Resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

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resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

Some are on Claire's side and some is on Helena's side. If you ask Look Leon, I know you're-" Leon cuts her off, "Be friends with Claire again. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Alright here is my first Resident Evil Fan fiction. for those who have read my other story heaven, Pairings: Leon/OC, Claire/OC of the virus. along the way relationships are formed and lives are lost. this is Resident Evil Degeneration told my way. We'll start our tale post 5, no connection to BSAA so our hero and So dear readers I welcome you to the world of Resident Evil. "Leon " Claire sounded like she was trying not to cry. "I found him yesterday in his bathtub.

I'm getting alittle better at this talking thing. He wasn't very good at this type of thing. He looked around and saw dozens of people standing infront of graves of their loved ones, their children, their husbands and their wives.

And who did Leon have? I mean, you're gone. I should have taken better care of you.

But I'm not sure what I should do. He turned around and saw a young woman with her back to him, a large red and white umbrella obscured the upper half of her body.

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Leon ducked behind a tree and listened to her, she was crying. Things with my brother and his friends have been crazy. I'm sorry I let you down Steve. Leon quickly hid behind the tree as the young woman spun around. He came out from behind the tree and was surprised to see who it was.

She helped me escape Raccoon but she was killed by a Tyrant. Trying to save me. I could have helped her and I let her die. Claire had tears in her eyes. He tried to kill me! Leon pulled her in close, into the warmth of his jacket; now they were both under the umbrella. Claire wiped her nose on her sleeve and looked up at Leon. Leon leaned in alittle closer.

Claire leaned back and turned her head away from him. It was mine and no one but me is going to get blamed. It's hard as it is. Then he remebered that he killed his cousin and that his heart was breaking apart slowly. Bang as a bullet flew through the door. Chris kicked down the door and pointed the gun at Leon.

Kennedy your going to die the next time you come close to my sister. Ada was waking up from all the noise in the room and when she opened her eyes and saw Chris pointing a gun to her she wassn't surprised. Everyone here knows you want to, come do it or are you scared the you might damge your relationship with Claire. Chris didn't answer but let the gun drop to the floor.

Chris left as a silient, depress, and hanging figure. I love you and that will never change ever. Both girls laughed at him knowing that it was the truth.

Leon felt deprived of words and was stuck on the question in his pocket.

He rotated the boxes around in his pocket. You have to choose sometime later Leon he told himself. It's because of you that I'm tired, I had to find you and we just had an intense momeant a few minutes ago so yeah I'm tires. I don't want to complacte this relationship, so can you send me home. The two headed out towards the front door when Claire asked, " Leon are you staying over there? Smiling at her to reasure her. The two got into the car and went down the street.

You two would get married and have a happy family. You wouldn't have any second thought about. Leon was thinking for a momeant from what he said. It saddend him that she was right at every turn, he was always going around and over thinking the answers to certain things like this.

You couldn't break her heart even if yor life depened on it. Leon again knew she was right, she could always see through him.

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

After about 20 minutes of silience Ada spoke. And just telling me that you love me is then one thing that you could die happily with? Leon looke dat her with a priceless expression. Get married ahve a family with you, but I accept this fate.

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

Leon new he again asked a question that was out of line and knew she wanted to cry right now. He was also shocked that she wanted to reallly be with him. Damn thing get more messed up because of my stupid mouth.

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

Leon still could not believe the words love and be with you were coming out of Ada's mouth. Ada cried as he stood there, the tears fell onto his shirt.

Leon never felt this hurt then when he asked about Claires parents. He needed hiss own right now.

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

His heart hurt more and more each day. Ada was finally done crying and got into the car as did Leon. Leon and Ada tlked only once on the rest of the way to her apartmeant.

Leon stayed in the car. Leon waved good bye and drove back.

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Leon took out the two boxes and sighed. Thank you John for making me think more about my true problem Leon thought. John always looked after Leon's personal life mostly the love part.

Why did you have to leave me? John was his and Leon laughed at that thought. John always helped him out till the incedent.

resident evil fanfiction leon and claire relationship

John was to him a true brother tho they both were only child adn cousins. John had always thought of Leon even though they never met often after John went to college.