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A collection of stories centered on Satou and/or Takagi, with an emphasis on A girl who had once met Takagi ponders upon Satou and Takagi's relationship. Detective Takagi decides to ask some *very* direct questions of Conan; secrets. Apparently, Sato already liked Takagi when he was a good-hearted, but clumsy It really took them ages to get their relationship sorted, especially when . it fails to address the questions left unanswered by its predecessor. I want to build a list of all the episodes that feature Sato and Takagi's relationship, and I'm looking for some help. If you know of any eps that.

He is still willing to listen to others, but he will not yield control of crime scenes unconditionally. When compared with this younger version, I much prefer the later one. He has grown into his uniform, and still, he prioritises solving the cases, not improving his own reputation.

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The case file following the plane flashback finally introduces Takagi by name, as well as Sato and Shiratori. This is not meant as a work outing, because she does not extend the invitation to Shiratori.

Apparently, Sato already liked Takagi when he was a good-hearted, but clumsy colleague. It really took them ages to get their relationship sorted, especially when you consider that they were both on the same page all along.

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Takagi - Complete Sakura Blush by pheonickx reviews The cherry trees were in full bloom, and days of blue skies made the officers of the Metropolitan Police Department almost anxious to be inside doing paperwork. Even a certain lady detective was anxious to change shifts.

Satou - Complete Words Unspoken by pheonickx reviews What is love? What will happen if Yumi overhears the whole conversation?

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Written in our favorite traffic lady, Yumi's POV. Why did he choose to become a police officer? Takagi - Complete I'll Tell You In The Afterlife by Katty reviews The question that Conan was asked so long ago in a time-bombed elevator is finally answered in a room at the police station T - English - Crime - Chapters: Seconds seem to last for hours, as we stay locked in this living hell.

But I know time ticks away with infinite quickness, each entity bringing her closer to death. T - English - Romance - Chapters: NOT a ghost story!

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He keeps thinking of unreal scenarios with Shiratori and Sato being together, and isn't able to fully concentrate on the case.

Later, with the help from Conan, the trick and the identity of the killer are uncovered, and the case goes to an end. After turning down the invitation of Shiratori, Sato invites Takagi to go out and have ramen for dinner, to which he accepts happily. Unexpectedly, a drunken Megure comes up and asks them to go for a drink with him at the bar, and Sato immediately approves of the idea despite the invitation to Takagi earlier.

Because of this, Takagi suddenly suspects that Sato's love interest is in fact Inspector Megure, and declines the offer. The case ends with a depressed Takagi lying on the table and being unable to do anything, even though he still hasn't taken the Detective Boys' testimonies yet. Innocent Suspect Case Manga: