Student teacher relationship and motivational speakers

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student teacher relationship and motivational speakers

and determined that “an effective teacher-student relationship may be interactions, our conceptualization of what constitutes motivation to speaker, etc.). Motivational Speaker Danny Brassell Reveals How to Build Positive Relationships. Danny Brassell. Loading Unsubscribe from Danny. Have you run into a speaker whose message changed the way you do things? at weaving in their public-school experiences with the relationship-based Love and were good, but it wasn't a speaker who served up the motivation Newlin sought. The focus is on improving the teaching and learning process for students.

This session breaks down exactly what must happen for a leader or teacher to encourage metacognition in their learners.

student teacher relationship and motivational speakers

Avoiding the Biggest Mistake Educators Can Make Educators have more on their plate to accomplish today than ever before. In light of this exhausting reality, we are seeing teachers, coaches and administrators make a huge mistake with their students. But it is hindering student performance across the country.

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In this session, we will not only examine the data, but offer insights to correct the mistake we often make. This session includes practical shifts we must make in order to bring out the best in our students. Helping Students Meet the Challenge of Becoming Authentic Adults Because of the pervasive technology available at our fingertips, we are educating a generation of students called Generation iY. During this session, we will discuss how to best connect with students to get them moving again and turn artificial maturity into authentic maturity.

More ideas are being transmitted but our filters are stronger than ever, screening out incoming data that feels irrelevant.

Talks from inspiring teachers

If you teach students, you feel this tension every day. If you lead anyone, you recognize the six-second attention spans of our day. In this session, we will examine how to communicate, motivate and educate in a manner that is memorable.

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The dream of every teacher or communicator is that the audience gets it, remembers it and can pass it on. This event enables you to accomplish all three. Our culture swooshes through our communities leaving many confused about how to manage the classroom or even manage the school.

student teacher relationship and motivational speakers

This session is all about how change works, examining the five kinds of changes we can make and how to practically implement those changes as a leader or as a teacher. The event is practical and leaves room for discussion and application among audience members. Becoming a Life Giving Leader The new target for educators today is student-centered learning.

But what does that look like in a classroom? In the lunch line? On the practice field? In this session, we will examine what it means to move from teacher to mentor—a life giving mentor—for your students. Instead, it was a chapter in a book. In the course of the seminar, participants read a chapter from On Common Ground: In that chapter, "Masters of Motivation," Jonathon Saphier suggested operating by a series of 'crucial messages' -- What we are doing here is important.

You can do it!

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I'm not going to give up on you -- even if you give up on yourself. After the seminar, Newlin went right home and ordered the book online. The power of those three messages is "so simple and yet so important," said Newlin. They are begging us not to give up on them, especially when they have given up on themselves. They are posted in every classroom and hallway of the school. The Dufours first inspired her at a 4-day institute back in Since then she has attended other sessions they have led.

While it is wonderful to learn about research-based practices, many of those involve spending large sums of money. Mary Catholic School in Plano, Illinois. I have sent many of my teachers, and they come back to school with lots of ideas they want to try out. The workshops provide a wealth of activities to engage even the most reluctant participants.

Ian Jukes was the keynoter, and then there were numerous break-out sessions. Meg Ormiston did thought-provoking seminars on the one-computer classroom and power-searching with Google.

Neither topic required expense to use right away, and my teachers were excited and energized. The focus is on improving the teaching and learning process for students. Pinkerton has taken the PLC concept back to her school where "we have set up learning teams, reworked our schedules so grade-level teachers can collaborate, and established group norms and common assessments.

student teacher relationship and motivational speakers

Our grade-level meetings often focus on student learning, what is working and what isn't, data analysis, and sharing good teaching practices. There truly is a focus on student learning as opposed to the mundane 'stuff' that often takes up meeting time. It seems the group's reputation is growing beyond the borders of Oklahoma!

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Witness that principal Jack Noles of Shallowater Texas Intermediate School was inspired by a recent Great Expectations session "Roles and Attributes of Leaders" that was spun from Stephen Covey's work -- specifically his newest 8th habit: He did an outstanding job of giving very practical strategies and methods for classroom teachers to use.

She wrote the book [A Framework for Understanding Poverty], literally, on understanding poverty and its impact on students in the public school.

student teacher relationship and motivational speakers

We have conducted a couple of book studies with her book, and the teachers involved unanimously declare it a challenging and informative -- if not attitude-changing -- work. SREB does an excellent job year in and year out putting together the best practices aligned with the 10 'key practices' of the High Schools That Work model.

The presenters are, for the most part, school-level practitioners who have experienced the trials and successes of implementing what it is they are talking about.

He's an entertaining speaker who shares the most useful day-to-day ideas for school level administrators.