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Aaron Kaufman, Gas Money, Fast And Loud, Richard Rawlings, Gas Monkey . Nunca hay que dejar de negociar Pawn Stars, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity. Marriage and divorce are no huge surprises when we're talking about celebrities. A fully functioning Richard Rawlings' Garage is up and running in Harker . personality behind Fast N' Loud, costar Aaron Kaufman was more of the . Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Aaron Kaufman telling Richard Rawlings that he is leaving Gas Monkey It was really only a couple weeks late and there was some follow up.

Rawlings says it was just a "wrong place, wrong time" situation. A few guys tried to drag him from his car. He attempted to flee, and was shot in the shoulder from behind with a. Thank goodness there was no damage to the Mustang. The seemingly scripted docu-drama follows street racers duking it out in their cars in various US cities. Although the thrill of the show is to see illegal racing, the reality isn't as exciting.

The show files for permits everywhere they film, and often the racing is completely legal and supervised by the police. The show has gained a lot of negative press, due to the dangers of promoting illegal street racing.

Word on the street is that Rawlings is teaming up with the NHRA to establish the show as a legal and safe race show well, there goes all the fake fun. Apparently, there will be no more street racing at all. Every episode will take place at a race track or drag strip. And because Rawlings is so involved with the brand, you can expect more appearances by him in the show.

We've already seen Rawlings go head to head and lose out in Mega Race 1 and 2 with the second just airing this yearand we can assume he'll show up again for more of these grudge races soon. You start to develop a weird pseudo-relationship with the host and his crew. You know their banter, you form opinions about them, and it seems like you know everything about their personal lives.

But you might not know as much as you think about Richard Rawlings. Thank God there's a remedy for that. InRawlings released an autobiography. He writes about the show, the garage, the brand and his personal life. It also includes photos of Rawlings growing up with his dad, and pictures from some of the best episodes.

Fans will appreciate the secrets shared about his life and cars. Rawlings goes into detail about how he now holds the record for the Cannonball Run. This race started inand it runs from Manhattan to Redondo Beach. No one had beat the record time since the initial race, until Rawlings and his buddy, Dennis Collins, beat it in This includes the food and beverage industries. We already know he has a cinnamon flavored tequila, and a successful energy drink.

But in true entrepreneurial fashion, the Fast N' Loud host has also opened up several restaurants. The first restaurant was opened just a few miles away from the garage in Dallas, TX. Rawlings' restaurant had a very similar atmosphere to the House of Blues, with live music, good drinks and hearty food. This was followed by the opening of his very own concert venue. His most recent restaurant venture is the Richard Rawlings Garage.

He's also expanded his restaurant reach outside of the state to Florida and Connecticut. Or a coworker who's always pushing your buttons. At some time or another, we all have to work with people we don't like.

Fast N' Loud is no exception. There have been a number of disputes causing people to leave the show, and it often comes down to Richard Rawlings. Kaufman left due to some professional differences in what was being built, and the time frame it was being built in. He also has said that he and Rawlings don't get along, they never hung out outside of work, and he was only ever an employee.

He now has his own show on Discovery Channel called Shifting Gears. At this garage, Kaufman is running the show, and choosing how and what he builds. Kaufman isn't the only employee who has had problems with Rawlings. McMillan was reluctant to join the show and first told Kaufman "I don't work for Richard, I work for you. Because nobody likes Richard.

Nobody's ever liked Richard. He grew up watching his dad drink beer with his buddies and tinker around the garage. Rawlings admits that his dad enjoyed cars, but wasn't really mechanical. And the Gas Monkey Garage owner is the same way. He has a love and admiration for cars, but he's more suited for the business side of things. TV was never the end goal for Rawlings, he had bigger dreams. Rawlings grew his show into so many other facets of car culture, including apparel, decor, and accessories.

He even branched into the food and beverage world, opening multiple restaurants and selling a cinnamon flavored tequila. And befitting for Rawlings, the brand even has its own Hot Wheel car. Just last month, Richard Rawlings was the cover story for Entrepreneur. This was his second appearance in the magazine where he talks about his failures and successes as a business owner.

The article is a gem for small body and repair shop owners who may need some ideas and inspiration to grow their business.

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One of the biggest takeaways from the article is that, in business, you've gotta move fast. Maybe it was just whatever you could afford, like an ugly old 5th gen Nova. Either way, first cars are special. It's not about the exterior or what's under the hood. It's about the memories you have in that seat.

Heading to a pep rally at sunset. Taking your date to prom with the windows down. Singing to the radio with way too many friends in the back seat. Everybody has that first car. Richard Rawlings also had a special first; a Chevrolet Fleetline. Rawlings says that he has always loved cars, because of the story each one tells. This Fleetline was the first car bought by Rawlings and his mechanical colleague, Aaron Kaufman.

They purchased the car and built it to take on the road. It was to be used as an advertisement for the garage and their new brand. The big green Gas Monkey logo on the back of a rusted hatch traveled to car shows and swap meets to promote and show what the custom shop was capable of.

He's had some historic rock and metal artists, including Jane's Addiction, Slayer, and Dwight Yoakam, perform at this venue. He's a man that knows what the people like, and he's not afraid to create a business venture that capitalizes on what people like cars, music, and food. Gas Monkey Garage were races on eighth-mile tracks. And the outcome of both resulted in the Fast N' Loud crew getting beaten.

They were classic races of "street" guys vs the "rich" guy, and the street guys showed them how it was done. Richard had to learn that money can't buy you an experienced driver and a win. He would lead the team for numerous seasons until he felt it was time for him to do other things. He left the show and was given his own spin-off called "Shifting Gears. It was difficult for some fans, but you have to respect a man who follows his heart. Jason owned his own shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma called 'Worldwide Muscle Cars' and was an expert in original restoration.

Once Aaron left, he would stay on permanently as the shop foreman. It's known to fans that he's a big-time Shelby Mustang fan, so much so that he goes all around the country as a Shelby judge at national shows.

He's a guy that knows his stuff and is the one that tries to keep the "Monkeys" in line. She's Richard's assistant and secretary for the shop. On the show, she only hints at her personal life, like that she has six children and that she's married. Her social media reveals a little more about her. Her husband, Daron, is a hairdresser and is actually Richard's hairdresser. She also recently battled cancer, and after a battle that lasted a little more than a year, she was declared cancer-free in December of Good luck keeping those guys in line.

Once the Cutlass was finished, it was entered in Autorama, where it ended up winning 2nd place. Apparently, he was a natural, and he decided to continue painting.

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And the rest is history. He's the one that's always getting mad when the Monkey's take too long on a project, limiting his time to do the paint job that's required for the particular project. Paint is the last thing that gets done, and many times, he's given the cars to paint with a lot less time than he'd like to have to do custom paint jobs.