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Five types of people and how they relate to money: which describes you?--Aleteia

It sounds like a disastrous relationship, but it doesn't have to be! Check out what to do when a spender and saver marry - and how it'll all work out. When it comes to love, there can be something romantic about the idea of " opposites attract." When it comes to money, however, there can be a whole lot of . How to Budget Your Money & Save – A Guide to Budgeting .. "The marriage of a saver and spender can work if there is a balance of love and Financial Success, Financial Literacy, Financial Planning, Financial Quotes,. Financial Learn how you two can work together to build up your money and marriage through a.

He understands the importance of saving and how it can help us. He has taught me that money can be enjoyed as well. While that may work for some, I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed.

A Spender and a Saver Relationship - Making Sense Of Cents

He helps me live life more! Be open about your finances. Whether you are the saver or the spender in the relationship, some might try to hide money in their relationship. According to a survey done by CreditCards. Most of them either have a secret credit card or a secret savings account.

The saver might try to hide money so that the spender can't spend it. The spender might try to hide money so that they can have more money to spend at a later time. They might rack up credit card debt on the side so that they can still spend money. I think having a secret account can be devastating to a relationship. Now, if your partner is a spender, they will be hesitant to start a budget. That way, your partner will know what is going in and what is going out on a normal basis.

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At this point, you can create little changes to help your spender feel a little better about their purchases. For example, if you know your partner likes spending money on candy, give them a weekly budget.

You can both decide how much is acceptable to spend, but giving them this amount will work in your favor two ways: Also, create a budget that includes some type of savings. Agree that this money is to only be touched in an emergency, or for something that you are both specifically saving for. People can change their financial habits, but you forcing your significant other to change will only create friction in your relationship.

If your partner is a spender, give them a little grace. There needs to be give and take when it comes to money: Out of our 6 bank accountsthese are two of the best bank accounts that I ever set up!

The Spender has their own bank account that cannot be overdrawn. Until the Spender can control his spending, this is crucial! This setup has been the biggest help!

Spender vs Saver

He gets to control that spending however he wants! Have a mutual understanding in place. That, for me, was the hardest part. I had to fight the urge to keep tabs on my husband while he was out. Now on to the meat of the issues. Most importantly, let him know that this is coming from a place of love.

11 Couples Who Make the Saver vs. Spender Relationship Work (PHOTOS)

Make sure to listen to his opinions I mean, really listen. What is important for him moving forward? Why is it important to him to spend money? What is he going to lose if he tries to save money instead of spending it?