Rin and shiemi relationship quiz

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rin and shiemi relationship quiz

Yukio continued to shake Rin, finally waking him up. . quiz with the class, Rin, Lilith, Bon, Miwa, Izumo, and Shiemi had received Lilith sat up as she kissed him on the cheek; she had never tried to kiss him on the lips, even. 日本未YET Yukio is Rin's younger twin brother. While Rin has repeatedly stated throughout the series that he is the older of the two, it is mentioned by several. Rin || Shiemi Blue Exorcist Rin, Ao No Exorcist, Rin And Shiemi, Raimund and Cecile Blue Exorcist Shiemi, Ao No Exorcist, Anime Couple Kiss, Cute.

Despite of the fact that you are demonic, you are still a human being. As he did so, he felt a sudden jurk in his heart.

rin and shiemi relationship quiz

The one he had never felt before. It it that I'm in love with her? Again for several minutes, no one spoke. And then Rin sprung up abruptly. Did you have any feelings for Yukio?! I just admire him as my teacher and as a best friend as you are but Oh Shiemi, I love you too!

Shiemi puts her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Rin gently strokes her cheeks as he is pulled closer and closer to Shiemi. Both of them could feel each others breaths, nice and warm.

Rin holds Shiemi's chin in place planting a soft, wet kiss on Shiemi's lips. They kissed long and hard, both the lovers kissing for the first time. Their tongues waltz around each other in the battle of dominance. They continued to express each others love as the lie down on the soft wild forest grass as they went into a deep sleep.

None of them new what the next would hold Hope you enjoyed it! This fanfic resembles a bit like the Chapter 73 of the manga but trust me I wrote a way before than the chapter came out! It was creepy to realise that the new chapter resembled much like my fanfic XD.

rin and shiemi relationship quiz

I'll catch you guys later! However, you noticed his objective and spun again, performing a roundhouse kick, "Take this! Rin fell backwards and groaned in pain. I don't like you, Okumura-san" The navy haired boy looked up at you and blinked.

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Blushing heavily, you pushed down your skirt and glared at him, "This is sexual harassment. More reasons to not talk with you. He remained on the ground, his unsheathed sword lying in front of you. You crouched down and grabbed the sword. I've never seen one before. Once Rin noticed what you were doing, he got up and tried to stop you form unsheathing the Kurikura, the sword that seals his powers. But, you already pulled out the sword.

Rin changed into his demon form, covered in blue flames. Yukio, who noticed this immediately rushed towards the scene. You were standing in front of him, holding the Kurikura. Yukio gulped nervously, and coughed. My name is Okumura Yukio. What you see is an illusion" he stated blankly.

As if they were able to use telepathy, Yukio responded, 'I was panicking!

rin and shiemi relationship quiz

That was the best I could think of! You blinked once, twice and placed your hand on Rin's head, feeling no heat from the flames. I always believe what my eyes see. I don't believe anything I don't see. I've been able to see demons for a long time now. The bespectacled Okumura twin placed back the sword and glanced at you momentarily before towards his older brother.

rin and shiemi relationship quiz

He was wondering what had happened. Yukio raised his hand, saying that there was no need for an explanation, he had seen everything for his own eyes. The demon hybrid scratched the back of his head. There was no point of denying it anyway if Yukio saw everything from a distance. Or maybe he wasn't able to see all of that because he's wearing glasses.

That was what Rin was hoping but he was wrong. Rin glared at you while you continued to look at the map. He scratched his head and and grabbed the Kurikura from Yukio. The navy haired hybrid walked towards you and grabbed the paper from your hands, "Hey! What do you think you're doing!? Rin raised the paper as high as he could and looked up to its contents.

This was followed by an address. Yukio, too, looked up at the paper. Heck we attend True Cross Academy and live in that abandoned dormitory! You grabbed the paper from his hands and shoved it into your skirt pocket. Yukio and Rin exchanged glances, confused about who you were referring to. You coughed and rephrased what you said, "I have to live with you. Who gave you those address anyway!? Pausing momentarily, you started thinking.

You shrugged, "Well, whatever his name is. Anyway, can you lead me to the dorm please? Well, not everyone has an amazing memory. Yukio smiled and showed you the way. The bespectacled teen fixed his glasses before glancing at you who was walking on his right with you arms crossed.

rin and shiemi relationship quiz

Then he shifted his gaze towards Rin who was standing on his left, looking away from you. He sighed at both of your immaturity but it didn't bother him that much so he let it be. Are you one of those exorcists? Still with your arms crossed, you looked at the cheery navy haired boy. Rin wasn't really sure if that was a compliment or not but he seemed to take it as an insult instead, after hearing he tone of your voice.

He nodded almost immediately. If I wore glasses you might think I'm a genius too, then.

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The navy blue haired boy grabbed Yukio's glasses and wore them. Your thumb was positioned behind your chin as you scanned his figure. What am I thinking!? Revert back to being stupid Rin! Rin took of the glasses, "Are you saying that I should stay stupid forever!? Having someone stupid by your side is benefiting" you muttered but was clearly audible to Rin.

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Yukio sighed but smiled as he stood from a distance, watching the two of you bickering. To him, it wasn't something bad. These days Rin is still upset at the fact that he was a demon, not to mention, the son of Satan. He felt insecure, that was what Yukio thought. You were one of those people who accepted him easily. Maybe you could bring a change into his life one day. Rin suddenly asked, "Why do you accept me so easily? Tilting your head slightly, you can see the building coming into your view.

Not to mention, the son of Satan. I'm a demon who's an exorcist. You gave him a warm smile. Braking abruptly, your hair blows in the wind. You're probably not considered as human by tons of people. Rin stopped in front of you and watched as you smile at him, "You're still human right?

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I accept anyone for what they are. If they're evil, good, so what? If you're a demon or an angel, what's wrong with that? No one can replace you. No one can pretend to be you. There's only one of you in this world" you stated. Rin blushed slightly and averted his gaze from you. The navy haired teen stormed away angrily, "No!

That wasn't a compliment! Someone who accepts things easily Someone like that is perfect for Nii-san. Yukio yelled out a 'I'll be there' before jogging towards the dormitory. Starting today, they have a new person staying in the dormitory. Someone who's going to change their lives. Perhaps for the best.

Or maybe the opposite.