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Literature Unit 1: Touching The Void by Joe Simpson Two experienced climbers, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, set out to conquer the mountain Siula Grande. . P68 Isolation/Relationships/Survival; “In an instant an uncrossable gap had. Sep 27, Touching the Void is Joe Simpson's account of the ordeal he and Simon Yates endured in and physical challenges and why he doesn't blame Simon Yates for cutting the rope. It would take a toll on their relationship, for sure. .. Persian wrestling (1) · personal hero (1) · personality test (1) · Peru. Start studying English - Touching the void. Learn vocabulary, terms Chapter 1 ( Introductory between Simon and Joe) - Relationship quotes. 1)"There were few.

Simpson and Yates had descended 3, feet in a blinding storm when they faced the first crisis.

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For nine grueling hours, and 3, feet, it worked. Simpson started to slide and went hurtling off a cliff. But after an hour his strength gave out, and again he faced a choice: He took out a penknife. And there he lay, in a dark, eerily silent hole, more alone than he ever thought possible. About 80 feet down he came to an outcrop of snow—and a glimmer of light.

Slowly, he crawled across the vast glacier, using his arms and good leg to drag the broken leg, its fractured bones shifting with every inch. The pain was murderous. Freezing and weak, with no food or unfrozen water, he lost his bearings several times. The quickest way was for Yates to belay Simpson down, so they decided to tie two feet ropes together. When the knot on the rope refused to feed through the belay plate, their problems increased ten-fold.

Darkness surrounded the men, and the increasing winds whipped up ice particles, obscuring their vision.

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Yates found a way to continue lowering Simpson, but it took a while before they realised Simpson was dangling over a massive cliff face. During his attempts, Simpson accidentally dropped one of the cords needed to get back up the rope. With stormy conditions, his climbing partner hanging over a cliff, and equipment not working properly, Yates had a myriad of obstacles to overcome.

Yates had to make a decision — cut the rope and save himself, or stay tied to Simpson and both of them be pulled to their deaths.

Novel Adventurers: What if? The Story Of Joe Simpson And Simon Yates

Yates cut the rope. Simpson plummeted in the dark and landed in a deep crevasse. Yates dug a snow cave, survived the stormy night, and descended the mountain the following morning. Assuming Simpson had died, Yates continued on to base camp. Simon finds Joe outside the tents at base camp and arranges for him to get to a hospital P He changes dramatically over the course of the book. He gets as far as base camp and suffers from altitude sickness and decides he will venture no further P3.

He stays at base camp while Joe and Simon do test climbs P6. Richard walks with Joe and Simon until the going gets too tough P Richard looks after Simon on his return P Richard presses Simon to leave for Lima P He represents the outside audience that Simon will have to face when he returns from the expedition.

He acts as a plot device in helping us gauge our understanding and reactions to events as well as when Richard suggests he and Simon leave base camp in chapter They give Richard a place to stay when he gets lost on his way to base camp P4.

They sell homemade cheese and provide other food supplies to the climbers P The girls smile sadly at Simon, showing sympathy for his loss of Joe P Spinoza haggles over the price of the mules that will get Joe off the mountain P When Joe needs to get down the mountain, near death, Simon has to strike a deal with Spinoza.

As with the environment, there is little sense of compassion with the locals-their job is survival and the outsiders bring items they need. He was trying to help himself by contouring round the small rise in front of him. Simon was everything I was not, everything I would like to have been. He would leave me. He had no choice. I felt cold at the thought. Had I killed him? You know it…I think we should go. I lay still and listened to the argument.

It must have been terrible for you that night. You had no choice…You did all that you could have done.

Cold Mountain

Thanks for getting me down. Others say that it was simply a matter of survival. The conditions the men experienced. The methods that Simpson uses to show these experiences. Write about; Your ideas about the suffering of the men The methods Simpson uses to help you decide who suffers most.

What happens to Joe and Simon in the accident? How they react to it? The methods Simpson uses to describe the accident. These questions are a lot more challenging- to succeed, you MUST bring in wider knowledge, fully explain all points and show the examiner that you genuinely know what you are talking about.