Seifer and rinoa relationship marketing

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seifer and rinoa relationship marketing

Before Rinoa met Squall she knew Seifer and she thought she was in love. So in that sense, her relationship with him was purely business. hinting, Gary, maybe you two should hook up now you're back on the market?. I think you're especially in point when you note that while Rinoa may not be Ultimecia, .. The relationship between Squall and Seifer, Rinoa, Quistis' characterization, how you .. I love ff8 but it was rushed to the market. In disc 2, when (SPOILER)you fight Seifer in Galbadia garden, and u hav Rinoa in the party, he says, "u too? There are also several hints that suggest Seifer and Rinoa were a couple before Squall met her. It's a pretty well established fact that Seifer and Rinoa were romantically.

What did Seifer come here for? I talked about it a lot with him. This goes to show they had a bond, it shows they spoke a lot and Rinoa needed a trained person's insight and Seifer likes being a "boss," and it probably made him feel important and unique, which is why he went out of his way to help her.

Seifer only has two friends, and they are all very, very loyal to each other, even willing to die for each other, and I am willing to bet he never slept with Raijin or Fujin. He was always full of confidence, smart Just by talking to him, I felt like I could take on the world. I don't really know. I think I was in love. I wonder how he felt? Do you still like him? If I didn't, I wouldn't be talking about it. It was last summer Lots of fond memories This is the most telling line of the whole argument, "I don't really know.

Also when a women has intercourse or "Coitus" their brain releases a chemical called oxytocin which causes them to be in love, this apparently didn't happen.

Did you guys come to fight Matron? After all that she's done for us? Lot's happened between us, eh? I'm dyin' to get even! Rinoa, what are you doing here? Unfortunately, Squall is the only person she knows that is actually willing enough to shut her off. Ironically, he gives in later in the game.

As the game progresses, Rinoa will appear during Squall's Graduation Dance as the mysterious young woman who pulls him into the dance.

Nonetheless, destiny has it that they meet again, in the Timber on the Forest Owl's hideout. Wanting to free Timber from Deling City's rule would prove to be an uphill battle, which drags in Squall and the other SeeDs.

seifer and rinoa relationship marketing

From there, Rinoa would not stop until Timber is freed and will soon follow Squall and the rest of the SeeDs on their journey. Of course, with two polar opposites meet, mayhem is caused. Rinoa and Squall, obviously, do not get along at first, just because they just can't see each other's views. The unique defend command negates all physical damage and half of the magical. Considering it's a GF ability, it can be considered partly magical, but seeing the Bonus Boss do no damage with its most powerful attack it's still pretty striking.

Also, the Pandemona GF which is drawn from Fujin. Definitely Raijin and Zell. Advancing Boss of Doom: Biggs and Wedge on the Dollet Communications Tower.

Debating the Phenomenon.

They're blown away literally by wind and replaced by the much stronger Elvoret. Omega and Ultima Weapon. Also, the various GFs that you have to fight and defeat before obtaining. The game had a last dungeon full of semi-optional bosses who need to be defeated to unlock abilities for the final battles. This precedes all but the first boss of the Lunatic Pandora, acts like this twice for Edea's Commencement Room the first visit at the end of Disc 1 to save Rinoa from two Iguions and then again after Lunatic Pandora but before the multi-sorceress Time Compression fight at the start of Disc 4and a bridge connects the last explorable area of Ultimecia's Castle, the Clock Tower, with her throne room, which is the final Point Of No Return and where the final boss fight of the game takes place.

Boss in Mook Clothing: Elnoyle looks like the second boss in the game, but it's much, MUCH worse. The game actually has two areas filled with nothing but bosses in mook's clothing called the Island Closest to Heaven and the Island Closest to Hell.

Sacred in the Tomb of the Unknown King, who runs away after your first optional fight with him. The player then has another optional fight with him again along with his brother, Minotaur. Jumbo Cactuar can run away while the player is fighting it, requiring the player to have to fight it all over again, which is not fun.

If the player doesn't destroy it by bringing all of its hit points to zero — which most don't due to either the time limit, the amount of Level Grinding required, or just the sheer repetition of having to fight it numerous times — then Quistis will destroy it in an FMV. Granaldo and its Raldo backup. Inverted with Elvoret being a boss, but Elnoyle being a palette-swapped copy monster who is about 10 times as powerful by comparison.

In the first boss fight against Seifer, Squall fights him alone. Final Boss, New Dimension: The climactic battle against Ultimecia begins in her throne room, but grows increasingly chaotic as Time Compression proceeds; the last stage occurs in a nearly-featureless void. Ultimecia goes through several of these.

seifer and rinoa relationship marketing

Also, the Fake President Deling has this when he transforms into Gerogero. The Propagators on the Ragnarok. Before you fight him, you have to complete the Centra Ruins puzzle quickly enough to get to him and beat him. Biggs and Wedge have to be fought twice. Seifer has to be fought four times. Edea has to be fought twice.

Raijin has to be fought three times.

seifer and rinoa relationship marketing

Fujin has to be fought twice. Sacred has two optional fights. BGHF2 has to be fought twice. The fight against Biggs and Wedge goes straight into the fight against Elvoret without the battle sequence ending. The first fight against Seifer in Deling City goes straight into the first fight against Edea, but with a scene in between. The first fight against Raijin in Balamb goes straight into the next boss fight against both Fujin and Raijin, but with a scene in between. The third fight against Seifer goes straight into the second fight against Edea without the battle sequence ending.

All eight of the Propagators on the Ragnarok. They don't have to be fought one after the other, but they are all in the same area, and there's really nothing else to do since the player is stuck on the spaceship until the Propagators are cleared out.

The several fights against sorceresses while entering the time compressed world have to be fought one after the other without the battle sequence ending. After defeating the necessary number of Tonberries, the Tonberry King appears right after the last one, without the battle sequence ending. The boss fight against Vysage, Lefty, and Righty goes straight into the fight against Gargantuan without the battle sequence ending.

All four of Ultimecia's forms must be fought one after the other with no breaks or scenes in between. All eight of the bosses in Ultimecia's Castle do not have to be fought. However, since you have to beat them to unlock your abilities before fighting Ultimecia, skipping them is not recommended.

Ifrit in the Fire Cavern. The first fight against Edea. If she reduces the party's hit points too low, the battle ends, and the game goes into the following cut scene. The player just won't get any AP, which they will if they defeat her. Having Odin makes Seifer's last fight this. You can wait, see Odin be killed, wait, and see Gilgamesh beat Seifer without taking any action.

Irvine's shotguns actually do have consumable ammo, but it is only used for his Limit Break. His firing animation with his shotgun shows him quickly loading the barrels while entering the "ready" stance. Laguna's machine gun can be used indefinitely without the need to reload. Two small examples in the NA version: Seifer, although it is debatable as to how much of it was due to that and how much of it was his willingness to serve Edea who in turn was possessed by the main villainess, Ultimecia.

Certainly given some of the comments, he seems to fit this trope more towards the end when Ultimecia admits that she is using him. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Unique to the French version of the game, but characters say things like "This is a video game, not a fairy tale", "she's gonna hold me there for the whole game" in a transparent thought panelor "I won't say anything until the end of the game" and here, it's Ward saying this out loud to Laguna pretty often.

Early on, Cid espouses that he doesn't want SeeD to just blindly follow orders and wants them to think for themselves, and other characters comment on the perception that SeeD will do anything they're told by their commanders, which makes the party uncomfortable. However, earlier in the game during the SeeD exam, the player is penalized for not following orders or trying to do things without being told to.

Later, Squall is appointed the leader of Balamb Garden's forces by Cid with no one giving him a chance to refuse, even though he clearly is uncomfortable with the responsibility.

And then it turns out at the end of the game that almost everything was predestined by time travel. Squall believes in Grey and Gray Moralitythinking that there is no such thing as good and evil, just different viewpoints that divide people.

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Rinoa on Disc 3. Adel left the people of Esthar very poorly disposed towards sorceresses in general, and they're eager to ensure that no other sorceress remain free to someday pose a threat to them. Squall can even forget who he is entirely.

Caged Inside a Monster: Adel, the first boss of the story's last fourth, imprisons Rinoa on their chest at the beginning of the battle to periodically drain HP from as well use as a Human Shield.

Rinoa not only takes damage from Adel's HP drain, but can be deliberately targeted, will get caught in any AOE attack you launch, and can eventually die from all that, resulting in a Nonstandard Game Over. Lampshaded with a middle-aged man who mentions that, for some reasonhe's unable to count more than cats. Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec. Looks more or less like Latin; actually a Significant Anagram. Can't Drop the Hero: Except for several plot-specific instances in which the party splits up to accomplish separate objectivessuch as the Disc 1 assassination mission and the Disc 2 missile base mission, Squall must remain in the active party at all times.

Can't Get Away with Nuthin': Showing off your Gunblade in the Classroom Area where weapons are prohibited will instantly result in you getting caught by Garden Faculty and being deducted points from the SeeD exam. From the instant you put your Garden Cadet uniform until you are dismissed after the completion of the mission, you are being closely monitored. Run away from too many fights? Go out of your way to talk to people instead of focusing on the mission?

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Disobey an order given by your squad leader? It doesn't matter if you have just spent the last hour rescuing cadets and children from monsters unleashed by NORG's faculty and been appointed Commander.

Use magic in the halls and your ass is going down a rank. Cannot Spit It Out: Irvine pretends to be a cool loner, then a nervous flake, in an awkward attempt to hide the fact that he remembers his childhood at the orphanage and recognizes all his old friends and their "Matron", Edeawhile none of them remember him. When they finally remember, he reveals that he didn't say anything because he was embarrassed about being so utterly forgotten.

seifer and rinoa relationship marketing

The same goes for Squall's feelings towards Rinoa. This is because for the majority of the game, he's simply not emotionally mature enough to understand his feelings towards her, or how to reciprocate. Rinoa addresses this when the team is at Trabia Garden.