Tony and effy relationship quizzes

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tony and effy relationship quizzes

I began watching Skins with series 3, so I didn't become acquainted with the relationship between Tony and Effy until very recently when I. Skins (UK) Quiz Cassie; Tony; Effy; Mad Twatter. 3. What is the name of song in the finale of series 1? Was Tony in a relationship with Cassie? True; False. 7. Of course, the big draw to Skins are the relationships and all the WTF-ery that comes with them. Seriously, if there is one universe where.

The friendship that we see in the lost shot though is a healthy relationship.

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Tony is doing the selfless thing by encouraging Sid to leave and go after Cassie. The friendship in the beginning is toxic. It was a relationship in which the two used one another for something. Anwar used Sketch for sex. Sketch used Anwar to get at Maxxie and slowly tried to turn Anwar into Maxxie.

It was a toxic and useless relationship. Even in the finale Sketch tries to talk Anwar into staying in Bristol and accept his fate of being a nobody like her.

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This relationship has no redemption and had nothing healthy to stand on or even to hold onto. Sid is a guy who does not understand emotions and may not fully understand everything Cassie needs. He is oblivious most of the time. Cassie suffers from insecurities and also mental health issues as well.

They never seem to be able to communicate about their feelings and get to the root of their issues. However once their relationship turned sexual in Series 2 the sexual relationship between them turned toxic.

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Both Michelle and Sid throw themselves into a comfort sex relationship in order to escape how lonely they feel in terms of Tony and Cassie. Effy being the person she is was not ready to be in a relationship. She needed proper support and help in order for her to become a person that was capable to be in a relationship. The love between them made one another weak. If Effy got proper help and Freddie had other passions besides Effy they may have been a couple to be reckoned with.

Like it was stated there is something destructive about Effy that needs to be dealt with and figured out before she can be a proper girlfriend. Cook is also a reckless personality who has a hard time controlling himself. He needs handlers and he is aware of this fact. Effy being Effy encourages this side of him oppose to reigning him in.

Cook expects this from Freddie, because I think sometimes he scares himself. There relation is portrayed as one in which Cook needs Freddie. Though later on we see that Freddie needs Cook as well. Another toxic situation that occurs between these two friends is the chase for Effy. Competing for the same girl and both of them refuse to back down.

tony and effy relationship quizzes

Freddie and Cook are the main decision makers of the group. Competing sometimes over the role. Both of them do not listen to or take JJ seriously. Even though Cook is better at it than Freddie. This creates an unhealthy imbalance for this amazing threesome. However even the most beautiful of relationship have moments of toxic behavior. Naomi who has intimacy issues has an affair instead of communicating those fears to Emily.

This is an action that Emily cannot ignore. Feeling hurt she then begins to punish Naomi by being rude to her and having a strange relationship with a girl named Mandy.

During this time they did not break up officially and they were living together at the time. It became a situation in which one person made a mistake due to not communicating her feelings to Emily. Then became an even more toxic relationship in which Emily begins to act out in passive aggressive ways understandable…but toxic.

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Toward the end Naomi finally reveals her vulnerability to Emily and Emily forgives Naomi. It looks like they are now headed in the right direction; however, during that time things were sure toxic.

tony and effy relationship quizzes

Mis-communication and Spite Generation 3: Mini wants to have it all. She wants to be popular, she wants to do amazing things, and she wants an attractive boyfriend. She finds Nick and tries to make him that. Nick is also dating Mini for appearances she is a beautiful girl and is the type of girl that his rugby and his Dad would approve of.

He gets a pat on the back for that conquest. Nick tries to pursue a sexual relationship with Mini who does not seem ready. Eventually she gives in and has sex with Nick in the hopes to hold onto him.

While he is sleeping with her best friend. It is an all consuming and irrational type of love that does not seem to see reason.

tony and effy relationship quizzes

He's funny looking When Cassie first meets Sid she 'compliments' him by saying 'Wow, I like that you're funny looking'! What does Tony call her?

tony and effy relationship quizzes

Bucktooth Chris gets a phone call from Tony in the first episode, asking him to come out. Chris tells Tony that he's "busy busy". To which Tony replies "Ah. Nips Tony's nickname for Michelle is nips. He explains to her in episode one that this is because he thinks she's got funny nipples. He gets beaten up as well Sid tries in vain to save Michelle from the gang of 'chav' girls. He ends up on the ground, where he is urinated on by a homeless man.

April Pearson April Pearson's natural hair colour is blonde. Skins click to play it. Maxxie is gay Although Maxxie and Anwar are best friends, they fall out after Anwar tells Maxxie he thinks his being gay is weird, and against Anwar's religion.

The First Generation click to play it.

tony and effy relationship quizzes

Question by author fersurejacobx. Jal After Michelle catches Tony with Maxxie on the trip to Russia, she breaks up with him on the college green. The next day at school, Tony reads an essay for psychology called "The Role of Sex in Power Relationships", upsetting Michelle when he says that sex and power equals fun.

Jal comforts her friend after she storms out of the classroom, then goes on to tell her the list of people that Tony cheated on her with, Abigail Stock being one of them. Examining Effy click to play it. Question by author doublemm. Naomi Naomi, as we have already discovered, is very perceptive and had already sussed out that Freddie had feelings for Effy. However, she now confronted Effy about her feelings. Predictably, Effy denied these feelings. As well as this, Naomi had a moment of openness with Effy outside of the nightclub, suggesting that she had feelings for Emily.

The Case for Stonemcest. (now with picture evidence!)

This conversation was interrupted by Thomas, who shouted the group to the front of the queue as he had been employed as a ticket salesman for the event. Journeying With JJ click to play it. He thinks he's gay His psychologist was quite dismissive of JJ and gave the less than satisfactory advice of, "just don't worry".

JJ also expressed his concern of never being listened to, which was not helped by his ignorant psychologist. Shortly after leaving the room, JJ had another rage, which was even ignored by the other patients. Outside, he met Emily who had been given the same pills as him. Whilst the intentions of JJ's pills were to calm him down, Emily's were supposed to make her more truthful.