Taeyang and sandara relationship trust

Video of G-Dragon 'kissing' Dara sparks rumors about relationship | allkpop

taeyang and sandara relationship trust

Sandara Park described her relationship with Big Bang's Taeyang on this week's Strong Heart. The charismatic 2NE1 member talked about her. g-dragon's so smart to pick someone who he trusts and who he's sure will not make a News: Sandara Park to appear in TaeYang's Solo MV . I also find it funny that they have an awkward relationship, even though they're. MANILA, Philippines — What is the real score between Sandara Park and G-Dragon? We’re really close na parang there’s nothing special to it,” explained Dara, who was a guest at G-Dragon’s Manila concert last September. Dara met with G-Dragon’s fellow Big Bang member.

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taeyang and sandara relationship trust

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  • News: Sandara Park to appear in TaeYang’s Solo MV