Reddington and keen relationship

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reddington and keen relationship

The character of Jennifer Reddington was first mentioned three years ago, help Elizabeth Keen or hurt Raymond Reddington and we'll just have to a lot of answers in the history of her relationship — or lack of relationship. Like a lot of people, I watched the first season of The Blacklist and stuck with it the entire year because of James Spader's brilliant depiction of. Tom Keen was a main character in the NBC series The Blacklist and a As an adult, he was hired by Raymond Reddington to keep an eye on Elizabeth Keen, . to say that he does not have any doubts about their relationship or the adoption.

He started to suspect that Liz has gotten closer to the truth and his behavior in the last few episodes showed it.

reddington and keen relationship

During her nightmares in " The Courier ", the people Tom works for in Berlin are very powerful and extremely dangerous. What was Tom's motive for going to the art gallery with Lucy Brooks? Is he suspicious that she may be after Liz and trying to cast doubt in his eyes?

Or is he just lonely and trying to have some fun? Tom suspects Lucy was spying on him and his double life is finally revealed in " The Judge ".

It was also revealed that Tom had only married Elizabeth because his superiors told him to do so in order to attack her.

reddington and keen relationship

Is Tom his real name? Lucy Brooks changed hers for the assignment.

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Unlikely, as Christopher Maly revealed in " Milton Bobbit ". It is also revealed that his marriage to Liz is possibly invalid as Tom may have family of his own with the unknown Nikki. Tom's real name was revealed in " The Major " as Jacob Phelps.

His real name was revealed in Season 3 as Christopher Hargrave. How and when did Elizabeth Keen capture Tom?

reddington and keen relationship

She shot him twice and captured him while wounded. How does Tom know Kathryn Nemec?

reddington and keen relationship

Red told him when he worked for him. What did he mean in " The Decembrist " when he told Red that he did not say a single word about their arrangement?

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When confronting Red at a bar in San Francisco, Tom mention from the time he worked for him, Tom never once mentioned a single word of their arrangement Why was he so shocked by the gun in the box? His wife is an armed federal agent. It was his escape plan.

He had to convince Liz that it had been planted there to frame him. Why did Tom keep the weapon used to kill the FSB agent? He should have got rid of the evidence.

Only if he had reason to suspect that there was evidence left at the crime scene. As the event in question took place before the series began and it is implied that it was done under orders from Berlin it may have been that Tom had expected Berlin to have a cleaner on hand to deal with evidence. Or, as it was a high profile target and the event was eventually classified, it may have been that the US government never revealed that evidence was left so Tom would have had no reason to dispose of the "evidence".

reddington and keen relationship

Cooper and Ressler knew Liz had submitted the bullet and casing for ballistics. In fact, that relationship has been further confused. Remember Tom Keen, the school teacher with the mysterious past who Lizzie was set to marry, but who Red had concerns about? It turns out, Tom Keen is not actually Tom Keen. At one point, in fact, Lizzie was framed for a murder committed by Tom, but that eventually resolved itself, as these things do in network television.

I should also mention that Lizzie is not actually Lizzie, either. She was born in Russia under the name Masha Rostova. She is a Russian spy and presumed alive, although her whereabouts her unknown. As of the season three finale, Tom and Lizzie are happily together. Yes, those are the bones of the real Raymond Reddington -- naval officer, the father of Elizabeth Keen, yes. Yes, somewhere in the distant past. Liz said at the end of season two, "I was there that night. I shot my father. I killed my father," and that is true.

These are little bits and pieces of the truth coming together to complete this puzzle. But yes, those were the bones of Raymond Reddington who were burned and destroyed in tonight's episode. And the true identity of James Spader's character is a season six mystery, I imagine?

Do you have the whole backstory and true identity set for him? How are you planning on parsing out that information? We do have that ultimate answer and hopefully, it takes us a long time to get there.

What is the Relationship Between Red Reddington and Lizzie Keen?

But slowly is how we're going to get there. Why did you want to resurrect Tom for that moment? We thought it was important to have Tom there to embody and represent just how far Liz Keen has come and just how much she's lost. It gave us context and helps us remember that he was murdered this season because of this bag of bones.

I thought it was a very nice way to bring them back together, which I think is sweet, and yet to give it some real weight to see what she's lost. Megan did a fantastic job portraying that, seeing how broken and angry she felt standing there talking to the ghost of her husband and realizing that everything she's gone through and what a betrayal she feels.

I thought it was nice to have Tom there and Ryan back for that moment, which is really a moment of power for her. It felt like the right thing to do. It's tragic that one of the only people Liz can talk to is Tom. She's learned a lot from him and she's been through a lot, good and bad, that influenced who she's become. So it was important that he was there.

How key is Jennifer's involvement moving forward? The possibilities are what are really interesting. I'm not really sure.