Sirius and remus relationship poems

Remus Lupin Quotes (21 quotes)

sirius and remus relationship poems

Remus is reluctant to tell James and Peter about his relationship with Sirius. A poem about a certain relationship that was damned before it even began. Not much is said about their relationship other than that they were great friends, and aside from loved the poem.. in the 5th movie we get some Remus/Sirius. Poems •Sirius Black• /editing/. M Reads K Votes maraudersfanfiction. moony. padfoot. peterpettigrew. potter. prongs. remuslupin. sirius. sirusblack.

It made him blush terribly.

sirius and remus relationship poems

The second and final day of the inter-house conker championship saw the entire school in a virtual frenzy. A number of illegal gambling rackets had been set up, and the question of house pride was at stake. Sirius howled in despair, poor tortured soul that he was. They were just leaving the Great Hall to watch the quarter-finals, when Sirius crept up behind Remus, and whispered in his ear: Remus dragged him into the nearest broom cupboard, having suddenly realised that conkers was not only potentially allergy-inducing, but really quite dull compared to other things.

Of course, not even a great poet like Sirius could keep it up indefinitely.

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There were sausages for dinner, and nothing rhymes with sausages. Sirius was feeling uninspired. Then, we were granted the gift of Remus Lupin.

Of course, Remus Lupin was male. For one thing, there are way more of them, so the law of averages dictates that I would also find more that I related to. For another, male characters tend to be more fully developed than female characters in a lot of media. Creators dedicate way more time to unpacking their motivations, their interests, their inner turmoil, their desires and fears. Their actions more likely than not drive the story, while female characters are along for the ride.

The guy with whom Remus Lupin gives Harry a joint Christmas gift in the fifth book. Again, in canon, the two can hardly take their eyes off each other when they are in the same room. Lily sat next to him and put a hand on his back.

The bed covers were messy while Remus' bed was immaculately made. The book Remus was currently reading was lying on Sirius' cluttered nightstand instead of on his own which was completely empty. She decided to voice her suspicion. Lily pulled back and shook her head "No. Well, maybe deep down he suspects, but remember how annoyed you were with me in the beginning of me and James' relationship because you had to share him?

He'll come around though; I'll make sure of it.

sirius and remus relationship poems

Even though Sirius was relieved someone finally knew, and that there seemed to be a way to tell James, he couldn't keep the tears from finally falling and his body shook at the violent sobs he let out. Lily immediately wrapped her arms around him again. It's going to be alright, everything will be just fine. She felt warm and petite against him, nothing like Remus, but it still brought Sirius some comfort.

They stayed that way until James knocked on the door and came in with the Dreamless Sleep potion he had finally found.

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Gratefully Sirius drank it and told his two friends goodnight, before sinking into much welcomed oblivion. Remus had only just opened the door when Sirius had woken up.

He smiled his gentle smile while closing the door behind him and shrugging out of his brown jacket "Morning, Padfoot. Sirius rubbed his eyes "I don't care," he huffed childishly "tell me where you've been, I was so worried Moony! Several scars grazed his chest. She sounded worried about you, are you okay?

Remus Lupin Quotes

Sirius was used to being the most nonchalant, and definitely most macho, of the two, but after his scare last night all he could do was crawl across the bed, pulling Remus into a tight embrace and hiding his face near his lover's throat.

I missed you so much. They lay down on the bed in each other's arms, their lips not leaving the other's until they had to gasp for air. Remus caressed Sirius' earlobe as they took a moment to look at each other appreciatively "I'm sorry you were so worried.

On impulse he kissed the right one as well. Sirius shrugged "That's just another damn side effect of this effing war, isn't it? Being away from the people you love? Remus shuffled closer to Sirius and nodded sadly "Yeah. But in another way it also brings us emotionally closer to the people we love. I mean, it did for us. Remus' lips twitched "Indeed. Remus bit back a chuckle when Sirius pressed even closer to him; Sirius was addicted to being naked.

And not always in a sexual way, but skin against skin was the best way to comfort him. Light brown hair fell into his eyes as Remus studied and compared the two of them. His own chest was narrow, muscled, but not very defined; where as Sirius' chest was broader, toned with muscles and hard. He was much more man, where Remus leaned more towards boyish. But Sirius looked younger by his face though, his long black hair framing his face that was unfairly and devastatingly beautiful.

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Remus knew his cheekbones stood out, making his face a little hollow and that even without the full moon tearing at him, he would never be considered beautiful the way Sirius was. He always fell under the cute category. It no longer mattered to him, if Sirius loved him, what else could be of more importance? Sirius rubbed his foot against the calf of Remus as he licked along a thin, white scar almost following the line of one of Remus' ribs.

He couldn't help but compare Lily's comfort last night to what Remus was doing to him now. She hadn't been hard against his chest, but soft and so petite, she wasn't strong.