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ac2 ending relationship

And in AC 2 it starts with the story another great assassin Ezio. In ACR, according to me best AC part, a good ending to ezio trilogy and shown last stage of. Ok so let me get this straight the Assassin's Creed games have turned into a story about armageddon? what the hell, when I first heard of the. Algorithm 1 Input: Two sets of attributes Ac1 and Ac2 from concepts c1 and c2 { m1, , mn} does not occur in any relationships with other attributes End 3.

Desmond then shrugs it off, and even shows appreciation for the subtitles! Ezio spends twenty years hunting down the conspirators and searching for answers, only to at the end be told to keep quiet while the grown-ups are talking, and he leaves with absolutely no understanding of what transpired in the Vault. Back inafter Desmond and the rest receive "Minerva"'s message, Vidic gets away again after a failed attempt to kidnap Desmond.

Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines is shown and presented as an actual object, and his other inventions would follow suit in Brotherhood, with special explanations provided not only as to why they weren't fully functional but how it didn't end Medieval Stasis. Black and White Morality: In comparison to the first game and later entries, Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood, its direct sequel, has Templars who are essentially mustache twirling bad-guys who often kill with psychopathic glee Francesco de'Pazzi or like Borgia are crazy unfettered in their lust for power and ambition.

About the only exceptions are the poor and the befuddled Dante Moro. Blade Below the Shoulder: For starters, he can use it as a weapon in standard combat i. Then he gets one on his right arm too so he can stab two guys at once. Late in the game he gets a hidden gun attachment to it, as the intro movie promises. The hidden blades are the only weapon in the game that can counter-kill an enemy regardless of his status, although it's difficult to pull of regularly because the time window for the counter-kill is the shortest of all.

And, best of all, this version of the blade no longer requires you to give up a finger to equip it. Body Armor as Hit Points: Giving Ezio's mother the feathers finally enables her to come to terms with her family's death On a side note, you get an achievement on the con soles if you wear the cape once in every city. Once Ezio's story properly starts, the first scene is a fist fight with his biggest rival. His story ends with a fist fist against his mortal enemy.

Desmond's story begins with him and Lucy fighting their way out of Abstergo. It ends with both of them fending off an attempt to kidnap him by Vidic. In the beginning sections of the game, we get a glimpse into the life Ezio leads. He has a loving family, a carefree and wisecracking personality, and seems to have carved a comfortable niche for himself.

All that changes when his father and brothers are accused of treason and executed, while he watches helplessly. Seeing him transform from a charming young man into a revenge-driven assassin is painful to watch, and he just barely manages to avoid becoming no different from his enemies.

Some kill moves involve Ezio breaking the polearms. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Subverted, at least in terms of the fourth wall between gamer and game still intact. During Minerva's exposition, she looks directly at the camera and tells Ezio to shut up so she can speak to the one controlling him. Then it turns out she's talking to Desmond.

So in a sense, it's played straight with regards to the distinction between ancestor and descendant reliving said ancestor's Genetic Memory or more succinctly, breaking the Framing Story 's fourth wall.

Ezio can take brooms from civilians to use as a weapon. It even makes a crunching noise whenever you hit a guard with it.

ac2 ending relationship

Lorenzo de' Medici disappears after Ezio goes to Venice and dies offscreen. Eh, not my problem The 3-episode miniseries Lineage, which takes place before the events of the game, contains many plot points that are later mentioned in the game.

Some of these include: There's a variant in the final boss fight where he says: While it's used in both the English and Italian versions, in the Japanese voice track it's translated nemure, yasuraka ni. The Templars also have "May the Father of Understanding guide us. Thankfully it's at least possible to set the action camera frequency, but it's still not possible to disable it completely. Likely the fate of Rosa, who had been a love interest for Ezio but suffered Chuck Cunningham Syndrome after that game since her actress, Lita Tresierra, was killed in a car accident shortly before production began on Assassin's Creed: Despite the character never appearing in the games again, the novelizations for Brotherhood and Revelations say that she eventually took over the Rosa in Fiore from Claudia and became an Italian Assassin leader.

When bare-handed, Ezio can pick up a handful of sand and blind enemies with it. He can charge his throwing knives during a fight and toss up to three at once.

Heavy Weapons can be charged to crush enemies and potentially disarm them. Spears can be charged to sweep enemies off of the ground. Ezio is indeed popular with women and has as many as four love interests in this game alone along with many admiring courtesans.

Seems like Ezio suffers from it as he often agrees straight away to help even before he's properly asked. Sometimes it's more of a guilt trip, like when he changed his mind about fleeing with his mother and sister to Spain and instead agreed to stick around to help Mario whack Vieri de' Pazzi; Mario said he was abandoning his father's legacy.

On other occasions, it is clearly inherent indignation, such as when Emilio Barbarigo's guards were causing trouble. Lady Caterina has a very naughty mouth. With enough florins saved up, you can order your Architect to renovate your village back into the thriving economy it used to be.

Better about it than the first game: Also, guards will recognize Ezio more as the story progresses. You can, however, lower his infamy by tearing down wanted posters, bribing heralds, or ganking corrupt officials who apparently no one but guards will react to. There are also minstrels, who become really tiring, really quickly. Especially when they travel in packs. At least they're slightly less annoying than the first game's madmen and beggars. The main role of mercenari is to provide a fighting distraction for guards so that you can assassinate them while they're distracted.

If you try to assassinate from the front even a 'distracted' guard is likely to block your attempt If the mercenaries started fighting with the guards and you just perform one-hit killsit doesn't count as combat this is an important note when trying to get "no-hitter", especially with the Brutes-inseconds mission, as you have to initiate combat by detection or non-fatally attacking the guard yourself before letting the mercenaries take over, for subsequent kills to count.

He also blocks regular counter attacks, as well. While escaping from the Marco Barbarigo hit in Sequence 9 Dante Moro is guarding one of the exits, and cannot be assassinated, attacked or shot the latter only alerts him to your presence.

Wouldn't want to make Sequence 10 any easier, would we? You wish you had an uncle as cool as Mario Auditore. Funny, smart, and a pretty good mentor.

Significantly revamped, but the basic function is still present. Some timing windows have changed, and the ability to steal weapons by countering when unarmed has been added. Attacking downed enemies while armed is a One-Hit Kill. At the end of Sequence 11, right after Ezio is officially inducted into the Assassins, the Animus somehow glitches up and corrupts Sequences 12 and 13, skipping ahead to the final Sequence 14, which takes place 11 years after Sequence 11 and has Shaun helpfully inform you that Ezio's mortal enemy is now Pope Alexander VI.

The broken segments are later "repaired" as DLC: Contract on the Hitman: The subject of at least one of the assassination side missions is actually an ambush to kill Ezio. Appropriately, it is one of the later ones. Same as in the first game, the health meter is still a synchronisation meter but, as noted in the manual, it has been re-named to "health" by Rebecca as it seemed more interesting.

Rebecca also states that wearing the Armor of Altiar boosts the "health bar" not because of how good it is but because it aids synchronization. At the end Ezio spares Rodrigo's life, implying that while killing him won't bring back what Ezio's lostletting Rodrigo live might be worse, as Ezio has defeated him at his moment of triumph, proved to Rodrigo the he isn't the Prophet he thought he was, and was going to enter the Vault and take what Rodrigo spent his entire life searching for.

In that context, it is pretty damn cruel to let him live. On the other hand, he totally effing deserves it.

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A more subtle complement to this: While Ezio was unconscious, Rodrigo had both the Staff and the Apple, but the Vault did not open for him It's not clear if the Thieves have a per se uniform or they're all wearing the same kind of outfit for convenience, but Rosa and Antonio clearly don't use the same garb. This even happens when an ally specifically tells you to shoot the target. Blame the Animus if it doesn't make sense. Cutscene Power to the Max: Averted in the Attract Mode video, where the moves shown are indeed usable in gameplay.

ac2 ending relationship

The sequence where Ezio meets Rosa in Venice follows this pattern when he has to rescue her after she is hit in the leg with an arrow. Being an Action Girlshe's able to limp away a rather considerable distance and fight, with Ezio assisting in a basic Escort Mission. Eventually she collapses and Ezio has to carry her in his arms to a gondola to escape.

Going from one memory to the next often involves jumps of several years. Or maybe even their unborn child's. Dead Guy on Display: Francesco de' Pazzi's body is hung from the Palazzo della Signoria The real life event this part is based on turns this up to After trying to have Lorenzo de Medici killed, and failing, Francesco de' Pazzi was quickly questioned, then hung from the Palazzo della Signoria - along with about a half dozen other conspirators.

The following day, another 14 guards in the employ of one of the conspirators were hanged, then left there all day, before being cut down and propped up against the Palazzo wall, weapons in hand, as if they were on guard.

One of the Courier assignments implies this. When you meet your client, he tells you that he was delivering a letter when a thief snatched it and ran off. He asks you to get it back for him, but tells you not to read it, as it is his wife's private correspondence.

You go kill the thief and return the letter to get your fee. But if you sneak a peek at the letter, you'll discover that his wife is writing to her lover, instructing him on when and where to murder her husband, for whom she has nothing but contempt. He is so oblivious and devoted that he unwittingly facilitates his own implied, eventual assassination.

Ending to Assassin Creed 2....WTF!?!?! (Spoiler)

Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Justified in the sense that you never die, you just "desynchronize". Nonetheless, there is literally no penalty for desynching. Just that you have to restart whatever memory you may have been playing when it happened. The Descendants of Cain: Borgia stabs him in the stomach after besting him with the Papal Staff, but when Ezio gets back up to challenge him to the fistfight, there is no effect on gameplay. Oddly enough, in the DLC, when Ezio is stabbed in like fashion by a dying Checco Orsi, he goes unconscious and nearly dies.

She is shot through the leg trying to climb a secure building in Venice. Rosa rolls and runs off, with Ezio following. She makes it quite far before finally collapsing. You can kill some of your targets in unusual but satisfying ways, such as sniping Vieri di Pazzi from a distance with throwing knives. The "running Templars" you encounter in some of the Assassins' Tombs and Templar Lairs, who are near-impossible to catch just to add insult to injury.

Fortunately, all of them except the first the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, a story memory may be replayed.

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You get to see Giovanni "disappear" It's available as soon as you gain access to the Monterrigioni Villa and far, far outclasses any other weapon you'll have not only at the time, but well into the game itself. Distracted by the Sexy: You can hire Courtesans not only to act as a " mobile crowd " in which you'll blend, but also order them to distract a group of guards, allowing you to slip past them.

For one reason or another, neither the Modern Templars nor the Modern Assassins in the ending ending scene use guns, merely batons and a Hidden Blade. No explanation in-game other than neither side wants Desmnd to die so anything else is speculation.

It works quite well and even the Pope congratulates him on this trick. Early in the game, Ezio's mother complains that he needs to find an outlet for self-expression, while Ezio claims he has plenty of outlets.

Two pieces have been revealed: It was widely speculated that these two events were the missing Sequences 12 and 13, which has been confirmed by Ubisoft. There are also several bonus downloadable items depending on what retailer you preordered the game from. This is also Ubisoft's first game to integrate its community-based Uplay system, which lets you gain points "Units" redeemable towards DLC for certain Uplay-enabled games.

Due to her temper, Giovanni Ezio's father was forced to raise Claudia's dowry by 1, florins, since she scared off all of her suitors. Ezio can wield a maul or hammer instead of a sword. The counter-kills for these weapons are quite satisfying to watch. Ezio has two hidden blades.

ac2 ending relationship

Due to the Dead: Ezio pays his respects to all the targets he kills, except for Uberto and Vieri. The first he gives a Bond One-Linerthe second causes him to fly into an Unstoppable Rage until Mario stops him and gives the last rites.

Can be averted in Vieri's case by throwing knives if you find the right position to throw them from or by surprising him possibly by bumping into him at 1: Here's a YouTube video showing how to see it. Wait one minute on the first menu before pressing enter to start and a short video the game's E3 trailer will play where you use a gun for an assassination. Brutes, Agiles and Seekers. The Agiles have a habit of dodging most attacks that you make, but if you can force them to block they'll eventually tire, opening them up for a One-Hit Killand as with the beret-wearing regular guards all counter attacks are fatal to them.

Brutes wear heavy armor that grants them great health and wield powerful heavy weapons.

ac2 ending relationship

Seekers use spears to flush Ezio out of hiding places. Archers will attack pickpockets and Borgia Couriers if they get onto roofs near enough, even though the Couriers will try to call for the guards to help them.

In "Bonfire of the Vanities" you will see guards fighting each other even though they all appear red in Eagle Vision. Come on; listen to some of the things the rooftop thieves say about Ezio when he goes past. The Mercenary who presides over the Practice Ring in Monteriggioni.

The Evils of Free Will: To permanently secure their domain over the world, the Templars plan to launch a satellite with a Piece of Eden onboard, which will allow them to mass hypnotize the entire planet. The date that the satellite will be launched is December 21, the end of the Mayan Calendar ; this was hinted at in emails in the first game and some of the symbols that Subject 16 drew, and it's confirmed in the second game.

However, the ending hints that this particular plot may be the least of the Assassins' problems. Played with regarding longswords, axes and polearms. They all work properly, have full counter-kill animations and move-sets, even if they do tend to use the same move-sets for axes and two-handed swords, and spears as well as polearms.

Running a man through with the front of a halberd all the way up the hilt is hard. But Ezio makes it look easy. Sadly, they're only good for one disarm-instant-kill and one counter, after which Ezio just leaves the weapon embedded in his victim's body. One of the Hidden Blade counter attacks consists of Ezio shoving both of the hidden blades into his enemy's eyes.

There is one where when you counter a polearm guard while using a polearm, Ezio flourish-twirls the spear right into the guard's eye. Ezio's assassin outfit has several examples, though they're not at Final Fantasy levels of dramatic.

One hand gloved, one bare. Half-cape over one shoulder. Lastly, and this can be easy to miss, Ezio's left hand hidden blade has a white-silver finish, whereas his right hand blade has a black finish. The Assassin versus Templar conflict during the Renaissance essentially becomes a major feud between the Auditore family and their allies Medici, Sforza, Orsini versus the Borgia and their allies Pazzi, Barbarigo, Orsi.

This naturally mirrors the real-life Renaissance family feuds of course, and the first section in Florence deals with the Medicci's conflict with the Pazzi. It ends like this. Yes, you have a fist fight with the Pope. The first reaction to the completed "The Truth" video? Fling a Light into the Future: Desmond Miles was the key figure in a scheme by an advanced species that communicated a warning to him through Ezio Auditore as he inhabited the body of his ancestor via the Animus 2.

Needless to say, this caused Desmond to exclaim " What. Available using Eagle Vision, footprints can be seen of those that have passed though it only applies to assassination targets.

ac2 ending relationship

For Doom the Bell Tolls: In the Attract Mode video, after the second target is shot, there is a beat, then a bell sounds as he falls over dead. The Glyph puzzles make these connections more explicit. In in the final cutscene of the game, Minerva begins her monologue talking to Ezio, but turns to stare into the camera a few sentences in. When Ezio expresses his profound confusion, she tells him that she's not talking to him and continues to talk to the camera, despite his protests that there's no one else there.

It isn't until the end of the cutscene that she confirms she's addressing future Desmond and friends. In AC1 Vidik makes reference to the ones who came before which means they know who they were and where the POE came from.

What I don't get is if they know so much why don't they know what will happen if they don't do something about the pending solar flair. I suppose if any record of that happening was lost no one would know about it and if the templars did they would most likely ignore and carry on with world domination.

What the hell (Assassin's Creed 2 ending spolers most likely)

Minerva also says let our message be written so its possible no one but Desmond and company know of the pending doom. Theres a lot of talk of what the next game will be and if its a trilogy or not. Either way I think at some point you will most likely play as Desmond in modern time. Minerva makes reference to "temples built by people who knew to turn away from war and protect them from fire. All clues left in blood end of the world by Subject 16 also play into that.

So Desmond will most likely have to travel to each place and do something so as to prevent the Earths poles from flipping. Or they could have you go to these temples throughout time as different ancestors and do what ever needs to be done in each temple.

Random thought don't know if makes any sense but just something I noticed. Eve has a red sash tied to her arm just as Ezio and Altiar had. Their's were on their hips but there might some connection there or I could be reaching here. This whole idea that Ezio was brought up and told he is a prophet only to find out his role was just to be in the right place at the right time so his decedent from the future could receive the message totally blew my mind.

Big ups to Ubisoft for that idea. Thats all I got now, been racking my brain since Saturday trying to piece things together.