The 100 clarke and lexa relationship trust

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the 100 clarke and lexa relationship trust

Lexa is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series Her relationship with Clarke, which was viewed as compelling , significantly impacted the LGBT community . As they wait for the deadly fog to clear, Lexa informs Clarke she does trust her and will no longer try to hurt Octavia . Clarke gives her an ultimatum: stop now and trust me, or I'm going to fans of the girls' relationship (dubbed “Clexa”) reeling in shock and awe. It's now time for Clarke to forgive Lexa and trust her. the killing and to preserve her relationship with Clarke and potentially with the Skaikru.

At some point, in the eyes of some viewers, it drives right into a ditch. I expected Lexa to die this season, especially given that Alycia Debnam-Carey is a series regular on a hit show on another network. I expected her and Clarke to sleep together at some point, and to me it made sense that they would do so when they were both feeling quite vulnerable because they might never see each other again.

Their love scenes and the deathbed scene were, considered on their own, spectacular. My tears made that difficult. But back to Clarke and Lexa. Two people in a vulnerable, stressful situation gave in to their longstanding attraction and had sex.

the 100 clarke and lexa relationship trust

Soon after, political machinations led to the death of one of them. Both knew their relationship was never going to work on a long-term basis, which gave their brief time together extra sweetness and pathos.

‘The 100’ Poll: Should Clarke Finally Forgive Lexa?

But it was always going to hurt, given these characters and the actors bringing them to life. No Lexa in Season 3.

the 100 clarke and lexa relationship trust

No Heda in Polis or anywhere else would have meant no Clexa pain. Lexa is in Season 3, but she and Clarke never become intimate.

Perhaps less heartbreak when Lexa dies. The chemistry between the actors is so potent and the relationship had been generally written so well that it would have been deeply frustrating had they never hooked up. This is not a show that revolves around relationships, but this connection felt as though it was written in the stars. Also, it would have been odd and sketchy for them not to act like normal, sexual adults.

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Lexa is in Season 3, but she and Clarke are intimate for some time before Lexa dies. We get to see more of their happiness and even a touch of domesticity as their relationship develops. The more she loved Clarke, the more she was afraid that would lead her away from her primary goal, which is keeping her people alive.

This is a reasonable and defensible desire, and this is where the compression of the season causes problems. But it never sat right with me, never, in part because it was one of the worst-written episodes in the history of the show and this is a show that once featured a demonically possessed truck.

the 100 clarke and lexa relationship trust

A great character — who is also a lesbian — got a stupid death in a crappy, astoundingly tin-eared episode for no reason. And, with that series, there is a lot to get into.

the 100 clarke and lexa relationship trust

But, first and foremost, the main character, Clarke Griffin. Clarke looks directly ahead. Her expression is surprised and a little scared. From day one, her queer identity is unsaid, and yet it is also uncontended.

Lexa and Clark issues with the relationship. : The

To give you some plot context, the show follows a group of kids, thewho have been returned to Earth from a space station where humanity had taken refuge during a nuclear war. The kids are all criminals, technically speaking, and have been sent down as a test as to whether or not survival on the surface is possible.

As it stands at this point in the series, Clarke has had two primary relationships. She fell into a relationship with another one of thea man, right after the group touches down, and their relationship is very charged by dramatic circumstance and plot twists.

Later, in the midst of an intense, three-way conflict, she strikes up a romantic and sexual relationship with the woman leader of an opposing group, Lexa. Lexa is the young commander of the population of people who survived and evolved on Earth after the nuclear devastation.

Clarke, having become the unofficial head of the group from the space station, has been in close contact with Lexa for a while, especially after the two uncover a third, common enemy.

the 100 clarke and lexa relationship trust