Resident evil leon and claire relationship goals

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One of the most exciting aspects of the Resident Evil 2 Remake is the redesigned main characters, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Ryan ponders the mysterious, undocumented relationship between Chocobos and Moogles. . Our true goal is to facilitate an amazing community where gamers can. If there's ever a game about the Resident Evil biohazard coming to an end . Claire's relationships share a similar fate as Leon's, where she. Read the results on this poll and other Leon Kennedy polls. to each other, they can't trust each other, their personalities don't match, they have no chemistry and their goal is the complete opposite. There is no better Resident Evil couple.

After completing the game with a high ranking, players can unlock the 4th Survivor scenario. HUNK starts in the sewers and has to make it to the helipad. He begins with a sizable arsenal and two mixed herbs, but nearly every room is full of enemies. There are no saves and no item pickups, so every bullet counts.

resident evil leon and claire relationship goals

Even though it's extremely short, taking anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes to beat, it packs in a huge amount of difficulty. Certain locations within the game will allow you to shoot bullet holes into the camera for some reason. Part of the reason no one listened was due to Chief Irons dismissing the case and purposely blocking the Umbrella investigation that the S.

It turns out to be concealing a G-virus sample Annette put in there for safekeeping, fearing William's plans to betray Umbrella would be exposed. Victims implanted with G-virus embryos but only if they don't share blood ties to the original host — Birkin, in this case have this happen to them moments after implantation.

Irons in his last scene. Birkin's fourth form is a Lightning Bruiser capable of outrunning the player and killing them in about three bites if he's in the right mood.

His fifth form is a gigantic blob that moves very slowly and can only attack at melee range. And like the previous game, it'll sometimes be the resident demonic spider doing the replacement.

Leon tries persuading Ben Bertolucci, who has locked himself in a jail cell, with, "Look, if you wanna live, then you're gonna have to leave with me," when Ben thinks he's safe from monsters, unaware that Leon is " the only cop left alive " in the police department. In the first Resident Evil, the player can find a file written by an Umbrella researcher named John who uses his girlfriend's name as the password of a nearby computer Ada.

In 2, Ada tells Leon that she's looking for her boyfriend John. In the N64 version of this game, the player can find a report by Rebecca Chambers loosely describing the "death" of Billy Coen. This was years before Zero was released, which was still under development for the N64 before switching platforms to the GameCube. Since none of the drama CDs were ever released outside Japan, many players had no idea who Henri was supposed to be and thought it was just foreshadowing for a sequel.

resident evil leon and claire relationship goals

In the remake, Marvin instructs you to find the pieces of a puzzle that'll lead to an underground passage hidden beneath the main hall's statue, just like he does in the Desperate Times scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak. Your supporting character in both A scenarios has to deal with a sewer tunnel filled with T-Virus infected cockroaches. They're huge, they can fly, and they will instantly kill Ada or Sherry if they aren't shaken off.

Cutting Off the Branches: X and her scenario's intro in The Umbrella Chronicles clearly shows her "death" from being hurled into the self-destruct system of the laboratory, something that only happens in Leon's B scenario. Much more horrifying than its predecessor.

The box art, official artwork and gruesome Game Over sequences speak for themselves. And by the looks of itthe Remake is going to be even more edgier than the original. Ben greedily keeps the G-Virus scoop to himself, but gets nabbed by Birkin before he can publish. So close, and yet so far. Furious at Irons for what he's done, Ben turns his evidence over to Leon and uses his last breaths to implicate the Chief, telling Leon to "make him pay".

In an unusually positive outcome for a "Shaggy Dog" Storyshortly after Ben dies, the Chief does indeed pay. Done preemptively to Marvin Branagh and John Kendo, who were both intended to be important supporting characters in Resident Evil 1. Claire's grenade launcher can fire normal, acid and fire rounds; acid grenades are more effective against "living" creatures, meaning they can drop Lickers almost instantly, whilst the fire grenades are instant kills against the Ivies, with the added bonus of having a better range than Leon's flamethrower.

X for most of the game. If you complete the "A" scenario with an alternate costume, the "B" scenario will reflect that character's clothing change. Sadly, this doesn't affect the CGI scenes since the characters are rendered with their default outfits. The overseas versions were slightly harder than the Japanese version: Version" mode which sets the difficulty to the same level as the export versions.

In the PC and Dreamcast version, the default Normal mode is based on the Japanese version's difficulty, while Expert mode is based on the North American version. Ada seemingly suffers one, though she does return to give Leon the rocket launcher. The sliding doors in the laboratory facility. Claire and Sherry at some points. Right off the bat in either character's A scenario, you are thrown into the infested streets of Raccoon, and have to navigate around and through a half dozen zombies.

It gets even harder if you try to go for the secret key, as it requires you not to pick anything up until you get to the police station, meaning you have only the ammo that came in your pistol and will most likely have to take a few hits in the process unless you're really good. Leon's portrayed with red or light brown hair. In later appearances, he has dark brown hair. This remains the only game in the entire franchise in which Ada wears shoes instead of heels.

Their two slot gimmick zigzagged have since Resident Evil 3 ditched it, while Code: Veronica brought it back and Resident Evil 4 took it a step further by having all items take up different amount of blocks in your inventory. All games after that went back to single slot items until Resident Evil 7: The Rookie mode introduced in later versions, which starts the player off with all the special weapons already in his or her disposal. Wesker's desk seems to have nothing but clutter, but if you search it fifty timesyou'll find a roll of film.

Develop it to get a photograph of Rebecca in a basketball uniform.

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What William Birkin eventually becomes after injecting himself with the G-Virus. The first three forms are Humanoid in their appearance. The fourth mutation is more Animalistic as it moves like a wolf or dog. His final form is a mess. After suffering multiple wounds and going though several rapid aggressive mutations, his body has become a huge amorphous blob. End Game Results Screen: Leon returns to being an ordinary cop and Claire goes on a road trip with Sherry.

Both are rather implausible scenarios, given what actually happened after the events of RE2 according to the sequels. Leon can find gun part kits to upgrade his handgun extended magazine, 3-round burst, stockshotgun somehow upgrading it from a Remington to a Remington Modeland magnum replaces the nickel-plated 6 inch barrel and slide with a blued 10 inch barrel and slide.

Even Evil Has Loved Ones: William Birkin was a ruthless scientist who casually performed experiments on human beings in perfecting viral weaponry and the engineering of Bio-Organic Weapons. A later-released prequel would even reveal he took part in assassinating his former mentor to steal his research and his position in Umbrella. Despite this, he genuinely loved his wife, Annette, and their daughter, Sherry, who loved him back. The small group of survivors met outside that quartet end up gruesomely dead as the game progresses.

The remake upgrades this with a number of doomed police officers that Leon will meet just in time to watch them get killed, including one man he almost manages to pull to safety under a partially opened fire-door Every single antagonist except for Mr. Eyes Do Not Belong There: One characteristic of the G-Virus is the eruption of tumor-like eyeballs all over the host's body. Birkin sprouts one on his shoulder in his first form, gains more from his third form on, and in the REmake, Lisa Trevor, herself a host of the "Progenitor Virus", the precursor to G, has one on her back.

Birkin, despite being a blob monster at this point, still recognizes what that counter on the train means. During the Claire A scenario, the same event happens to Sherry, but because she's just a young girl, the game cuts to black and you hear only the wet sounds of the embryo embedding itself within Sherry's body.

The lab's self-destruct system is not activated deliberately, it was accidental when Mr. X smashed a reactor console either because he threw Ada at it in Leon's B scenario or he tried to hit Sherry and missed in Claire's B scenario. The resulting short-circuiting knocked out one system after another, triggering the denotation sequence, with no option to abort. First Day from Hell: The library's second floor has a balcony whose floorboards will give way when walked over.

You have to do this to initiate a puzzle. For Want of a Nail: In the intro, Leon and Claire are attacked from the backseat of the police car they're driving.

Depending on whether Leon crashes head-on or spins around and crashes in reverse read: In contrast to Resident Evilhere, it's the male character, Leon, who is the "easier" gender to play as. Both characters have equal inventory space this time, with the option to upgrade one character with an extra two spaces. Claire's unique access to the grenade launcher and its Depleted Phlebotinum Shellsthe Bowgun with it's specialized ability to kill lickers, and the Sparkshot just doesn't compare.

One of Leon's alternate outfits is a gangster outfit, complete with sideways hat. He also holds any pistol-type weapon in this fashion, and it even affects the gun's firing rate.

Going for the Big Scoop: Ben is your typical muckraker, but perceptive. He knew the R. This was also the game that made zombies getting shotgunned get possibly cut in half. Birkin's slaughter of the Umbrella Special Forces Alpha team. Raccoon City's streets at the very beginning of the game resemble this, with the trademark brick walls, graffiti, basketball courts, and chain-link fences.

The Guards Must Be Crazy: Raccoon City is, according to later games, under military quarantine but, somehow, both Leon and Claire manage to drive right into town without even learning what's happening. Also, helicopters come and go with impunity.

Many of the guns either don't hold the right ammo, hold too much, or just flat out wouldn't work that way in real life— turning a pump action shotgun into a gas powered semi-auto is the biggest offender.

Right behind that is Claire's S. Half the Man He Used to Be: Brian Irons in Claire's B scenario, courtesy of Birkin. A zombie shot in the torso with the shotgun, but not killed, may be blown in half at the waist, leaving the upper torso crawling along on the ground after Leon. To the original Resident Evil. The good endings in Resident Evil end with the mansion blowing up, implying that this will prevent the T-Virus from spreading.

Thanks to Birkin, the virus reaches Raccoon City anyway. The Nightmare setting in the Dreamcast version. Averted with Sherry, who can be killed. Played straight with the fact that no zombified children can be found. The police headquarters is located on the city's main thoroughfare, with branching paths leading to other areas. In that respect, it is very similar to the Arklay Mansion, and indeed the building plays host to the same traps i. X will always drop ammunition when defeated in his encounters.

It's never explained why he's carrying bullets to begin with. At the lower left corner is an unidentified character who is, for no apparent reason, packing a mortar. He does not appear in any of the games and was even removed in later games using the picture. Just like in the previous game, you can't pick up everything you see due to having limited amount of space on your person.

resident evil leon and claire relationship goals

New to the series are weapons that take up two inventory slots the sub-machine gun, spark shot, flamethrower, Gatling gun, and rocket launcherwhich means most players will put them away somewhere until they really need them since their ammo can't be refilled. Item boxes make a return to help the player store and retrieve items anywhere. It's a Wonderful Failure: Dying may result in a brutal animation of your character getting graphically killed by whatever baddie did you in.

Spiders are a notable exception. This is only true for the original PlayStation and PC version. It's the Only Way to Be Sure: First, the secret underground research facility, then the train used to evacuate it, explode to contain biohazardous material. The knife in the game is completely useless, doing pitiful damage, even to the weaker enemies in the game. Ordinarily redundantthough the game has one example that is notable. All the Resident Evil games have mandatory door animations. Nothing special, it merely allows you to catch your breath, or brace yourself for whatever lies within the next room.

Just Between You and Me: For someone who is highly suspicious of everyone, and is trying to safe-guard the virus, Annette feels the need to explain to everybody what the G-Virus is. The flame grenades are the second most powerful gun ammo Claire finds in the game. Naturally, they kill Ivies with one shot. Leon can acquire a flamethrower that can kill two Ivies with the tap of a button.

X and getting mortally wounded herself, Ada shares one last kiss with Leon before she apparently dies in his arms. She gets better a little later without any explanation, though. Late to the Tragedy: Both Leon and Claire are lucky enough to roll into Raccoon City when the Zombie Apocalypse has been raging for over a week, but several days before the city is vaporized with a nuclear missile. Leon is officially a case of Slept Through the Apocalypseas the designers ultimately revealed that he had gotten really drunk the night before and overslept, whilst in S.


Perry's novelization, he was delayed by a really bad traffic jam as he was leaving New York to head to Raccoon City. G's theme — more specifically, three notes of it, which make some sort of appearance in no less than half of the game's music. Let's Split Up, Gang: Unlike the original game, where the characters stupidly part ways on purpose, the protagonists are separated when an out-of-control tanker truck crashes into an intersection at a perpendicular angle, generating a wall of flames between Leon and Claire.

The game still plays this straight, however, since they run into each other again in each scenario and decide to split up so they can search for Sherry. When Claire first meets with the police chief, he declines to leave the cushy confines of his office. Damnation… keep in mind the writer knew pretty much knew nothing about the series going into the project, and his comment about the line is his own fucking head-canon. Capcom wouldn't let him write any Leon and Ada romance, so he just added in that line to satisfy himself.

Ada has nothing in common with Leon. She just left Leon when he got shot, used him twice to retrieve a sample of the G-virus and the Las Plagas.

She withheld the truth from him up until her so-called "death", she still didn't tell him the truth in RE4 and openly admits that he's an asset in one of her reports and she just leaves him at the end. She does the same thing in RE: When Helena tells him to go after Ada, he refuses and insists they stick together.

It seems like Leon is getting tired of Ada's constant bullshit. This whole cat and mouse game between them has played out. With Leon and Claire in Degeneration, there are so many little things that go on between.


Like when they first meet up and they hold hands until the rest of the group walks over and interrupts. The way they defend each other when the senator tries to question their escape plans and notice that Leon immediately jumps to Claire's defense when the senator tries to sass her but says absolutely nothing when the senator and Angela are arguing about Curtis.

The way they hold hands again after Claire protects Rani; the way Claire smiles at him and the way he pulls her in a bit too close after helping her up always gets me.

I mean, they leave Angela standing on a cliff to grieve over her horrible fashion sense and possibly the death of her brother and then Leon is offering Claire a lift and they are so flirty and cute here and the way they look at each other