Watanuki and doumeki relationship questions

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One of Watanuki's greater problems, especially early on in the manga, is his lack of self-worth. .. Her Relationship with Watanuki, Doumeki and Yuuko. Contents[show] Appearance Doumeki is depicted as a tall young man with a After the time skip, his relationship with Watanuki seems to have improved Most of their communication though is serious talk about the various problems facing. Doumeki just looks expectantly at Watanuki. . his cake batter or worse, get asked more questions that will somehow, all tie Of. Relationship.

Later on, Shizuka gives half of his right eye to Watanuki and so from then on, both share an eye. One day, after helping Watanuki with his task of collecting water from an old well, Shizuka gets paid by Yuko.

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Yuko gives Shizuka an egg and says that nothing will be born of the egg. However, she does say that there will come a time when Shizuka will have to use the egg in an important decision. Shizuka takes the egg but is confused. When should he know when to use it, and more importantly, how can this egg help him with this decision. Even ten years later, in xxxHolic Ro, Shizuka has still not used the egg and is still curious about when he should. The ring showed that Shizuka's spiritual energy is symbolized as a bow and arrow which also gives clues as to why he is a such a talented archer.

Relationships Kimihiro Watanuki Watanuki and Doumeki are always seen arguing over minor things such as Doumeki asking him to cook food which are either out of season or are not existing anymore.

watanuki and doumeki relationship questions

This can be proven in the fourth volume of the manga at the end of Chapter 24 in the series where Watanuki asks him of what he wants to eat as a way of thanking him for telling him about how one of the Twin Sisters could change by confidence. He demands for chestnuts but to Watanuki's despair, they were out of season at that time. So to replace that, he decides on "Feudal Udon" but Watanuki still complains claiming that the particular dish is no longer existing. Doumeki also tends to care for Watanuki in anyway despite his emotionless face.

After the time skip, his relationship with Watanuki seems to have improved and Watanuki relies on him for most jobs which take place outside the shop, where Watanuki is no longer allowed to go. Doumeki is extremely loyal and devoted to Watanuki even risking life and limb for him and even got married to have children so that Watanuki won't be lonely in his long life.

The changing nature of Watanuki and Doumeki's relationship - Deep Connection

Himawari Kunogi Kunogi is one of Doumeki's class mates and besides Watanuki, is the only other student he is shown socializing with. They are both friend's with Watanuki and thus often are seen having lunch together and participating in some of Yuko's projects. Later in the series it is revealed that Doumeki and Himawari consciously try to be together when Watanuki is around so that he will be protected from Himawari's bad luck.

Watanuki sometimes accuses Doumeki of having a romantic interest in Himawari but since no evidence has been shown of that, it is probably a figment of Watanuki's paranoia. Yuko Ichihara Yuko and Doumeki tend to act neutral to one another, though at certain times they can become friendlier such as when they drink. Yuko often makes Watanuki bring Doumeki along on jobs which for the first part of the series is the only brief interaction they have since Doumeki was not allowed in the shop.

Later after Watanuki's fall out of a window when Doumeki is allowed into the shop they begin to associate more often. Most of their communication though is serious talk about the various problems facing the group. Kohane Tsuyuri They met through Watanuki, when the two visited Kohane while she was having troubles with the press. They are fairly friendly, becoming more familiar in later chapters. She takes to calling him by his first name near the end of the story arc in which she is introduced.

In xxxHolic Rou they become teacher and student at a university. Particularly when this person has overstepped their bounds in regards to possible romantic affiliation. In short, Watanuki is starting to feel like the girl who has nasty rumors about her weight or sexual history scrawled on the bathroom walls. Normally he would not mind such things, but lately it seems that his not-minding up until now has just encouraged one group of girls in particular the Doumeki fanclub, actuallyto step up their aggressive campaign to decipher the true nature of the relationship between him and their stupid high school idol.

She smiles at him with that faux kindness that girls of her standing use whenever they see someone who might be construed as lower on the food chain i. Watanuki sighs ands claps the chalkboard erasers against one another just outside of the window; a cloud of dust erupts from it and makes him sneeze. He's so glad Himawari-chan is different from the Doumeki fangirls; she's nice and sweet and does not look like she would be able to mate with a male of the species and then proceed to eat his head for supper.

He's never been sorelieved to get to Yuuko's before; he is certain that being grilled by a potentially dangerous classmate about stupid Doumeki's virtues is the last thing on this earth he wants, perhaps even more so than being eaten by a giant evil monster.

So of course, with his luck, being grilled by potentially dangerous classmates is exactly what he gets. During physical education the next day when they are running laps around the track he is suddenly flanked by not one but four female classmates from the Doumeki fanclub on either side; they all eye him appraisingly. When were you born? When he tries to subtly insinuate to Doumeki that he ought to oh, please call his terrifying harpies off of the hunt later that day, Doumeki just blinks back at him and says, "You sure are popular lately," and then ignores him as he prepares for his club activities.

Watanuki bangs his head against the wall a few times and then takes a deep breath and goes to home economics with a grim face; when he gets there he thinks that today he will probably find dead bugs in his cake batter or worse, get asked more questions that will somehow, all tie back to his inevitable inferiority to stupid Doumeki.

He's almost right—when he walks into the home ec room he is greeted by a flurry of spatulas, all pointing right at his face. At least this one doesn't beat around the bush. Our lone prince suddenly hanging out with a weirdo like you has to have some sort of explanation! Did you woo him with your boyish, yet feminine wiles? We want to know why!

And ultimately, if you're even worthy of Doumeki-kun! We, personally, feel that you are too many levels below him in terms of ability, you can't possibly serve as a partner we will be satisfied with. Him," he says slowly, and keeps a watchful eye on those spatulas the whole time. Some of the girls are aghast.

Why wouldn't you want to? It's his fault if something is wrong! The spatulas gravitate closer to his face. Is there really no such thing as friendship between men anymore?! He belatedly thinks he should have opted to take a sports elective instead of a cooking one back at the beginning of the year; somehow this seems even more dangerous than the contact sports after all. After a moment, Watanuki blinks tensely. Why are you all looking at me like that?

Then, from behind him, a disturbingly smug-sounding, "Oi, man-friend, practice is already done. Why haven't you made me cake? Watanuki promptly spins around and slams the door shut right in stupid Doumeki's stupid smirking face. In existence seventeen, Watanuki is starting to feel embarrassed. You have to say it back eventually," Doumeki tells him pragmatically. Trust the big idiot to ruin the mood completely with stupid logic. Watanuki, naturally, fights it. He whirls around and crosses his arms.

I'm not saying it. He laughs to himself, low in his chest. In existence seven hundred and ten, Watanuki is starting to feel stupid. He stares in the mirror at mismatched eyes and wonders what is wrong with him lately; it seems like it's too much trouble to scream and yell at or hit Doumeki anymore.

Sometimes he thinks he can't even find words to say in response to the big idiot's remarks; is this all a sign of old age? Is he losing his touch? Himawari looks lost for words, and when Doumeki reveals himself and informs them of a good place to have cake, it provides a comical reaction from Watanuki.

watanuki and doumeki relationship questions

After Watanuki continues on his way with a promise to spend time with Himawari, Himawari and Doumeki are left to themselves. They both care about her deeply, and she, in turn, cares about them. After that, the three are closer than ever. The scene with the three of them plus Yuuko and Mokona is sweet and a good sum up of how the three of them operate together.

Both Doumeki and Himawari give Watanuki presents. Once Watanuki realizes, through a conversation with Sakura who has arrived in the dream world, that he cannot remember a lot of his memories, including his parents, he suffers something akin to an identity crisis. Or, worse yet, that everything he knows will disappear, or he himself will disappear. Earlier in the series, Watanuki was willing to make sacrifices for others at the cost of his own well-being, even to the point where he would blind himself for someone else, or be alone because someone else Syaoran was alone.

Through this crisis, he meets with Yuuko in a dream. He asks her these questions and more, and while Yuuko cannot or will not answer his questions, she reassures that he is human. After awakening, Watanuki goes to school and muses to himself, mostly things along the lines of that he feels this or sees that, so therefore he must exist… unless it really is all a dream.

Muttering to himself, he runs into Doumeki. Watanuki is more reserved than usual, and instead of throwing into a fit as he usually does he asks if Doumeki likes the food he makes. After Doumeki makes a comment that Watanuki disapproves of, however, he snaps back to normal and yells at him. This is where Himawari finds them.

doumeki; character relationships

But even Himawari notices that he is different from normal. Watanuki explains, thanks to his earlier epiphany of possibly being merely in a dream, that he was just glad to see her.

Himawari smiles and agrees. Doumeki and Watanuki work to protect and help Kohane, who is trying to help her mother as best she can. Watanuki puts himself in harms way in order to protect Kohane, and after everything is said and done and Kohane is safe, Doumeki asks him why he was so reckless. Watanuki admits that he trusted Doumeki to make sure nothing bad happened. The three of them complete one another, and ground one another. The problem I see with monogamous pairings between the three is that it somehow excludes another.

The thing is, Watanuki loves and cares for both of them dearly. He adores her and wants to see her happy. But, in addition, he has undergone great changes in his relationship to Doumeki. He cares for both of them. And they, in turn, care for him, too. Doumeki has done a lot for Watanuki, and Watanuki for Doumeki. Kohane told him to take care of Watanuki. Doumeki cares about Watanuki, and even if Watanuki is loath to admit it, he cares about Doumeki, as well.

At the very least, he trusts him. They have plenty of subtext to be a pairing and to love one another. They trust one another, enough now that Watanuki can admit to Doumeki the things that bother and burden him. But Himawari is also just as important to Watanuki. He loves her, he fawns over her, and he adores her. She, too, loves and cares about him.

If anyone says otherwise, they need to reread volume No one has ever said that to her before, and she is touched by it. The relationship between Doumeki and Himawari is unexplored and underdeveloped. Before volume 10, the two of them are cordial to one another, and on friendly terms. Himawari has helped Doumeki with school work or with serving drinks, and talked together about Watanuki.