Saudi arabia and australia relationship

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saudi arabia and australia relationship

If Saudi complicity in the death of Jamal Khashoggi is shown, Canberra must make a stand to express disgust. Bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Australia have progressed significantly in recent years and moved from normal relations to relations of mutual trust. Containing general information, recent economic indicators, Australia's trade and investment relationship with Saudi Arabia and their global merchandise trade.

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The Saudi Government initiated structural reform measures in the s designed to encourage privatisation, liberalise foreign trade and reform investment regimes.

Commercial laws were revised and initial steps were taken to free up foreign investment and privatise parts of the state sector. Education and skills development are a major focus for the government, as the policy of 'Saudisation' looks to increase the percentage of Saudi citizens working in the private sector. The program, titled the King Salman Scholarship Program, has recently been revamped to ensure closer alignment between scholarships and in demand skills.

saudi arabia and australia relationship

The Saudi Government is also engaged in a major program for the construction of educational institutions in Saudi Arabia. Trade and investment As Australia's second largest market in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is an important trading partner for Australia. Saudi Arabia is also a substantial market for beef, sheep meat, barley, wheat, dairy products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, vehicle parts and accessories and vegetables.

Exports of services, notably education, are also significant. Inthere were more than 4, Saudi enrolments in Australian educational institutions, with Saudi students representing the largest cohort from the Middle East region.

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Saudi Arabia's needs are well suited to Australian capabilities. Saudi Arabia has a sound economy with a fast-growing and young population, a well-managed banking system, good infrastructure, and generally low import duties and barriers.

saudi arabia and australia relationship

Its business community is sophisticated and familiar with Western practices. Austrade is represented in both Riyadh and Jeddah.

saudi arabia and australia relationship

Information on doing business and opportunities in Saudi-Arabia High level visits September The delegation was invited by the Parliament of Australia.

Australia and Saudi Arabia entered the crisis on a solid financial footing. Both governments took rapid, decisive action to support aggregate demand, whilst setting early targets to restore budgetary balance. The commercial environment To many people, the relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Australia seems largely one of trade of hydrocarbon products swapped for agricultural produce.

saudi arabia and australia relationship

Whilst this perception may have had some resonance in the past, the reality is far different today. TMCA has been manufacturing vehicles in Australia sinceand in —10 the company producedAustralian-made cars for the Australian and overseas markets. The Toyota Camry has strong acceptance for reliability — and has been a vehicle of choice for the taxi industry in Gulf countries — although competition from Korea and elsewhere is growing.

The Holden Commodore, re-badged the Chevrolet Lumina, is also doing well.

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They have superior dust control and robust airconditioning, built as they are to perform in the extremes of the Australian climate. The other exports, reflecting the sophistication of the Saudi petrochemical industries, were principally fertilisers, liquefied propane and butane, as well as primary ethylene polymers.

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The most prominent producer in this field is Saudi Basic Industries Corporation SABICwhich is a world leader in the manufacture of petrochemicals such as olefins, oxygenates and aromatics, as well as a range of chemical intermediaries used in everyday essentials like textiles, soaps and plasticsfertilisers including urea and phosphatesand steel production.

Australians are well represented in construction and engineering, the oil industry, mining and agribusiness, financial services, health, hospitality and education.

In MayAustralia and Saudi Arabia signed a memorandum of understanding in higher education to build stronger cooperative ties between their respective higher education institutions, encouraging research cooperation and the exchange of academic staff, researchers and students between the two nations.

Other areas of research where there is a special commonality of interest between Saudi Arabia and Australia is in the field of dry-land farming, including the use of medics and other legumes to increase the productivity of land. In this context, it is interesting to note the achievements of South Australian agronomists and farmers in the introduction of exotic legumes to Australian soils. A number of the original medics were sourced from the Middle East early last century and further cultivated in Australia.

saudi arabia and australia relationship

Both Australian and Saudi Arabian agricultural experts are deeply engaged in redressing the problems of soil salinity that afflict the soils of both countries, as well as the preservation of aquifers and overall water conservation and utilisation. Saudi students in Australia There are some 12, Saudi students currently enrolled in Australian educational institutions, including undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.

Since mid, most, if not all, Saudi students studying in Australia have been on full-support scholarships, provided by the King Abdullah Scholarships Program.