Sanchez and tebow relationship

Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez Won’t Let Competition Ruin Their Relationship | The Big Lead

sanchez and tebow relationship

New Jets QB Tim Tebow faces NYC media for first time, downplays any conflict between himself and starter Mark Sanchez. Sanchez and Tebow last played together in New York during the season, when "We had that relationship for a year," Tebow said. Tim Tebow says he has a great relationship with Mark Sanchez. That will be tested over the next year in New York. Sanchez has always been a.

Tebow: I have "great relationship" with Sanchez

And that's just weeks after the Giants won their second Super Bowl in four years. Legions of fans have been snatching up Tebow's green and white No.

Not long after that, Peyton Manning was suddenly in town and Tebow was told he could get traded. So much for "Timsanity" in Denver.

Sanchez discusses relationship with Tebow - New York Jets Blog- ESPN

Well, it has hit Broadway in full force, making "Linsanity" and the New York Knicks' sensational Jeremy Lin seem like a distant memory.

Manning was introduced as the Broncos' newest quarterback last Tuesday, and just over 24 hours later, Tebow was on the move, surprisingly headed to New York.

And then, he wasn't. A snag in the deal held things up between the Jets and Broncos, the delay centered on a salary advance due Tebow.

NFL: Fair to grade Sanchez and Tebow?

Jacksonville, once considered one of the favorites to land their hometown star, jumped back in the hunt. There was yet one more delay before the trade became official, as a technicality required Tebow to sign a rewritten contract which kept him on the Broncos' salary cap until Saturday afternoon.

But now Tebow is here, a member of the Jets. He hasn't commented publicly on the deal yet, but training camp up in quaint Cortland, N. Jets fans have been decidedly mixed on the trade, with many wondering why the team would add a monster distraction to a locker room that had serious issues last season and was partly to blame for an finish.

sanchez and tebow relationship

Sanchez's leadership and confidence were questioned by some players, speaking anonymously in newspapers reports, and the addition of Tebow could cut into the starting quarterback's ability to regain the room.

Sanchez feels much stronger than last year, being two years removed from that season-ending shoulder in a preseason game with the Jets. Bradford looks rusty and Sanchez has a legitimate chance to win the starting job.

sanchez and tebow relationship

He took some snaps with the first-team offense Thursday. Kelly is impressed with Tebow's versatility and then 90 minutes later he even looked sharp throwing the ball — it was not an illusion — on three straight passes.

Tebow: I have "great relationship" with Sanchez - CBS News

Tebow could be a weapon as a two-point specialist. Tebow has not taken off on another shirtless Chariots of Fire dash through the rain that created so many hilarious headlines in Cortland. He's just happy to be in training camp after not playing since being cut by the Patriots in August of Tebow's presence has not generated the hysteria that it did in New York.

Advertisement Even so, how could Sanchez not be thinking when Tebow signed: Why couldn't it have been with any of their other 31 teams? I didn't even think twice about it, to be honest," Sanchez said. I'm competing my butt off to start and play. Whoever is on the team, it doesn't matter.

Tebow and Sanchez's relationship will be tested

Coach Kelly had a reason for him to be here. He knows what his team is supposed to look like and who he wants on the squad. But that's not the way it's working out.

sanchez and tebow relationship

Sanchez and Tebow are focusing on the present with the Eagles. I don't have a problem with him now.

sanchez and tebow relationship