The d word toni braxton and babyface relationship

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the d word toni braxton and babyface relationship

Love, Marriage & Divorce is a collaborative studio album by American recording artists Toni Braxton and Babyface, released on February . Babyface, 9. "I'd Rather Be Broke" (performed by Toni Braxton). Braxton "The D Word". Braxton . On Love, Marriage & Divorce, Toni Braxton and Babyface, creative partners going the bittersweet “The D Word,” seemingly a Sade homage, in which Babyface. The D Word Lyrics: I put the papers on your doorstep / The keys under the mat Album Love, Marriage & Divorce. 1 [Pre-Chorus: Babyface + (Toni Braxton)].

Toni speaks for women everywhere, venting her troubles with going back and forth in an ever-changing relationship while Babyface realizes he should "check himself. Both are also good at playing the blame game, exchanging assumptions of who cheated or "drew," on who first.

Alike some relationships, whether married or not, trust issues arise and will eventually consume fears and doubts. In "Where Did We Go Wrong," the duet reminisces about the love blooming at first, but eventually questioning who is to blame.

the d word toni braxton and babyface relationship

This is only the beginning of duo's narrative of passion. The album name represents the evolution of the album's songs.

Toni Braxton - Just Be A Man About It (Official Music Video)

After learning of their flourishing love, there is the downfall of divorce. Both Toni and Babyface have gone through their own unfortunate divorces; the harmonizing is raw.

the d word toni braxton and babyface relationship

In "I Wish," Toni delves into the dark depths of divorce and discovering the "other" woman. Being in a similar situation will make any ex-spouse bitter- so, no wonder the song embodies those sour wishes against Babyface.

I have this sense of happiness and, I don't like to say "sense of purpose. The falling in love is the best thing in any relationship to me. Just so you know if you ever wanna have that feeling again, just drink a Pepsi!

I have another question I wanna ask you. Love can be a roller coaster at times. How do you keep the relationship going? La Perla helps, but my mom always said when you're having an argument or disagreement with a guy you can never have that argument not looking pretty.

You always have to have on at least some lipstick because it's important that he still finds you attractive, that you still are the woman. So I work on those things that my mom taught me being a girl, and I think it's just important to keep it sexy.

You gotta keep it sexy. As far as communication, I try to be honest with my feelings and to always acknowledge if there's an elephant in the room.

Album Review: Toni Braxton and Babyface- Love, Marriage & Divorce

And I try to make guys communicate. Sometimes it's challenging with men, they aren't always as cooperative in telling you how they feel.

Okay, so keep it sexy. Don't wear grandma underwear? As a man, how do you know when it's time to walk away from love? When you just don't care anymore.

Toni Braxton and Babyface Love, Marriage & Divorce -

And how does a man know when they don't care? Is there something that happens, something that triggers it, a series of things, a conclusion? When you can put La Perla on and it doesn't matter. Okay, fill in the blank on this statement, "Love hurts the most when…" B: Love hurts the most when you really love.

Sometimes you think you're in love and then you find out that you're not because you're not really hurting. But when it's real love, then it's gonna hurt. It's supposed to hurt because it's real.

So hurt always goes along with love? Yeah, I think that's part of it. You can feel sorry, but unless you really love somebody and truly care, the hurt is not really there. Speaking of that, my next question for you is, when the love is gone in a relationship, have you ever stayed too long and why?

It takes a long time for the love to be gone for me. Usually when I'm in love, I try really hard to make it work and sometimes I get lost in the idea of society telling me how it should work. I need to understand that sometimes love is just seasonal. And that's something I'm working on developing, but I've stayed in relationships longer than I should have in the past.

I think most people have, because the idea of being in love makes you feel like you can conquer any and everything. I have another question for you and it's an important question. Intoday, is an emotional or sensitive man still attractive to you? Inbecause I'm old school, I think an emotional and sensitive man is very attractive. I mean he can't be singing songs about dolphins all day long, but a man that's in tune with his feelings and emotions is a gentleman, like guys that opens doors, like guys that bring me flowers and tell me I'm beautiful, so I definitely want a sensitive and emotional man.