Tyrion and daenerys relationship quiz

Game of Thrones: 20 Things Only True Fans Know About Jon Snow And Daenerys' Relationship

tyrion and daenerys relationship quiz

The Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen hookup was inevitable. all of season seven, we watched as the two formed a real relationship, and. While a marriage to Jon Snow might seem inevitable, things are bound to grow more complicated when Dany discovers that Jon has a stronger. After all, winter is finally here, Daenerys is just beginning her conquest .. true parents were, the relationship between Jon and Dany will be an.

Despite all of this, she falls in love with a king: Jon Snow, which hardly makes any sense. Dany wants to be the leader and re-mold Westeros in her own vision.

Having a king could hinder this, and at best he'd be her equal, not her subject. The wights were quickly encroaching and war was upon them. However, despite this impending doom, Jon refuses to do the one thing that will get Daenerys' dragons and armies on his side: He's initially uncertain about her abilities as a leader.

tyrion and daenerys relationship quiz

Later, he cites the fact the North won't accept her as queen. Jon is so adamant that it's ludicrous. He talks to her about how dire the situation is, yet he himself is hindering progress to help save the world. Jon, too, will have a graveyard to rule if the North is decimated. While her desire to accumulate more allies is reasonable, her belligerence is counterproductive.

It doesn't encourage Jon to want to ally with her to keep him a near-prisoner at her castle. Though she wants to rule the iron throne, at this point, it might be worthwhile for her to settle for allying with Jon Snow - especially when she has her concerns about Cersei's looming forces.

Instead, though, she plays it stubborn for plot convenience and is just lucky that he fell in love with her. With them in these political struggles are their advisers, Davos and Tyrion.

Both men are intelligent, strong-willed characters.

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Yet, somehow, watching Jon and Dany banter has turned them into romantic gossips. Both Tyrion and Davos comment on how the two look at one another.

Tyrion teases Dany about her possible interest in Jon. Davos does the same, particularly telling Jon he's attracted to her. The show tries very hard to tell the viewer that the two are falling in love, even when it doesn't make much sense. As the devoted mother of dragons, she cares about her scaly children more than anything else. When Viserion falls because of Jon's questionable wight plan, since Cersei plans to betray them regardless of the danger, Dany should have been furious.

His idea and having to save him and the party directly led to losing her dragon. Regardless of the fact that Viserion will make the White Walkers harder to fight, it's uncharacteristic for her not to fiercely love and defend her dragons more than anything else.

Jon's hand in her child's passing should have caused a great rift between them, but instead it somehow brought them closer. Dany and Jon, however, butted heads for a few episodes, then grew warmer towards one another, then fell in love, all while political treatises, wars, and bloodshed were raging around them.

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They had little time onscreen to grow close, foster feelings, and become lovers. Though it's likely the fault of rushing towards the end, the pair didn't have enough time to connect, at least as far as the viewer's concerned. Jon suggests that Dany sail with him so that the northerners can, in-person, see them as allies. Jorah argues against it, but Dany readily agrees.

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Though Jon's intentions are good, this plan is obscenely risky. With uncertainty about Cersei and the dangers of the incoming wights, two leaders on one ship is foolhardy.

His "friends" then ganged up on him and stabbed him repeatedly. However, later, with Mellisandre's magic, he was resurrected. Since this had never happened before, many members of the Nights Watch were both shocked and terrified.

tyrion and daenerys relationship quiz

However, since she is immune to fire, when morning came, she was still standing, now with three baby dragons. Like Jon, she became a deity to her followers. Jon Snow adopted his direwolf, Ghost, when it was merely a pup. Daenerys, of course, views her dragons as her children, and they are very protective of her.

tyrion and daenerys relationship quiz

It speaks a lot to their courageous spirits and how they might find each other appealing. His leadership in the Night's Watch and his leadership in confronting House Bolton helped to unit the region.

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Let's just say that Jon is pretty skeptical when someone tells him that something is impossible. Jon, probably waiting for the exact right time, knocks on her cabin door and she lets him in.

tyrion and daenerys relationship quiz

It isn't long before they fall into each other's arms in a fit of passion. Is he jealous of Jon? Kit Harrington actually married Rose Leslie who played his first love interest on the show, Ygritte. Harrington is also close to someone else on set - he and Emilia Clark have become great friends.

It's why she came here. But don't let all this romance fool you into thinking Jon and Dany are gonna trip the light fantastic into the sunset.

Given what we've just learned, Jon and Dany might love each other, but it's also just become clear that his claim to the Iron Throne trumps hers.

Given that her rule of the Seven Kingdoms has been Dany's primary goal since season one, Jon's new identity could throw a serious wrench into their new relationship. The most recent King in the North also chosen by the Northern lords cut a similar path.

Granted, there aren't any treacherous Boltons left to plot against Jon, and it's worth noting that Talisa didn't come with three two dragons and a mess of soldiers. Finally, even if Jon and Dany defeat the odds once again to remain united, if either of them wants to rule, the line of succession is something they must seriously consider if the new world Daenerys is so committed to is to last.