Shizuku and haru relationship trust

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shizuku and haru relationship trust

Yoshida Yūzan) is Yoshida Haru's older brother. After realizing the importance of Shizuku in his younger brother's life, Yūzan has resorted to different tricks in order Yuzan has deep relationship with Mitsuyoshi, and the two trust each other. Haru and Shizuku's resulting fallout caused both of them to leave unhappy with romance and comedy in the interesting relationship between Shizuku and Haru. . Some people you can trust to take a secret to their graves. Outside of school, Shizuku mostly wears old-fashioned clothes; Haru has . She asks him to give her more time to think about their relationship with Haru.

shizuku and haru relationship trust

Yuzan's told me about you. She supposed that that was pretty accurate. Did he say anything else? Asami looked over at the girl, confused. She supposed people generally liked to know what others said about them when they were not around. He didn't really go into detail about it," Natsume replied.

It was a little hard for her to believe that Yuzan did not know how to interact with women.

shizuku and haru relationship trust

Sure he knows how to get women into his bed or whatever, but he doesn't know anything about how to properly treat a girl. I mean, all he's had as an example is his Dad, who we all know isn't a great role model. She supposed that this girl might have a point. Although her point was still the same as what she already knew about Yuzan - he was too much like his father to be trusted.

Although you might have to be really patient with him, considering how far he needs to come.

shizuku and haru relationship trust

She thought that Asami liked Yuzan, but then remembered that she did not know anything about Asami. She supposed it was not her place to tell Asami to give Yuzan a chance, although she sort of wished that she would.

She had never seen Yuzan actually like a girl enough to want to change before and felt that it was a huge loss for Asami to simply brush him off so easily. A part of her resented Asami for it, but then again she seemed nice enough otherwise.

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She supposed that everyone had their reasons for being the way that they are and that, perhaps, Asami had reasons of her own. It was difficult for her to understand though. So, after a while, she decided to get out of the pool and try to talk to Asami again. She could hardly believe it.

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I guess I found him intriguing. Anyways, that's not the point. She found the girl a little strange but interesting nonetheless. What's the point then? Though this is essentially the third time it's occurred, my favorite sequence was Shizuku's terrific confession, which was a rather satisfying and immensely refreshing moment.

The ending should have been entirely fantastic, and, for the most part, it was, as Shizuku is finally compelled to elaborate on her love for Haru and, for a very brief moment, it seems that their perpetually stalled relationship would develop in a significant manner, but even this supposedly satisfying interaction was ultimately sabotaged by a tiring monotony, in which Shizuku, rather understandably, decides to continue with her classes, which, of course, Haru misunderstands, thus diminishing the nearly meaningful nature of said development.

This perception is strengthened by the very last scene, in which it appears that their relationship has, once again, reverted back to the tiresome status quo.

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Haru is easily the best character, as he possesses an immensely layered characterization, but his eccentric personality was somewhat inconsistent and exaggerated at particular moments; not detrimentally so, but it portrayed a lack of properly noticeable character development.

Of course, Shizuku's partially at fault, since her naturally apathetic exterior has, to Haru, created a perception of seeming indifference to their relationship, which certainly isn't an accurate assessment, but perfectly understandable in relation to Haru's social awkwardness, and, in combination with his necessary distrust of Yamaken, it creates an intermittent sort of possessive inclination. Despite this, his relationship with Shizuku is great, as their interactions are exceptionally good, suffused with a natural, often comedic, but occasionally romantic, chemistry, so it's disappointing that, since the fifth episode, there's been no substantial development within their relationship, which, of course, I'm hoping will be satisfyingly remedied by the conclusion.

Yamaken remains a considerably unlikable character, rarely displaying moments of genuine intrigue, hardly providing any element of worth to the narrative. He still hasn't let go of her elbow. She can't tell if he even notices that there are other people around them, when he looks at her like that. I haven't seen you all day.

He lets her go. She can't decide if this is a good thing or not. Natsume remembers the nipple clamps, and also that she is supposed to be acting unconcerned with his existence. So torn between suspicion and aloofness, she ultimately settles on general defensiveness. That's where you're supposed to go for first dates. Sasayan just looks at her. She stares at him. She resolves to end things with him quickly, but then he starts walking towards the gate and for some reason she trots after him.

Sasayan scrunches up his face.

shizuku and haru relationship trust

She tries to imagine Sasayan acting out some of the stuff she'd seen in shoujo manga and is instantly horrified. She eyeballs him with great subtlety. The idea is extremely concerning. Natsume hopes that if it ever comes to that, he will not be an idiot and just ask Haru for help. They've made it about three blocks away from the school now and so she turns to look too, because she can't imagine what he's seen and the street is empty.

She opens her mouth to ask him what's up, but then Sasayan takes her hand like it's no big deal, and tugs her along, and she gets it. Her face burns, and she squeezes his hand without meaning too, and that just makes her all the more embarrassed. The overwhelming desire to kiss him builds and pushes against her chest. Sasayan pokes her still burning cheek. Natsume bristles, and her free hand balls up at her side.

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She wonders, abruptly, if he'd left his bike behind just so he could hold her hand like this. He was pretty sneaky, after all. Natsume considers him, and he looks over at her, with his eyebrows raised. Sasayan keeps his eyebrows up. He has a bandage over one of them, along the edge of his hairline at his temple. Natsume can't decide if it looks stupid or kind of dashing. She wants to ask him how he got it, but doesn't want him to think that she cares.

Although she also kind of does. They're all in their twenties. I guess I don't talk about them much, huh?