Scorsese and deniro relationship

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scorsese and deniro relationship

The Scorsese/De Niro partnership galvanized audiences with the physical Yet the DiCaprio/Scorsese relationship has become enormously. What was it like to be back working with De Niro and Scorsese? It was great to I have a relationship with them, and I have done films for them. In , Scorsese made his first feature-length film, the black and who introduced Scorsese to the young actor Robert De Niro.

I have known him for so long. And of course, Martin Scorsese is a maestro, and he was just a pleasure to be with.

scorsese and deniro relationship

What was the appeal of playing a controversial figure like Joe Paterno? HBO came to me. I have a relationship with them, and I have done films for them. They thought that this would be something I would be interested in and should do. You go through all the incarnations of the project until finally, there were a couple of scripts, then you try to find the right texture and world to go into in order to do this film.

I had a conversation with Barry Levinson, who I am very close to. He wrote the script and the ideas started to flow. The sexual abuse subject is very relevant. But frightening too, in a sense.

scorsese and deniro relationship

Yes, and depressing too. How have your kids coped with your fame and growing up in the public eye? You ride the slippery slope. My kids deal with it from time to time. They are starting to go through the trials and tribulations that all kids go through.

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They seem rather normal to me. Do you recall the first time you were in a movie theater? I remember totally when my mother took me to the movies. I was just 5 years old. She worked, she wanted to be with her baby, and she wanted to see a movie. I saw that film and was so affected by it, in a way that I would be when I saw all films that my mother took me to.

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I would go home and enact all the parts in the movie that I saw. I would play all the roles.

Robert De Niro Sees Leonardo DiCaprio's Relationship With Martin Scorsese Similar to His Own

I was able to do that at that age. But at the time, I remember playing the Ray Milland part. I loved the scene when he starts searching the house for booze. I would do that scene sometimes, for relatives. He has to find it. As I was doing it, my relatives would laugh. Following the crackling menace of Animal Kingdomthe duo have now paired up for The Rover, an intriguingly bleak, post-apocalyptic tale with an acrid whiff of Mad Max — or is it Samuel Beckett?

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Some terrific performances dazzle us on screen with no hint of the strife that took place during filming. Although each actress has produced some of their best work with the complicated Danish filmmaker, they all have the war wounds to show for it. View image of This video is no longer available Still, why make war when love is available?

Fruitful collaborations between certain directors and actors account for some of the finest, most enduring achievements in movie history, including those of John Ford and John Wayne, Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune and John Huston and Humphrey Bogart.

Celluloid avatar The difference between the filmmaker-actor bond and that of two co-stars is that the performer can serve as muse to or even autobiographical substitute for the director. Federico Fellini, likewise, found an ideal male muse in Marcello Mastroianni. And Alfred Hitchcock saw an exemplary ordinary-man-in-the-wrong-place in Jimmy Stewart. Dark Shadows, inappears to have worn the charm of those shared oddities thin for awhile; no future film collaboration is planned at the moment.

In stories about contemporary women trying to define independence, intimacy and friendship in their lives, Keener is the embodiment of a Holofcener heroine — funny and imperfect, optimistic and insecure, articulate and endearing. No matter what one thinks of the comedy oeuvre of Adam Sandler, there is no denying that Sandler and his longtime friend and director Frank Coraci The Wedding Singer, Blended are on the same wavelength.