Touma and misaka relationship help

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touma and misaka relationship help

well misaka loves touma but what about the boy? will they ever be togeather? Their relationship in general is about understanding, trust and. Kamijou Touma is the main protagonist of Toaru Majutsu no Index, which someone in a pinch and will go to great lengths to protect or help the person. .. Even while Touma was never capable of remembering their relationship, Misaki is not. Shokuhou Misaki and Touma Kamijo met about a year prior to index ep1 to help her (she keeps that whistle with her even at the current time).

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This forces Touma to hide from the oncoming Skill-Out, Hamazura Shiagewho decided to check on the disturbance that Misuzu noticed. Now with the risk of trying to get the handgun increased, Touma decides to attack Shiage first with the bullet proof glass. The attack connects to Shiage's face which painfully removed his nose piercingquickly taking him down.

touma and misaka relationship help

However, Touma is unable to get the handgun as he discovers that there was actually two Skill-Out that came to investigate. The Skill-Out however was shaken by fear after Touma takes down Shiage.

Misaka Misuzu

The other Skill-Out however, started shooting at Touma, out of terror as the Skill-Out that came to investigate with Shiage was shot down by friendly fire. Touma who has been using his bullet proof glass to protect himself from the gunshots, decides to run towards the Skill-Out that were with Misuzu.

However, Touma eventually loses grip of the glass and making Touma utterly defenseless. However, before being shot Accelerator arrives to take down everyone who was holding the gun in the room, [10] which ignites a firefight between him and the remaining Skill-Out. Touma uses the firefight to his advantage to quickly and carefully free Misuzu of her binds and escape the facility.

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However, Accelerator later lets them get away after several Skill-Out arrive at the room after hearing the firefight, and is forced to take care of them first and then go after Touma later who he believed will not kill Misuzu before getting into a safer grounds, as well as the fact that Touma did not carry a gun with him. It was like fate was bringing them together or so she thought. Now again i haven't read it yet so i don't know the exact order of events but during his 1st encounter with Misaki the DIVINE FALL one Touma dropped his phone and well stuff happened due to which he couldn't save a girl Mistuari Ayu who was about to commit suicide and wanted Touma to save her.

She survived though and was angry at Misaki as she believed it was her fault so she tried to kill her but was stopped by Touma. Touma gave her a whistle to use whenever she is in trouble and he will come to help her she keeps that whistle with her even at the current time Now here is the super sad part after there many fated meetings Misaki fell in love with Touma they hanged out together very often i think she even invited him to her dorm room not sure though but then the tragedy happened Misaki was targeted by some group of i don't remember the name but they were like skill out and hated espers she was about to get killed but Touma protected her from them but then there was a moment where he had to directly shield her from an attack using his body, which left him bady injured, the paramedics said he wont make it to the hospital without anesthesia which was not available at the time.

So Misaki used her powers to cut the connection of the nerves of the pain receptors but she forgot to tell the medics that her power works on the principal of altering the body fluids cerebrospinal fluid- I am a medical student so i know and this cost her the Ultimate price. Touma got well but he lost all memories of her moreover to add to the injury he can't make new memories with her either. The doctors gave up and told Misaki now only a miracle can help her.

Edit Touma met Misaka when she was being harassed by delinquents and, unaware of her Level Five nature, tried to save her, only to accidentally make her angry which led to her frying all of the delinquents herself. However, he genuinely cares for her as shown during the Sister's Arc, when he stopped her from trying to get herself killed, as well as consoled her when she cried.

Misaka was the first person to discover Touma's memory loss albeit by accident. It's hinted that she has feelings for him. He was also more defending for Touma, as Kanou Shinka had blamed Touma for not being able to save Frenda Seivelun in time before she died, which Shiage found such a thing to be both unreasonable and impossible as Touma didn't even know Frenda, much less knew that she was in danger.

He is also his neighbor. He is superior to Touma in fighting [30] and Touma respects him for that. Likewise, Tsuchimikado respects Touma as good person and even told Kanzaki that she can trust him.

touma and misaka relationship help

Tsuchimikado even went as far as to warn Aleister Crowley that if he continues toying with people lives, Touma would break his illusion. As a spy from the Anglican Church and othershe drags Touma under orders from the church to different missions like the English Civil War. Even if Touma does not want to go, Tsuchimikado uses some extreme ways to carry out the order.

For example in the aforementioned arc he calls Touma telling him that Index is needed in England and being her caretaker Touma has to go with her. When Touma flat out refuses after what happened in the previous excursions; Motoharu simply throws a canister of knockout gas into his apartment and leaves them both stranded at the airport with no choice but forward.

touma and misaka relationship help

Edit Tsukuyomi Komoe is Touma's homeroom teacher in a certain high school. She describes him as a naughty boy when he enrolled and says that "a lot of things have happened". During that time he thought that she was an innocent person who he had dragged in all this and took her with him, only to find out that she was the leader of this magic cabal. Later, he will be involved in a magic-related incident and Birdway explained that she's here to seek assistance from Index and Touma.

There he finds out through Mark Space that she is a person who would sacrifice her own subordinates in order to succeed in her plans.