody Wynn holds a A trip to Detroit with Boyd Crowder brings him to an apartment on the wrong side of town, replete with a man being rendered with a chainsaw. Suffice to say, Wynn finds occasion to pull his pistol; this time the nickel-plated is not a replica. In season 6, when Mikey knock Duffy out in his trailer and disarms him, it seems Wynn carries two small pistols on him, one of which looks to be another Walther PPK, along with an automatic knife and a leather sap.

Robert Quarles Robert Quarles deploying his hidden semi-auto pistol that he keeps hidden in his sleeve, Taxi Driver style. He is also a deeply disturbed man, having an unbelievably rough upbringing until he was 14, when the Detroit mob boss killed his father at his request. Quarles has a habit of beating and torturing male prostitutes, sometimes to death. This led to his exile to Harlan County, where he was given the task of setting up a pill mill to feed the new Oxy epidemic as a sort of penance.

Quarles uses suppressed Glock He plans to frame Raylan by using a round with his prints on it to do the deed. Quarles packs a semi-auto hidden in his sleeve. Whatever the origin it allows him to instantly expose a small semi-auto whenever he deems it necessary. The gun looks to be an FIE Titan, but according to imfdb. In S3E12 he specifically mentions the pistol is chambered in. Even if the gun was a real FIE Titan, it would be chambered in. The first time he deploys and fires the little pistol, he has his hand covering the slide, which would be a very dangerous way to fire a semi-auto.

Robert uses an in an unconventional manner. This is the beginning of the end for Robert.