Stark and lilinette relationship advice

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stark and lilinette relationship advice

Anime: Bleach Song: Lindsay Quit Lollygagging (Acoutsic) Artist: Chiodos It's about stark and lilynette's bond i dont mean them to be related romantic. Her relationship with Starrk is also unique among the Espada and their Coyote Starrk and Lilynette were once part of the same being, who was always alone. See more. Coyote Starrk x Lilynette Gingerbuck Espada #1 Aspect of Death - Solitude Manga Anime, .. couple, anime and bleach image on We Heart It. Soofi L.

After merging with Starrk, her sword is seen to still be beside Ukitake, where it is in the process of disintegrating. Lilynette charges a light-green Cero through her left eye which her mask remnants coverand fires it from the center of her face. She can apparently still feel things and talk audibly in this form, as she says it hurts when he hits her against his head, and cries out when he slaps the back end of the gun. It also works in vise versa. Most times, Starrk will take on the dominating role when they combine back into one entity, but because of the unknown fact of who really was the original being Lilynette, after some bickering, can take on a dominating role in the combination; resulting in Los Lobos taking on the appearance of a more adult looking Lilynette.

Nevertheless in both forms they are capable of communicating with one another. For Starrk; he talks through the wolves and can communicate with her mentally although he is reluctant to do so because, its too girly.

Despite the fact that they are one once more, both Starrk and Lilynette retain their personalities. When released, Lilynette immediately evaporates and a blue column of translucent blue light envelops Starrk, piercing into the heavens and pulvering the ground below.

Once the energy fades, Lilynette and Starrk have become one.

stark and lilinette relationship advice

The shroud unveils an older looking variant of Lilynette. She now lacks her previous hollow fragments, in its place it shoulder-length light blonde locks that flows down her backside. She has light pink eyes that are generally much smaller then her previous eyes.

Unlike her counterpart she retains somewhat of an arrancar attire; that of a tight white jacket with black linings and topped off with grey fur around the neck. Like her original attire, most of her body is shown and the jacket isn't zipped or tied by any means. Her skin is slightly darker to add. Over the lower portion of her body she sports grey fur that extends from her wide hips down the length of her legs.

Her arms are strapped with a grey elbow-length armbands that end at her wrist. Unlike her Starrk Los Lobos counterpart, she has no bandoleers nor gunslinger guns. In fact, the hollow hole she once sported is no longer visible.

However, she does boast a distinct marking on her left shoulder, which is that of a wolfs paw. Instead of the bandoleers, she has two grey fur wing like objects protruding from her backside that vanish when using her techniques.

In Los Lobos, Starrk and Lilynette initial power is presumed to be that of absolute cero control. They can fire cero in multitudes with ease.

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In addition with this, their physical prowess is enhanced, giving them a likelier chance to avoid damage, whilst dealing out powerful attacks. The true power of Los Lobos lies in soul manipulation. Now in his original form, or atleast using his original power once again Starrk and Lilynette can tear or divide their soul and control. Lilynette's power may be shared with Starrk's own, but in terms of functionality, their respective forms of Los Lobos are very different.

Stark, Halibel and Lilynette: Don't misunderstand, I just like his name.

Lilinette explained in one scene

It sounds so badass. Ok, that's just weird. I know it's still pretty long. No kidding, I almost fell asleep halfway through the list. Shows peace sign Looks like we have a new reviewer this time. Give it up for… only4bass. First of all i love how well this interview is moving along.

You must be joking.

stark and lilinette relationship advice

I've been reading that story since there was only 5 chapters. Consequences of becoming a Vasto lord, to all the other readers, go read it. The first story in a long time that doesn't pair me up with Halibel. I thought I already was a Vasto lord? Oh well, I wouldn't mind helping out. Sorry, I don't review. I promise that I will starting now. It's just that I'm not allowed on the internet for too long so I just go to whatever story I'm reading then I turn of the internet so I don't get a chance to review.

What do you Halibel think of being paired with a hollowfied version Ichigo? It sound ok since I'm a hollow myself but I would prefer Ichigo to be in control not Hichigo because from what I hear, the hollow is too wild and battle hungry and I'm a calm person. So he's deciding whether Ichigo or Hichigo should win the fight.

I bet Hichigo wins and takes control for a while and everybody will wonder why "Ichigo" is acting so strange. Well, then Ichigo will probably forced to rech some kinda agreement with Zangetsu to get his control back. It's not your story, we'll just have to wait and see. You adrimed Ichigo's strength when he fought Grimmjow, but nothing else.

Does Ichigo intrigue you? I think you forgot question two. Yes, I realized how much like a hollow he was and don't really know much about vizards so I am curious about how this happened since he isn't nearly as old as the regular vizards.

Well he is pretty strange, I mean, a shinigami substitute beating the sexta espada. But that was his hollow or something. He said so himself that it wasn't him. Can you even see yourself having a relationship with Ichigo Halibel: That is a difficult question because technically, I haven't even met him and he's a lot younger than me but in certain circumstances like in your story it could be possible. Eww,you like a human boy. Shut up, she didn't say that.

Why are you so quiet? That's just part of my nature, like Nnoitra's a bastard. I'm just the serious type and don't want to let things that I don't want others to know slip and stuff like that. Why is Stark so sleepy, why is Ulquiorra so melancholic and so forth. Halibel's more the type to listen than speak, it's a good quality. And it makes her seem more secretive lol.

How would your fraccion react if you were in a relationship. Intersting question, they'd probably be surprised and worried at first because because we all normally look down on guys. Apache and Mila-Rose will be jealous because someone else is getting Halibel's attention. Sun-sun would probably tell them that they should just be happy because Halibel's happy. I wonder if since their teamwork is better, if their minds are on the same wavelength would they be able to control Allon with their minds or something.

Do you have any secret abilites aside from water based attacks when using ressurecion? There's one more extremely powerful water attack when the atmosphere is covered in enough water, remember, before Hitsugaya got me he realized that's what I was waiting for.

Coyote Starrk

Otherwise my segunda Etapa, if I taste blood in my mouth, I can use segunda etapa and completely go berserk in a Shark-Frenzy. My strength is greatly increased along with my speed and I turn completely on the offence, ignoring my defence so it's dangerous because I sacrifice my logic and thus might attack my friends.

Why have we never seen that? Because I hate it when that happens, it actually happened by accident when I bit my lip. Bet everyone got trashed.

stark and lilinette relationship advice

Anyway, on to the last reviewer of the day. Lets see…A Dreamer's eyes. Whoa nice profile pic.

Lilynette Gingerbuck

A close up view of Halibel's face, by the way Halibel… Halibel: You have nice eyes. The pain of seeing Halibel in such a injured state! I seriously teared up when I saw her being betrayed from that Bastard Aizen Another one who thinks I'm great, thank you. I agree, all that blood, it was pretty gory. You should get used to it since every single time someone gets hurt they spill at least a litre of blood. I mean, did you see when Kyoraku cut me, I didn't even know I had that much blood.

It's a little strange to me since I thought that you were all supposed to be spiritual bodies so there shouldn't even be any blood. Please change the subject.

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All this talk about blood is making me feel a little strange. Twitches I'm not to fond of calling her Harribel I think that we can all agree with that since we've all seen her…assets. Yep, I've mentioned in another chapter that I also prefer Halibel so I agree.

Well her name is based off a guy's name, maybe you should check your spelling, you keep using one "o" in "too". It doesn't matter, if we can understand what they say than it's fine.

When was the first time you were introduced to Tiburon?