An imperial affliction ending relationship

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an imperial affliction ending relationship

How does Hazel and Augustus's relationship differ from that of other Why doesn't he present her with the ending of An Imperial Affliction. Formulate predictions about the relationship that the two will have, and about the changes . characters after the end of An Imperial Affliction. Augustus is determined to read An Imperial Affliction, and after doing so, They learn that their relationships and, further from that, their lives, are just one Towards the end of Gus' life, he asks Hazel to write him a eulogy.

The summary of his discussion with Hazel and Gus is that AIA is ultimately a work of fiction, and that the characters cease to exist when the novel ends. Gus agrees to write Hazel a sequel, which he declares will be better than anything Van Houten could write.

He then later reveals to Hazel that his cancer has come back quite seriously, and will be undergoing chemotherapy when they return from Amsterdam. An Imperial Affliction is what brings Hazel and Gus to Amsterdam, which makes up quite a large chunk of the middle part of the novel.

Their discussion with Van Houten is, on the surface, a failure, as they do not receive the answers they seek. They learn that their relationships and, further from that, their lives, are just one personal infinity within and among larger ones. The ultimate reason why An Imperial Affliction is so important during the development of their relationship is because they want to get answers not just about the characters in the story, but the people in their story, and what will happen to them when Hazel and Gus die.

An Imperial Affliction brings them closer through their shared interest of this, and also their awareness of how one death will affect the other person.

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Gus begins to undergo treatment for his cancer as soon as they return from Amsterdam. Hazel stays by his side the entire time, and is one of the only people in his life who can truly sympathise with what he is going through, having gone through it herself, and continues to do so. He wants to be able to read it before he dies, to know he has made a difference in her life.

Her eulogy talks about how their relationship and their lives were infinities, and references how Van Houten was influential to what she has written. Summary Here's the whole miserable tale: The story followed the main chartacter Hazel Grace Lancaster as she battles cancer.

The basis of their relationship ends up being Hazel's favourite book 'An Imperial Affliction' by Peter Van Houten, she requires Augustus to read it and in turn, he requires her to read the book that is the basis of his favourite video game. Hazel, saddly, spends with him his last months caring for him and loving him. The End Confused and a little intrigued? The whole story with a little more details We open up the story with: Hazel Grace who is your average teenager except for the little fact that she's got all sorts of cancer inside her body and her lungs aren't working very well.

Well, to be accurate, they catch one another's eyes. Soon enough, she and Augustus aforementioned hot boy are flirtatious friends and talk to each other about everything. Hazel shares her favorite book, "An Imperial Affliction", with Augustus, And together they obsess about the unsolved ending. Augustus manages to somehow get through to the author and when Hazel emails him, he invites her to come to Amsterdam to discuss the ending of the book.

A fan's dream come true.

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In the meantime, Augustus and Hazel's good friend Isaac is losing his eye the only one he has left so that he can be cancer-free at long last. In the process though, he also loses his girlfriend Monica, who can't "deal" with having a blind boyfriend.

an imperial affliction ending relationship

Yeah, we think she's a little superficial too, but whatever. Ma'am, your daughter's car has just been deservedly egged by a blind man. Please close the door and go back inside or we'll be forced to call the police. Why do the chapters in the story get shorter during the time that Augustus is progressively deteriorating? Questions About Family Why is Hazel's mom so set on celebrating every little thing? Is she over-celebratory or is it justified?

How do Hazel's parents and Augustus's parents react differently to their children's illnesses? How do they react similarly?

an imperial affliction ending relationship

Why does Hazel's mom hide from her that she's been taking classes? How does Hazel feel about it when she find out?

At times, Hazel is so intent on keeping her own family from feeling pain that she distances herself rather than embracing the time that she has with them.

an imperial affliction ending relationship

In time, Augustus, Hazel, and Isaac come to rely on each other as a family. After all, they are the only ones who really understand what it's like to be young and so close to death.

an imperial affliction ending relationship

We told you The Fault in Our Stars would tackle some pretty heady themes, so here's one for the books. Hazel and Augustus are pretty cerebral kids, and they're constantly going over philosophical ideas about their existence and what place they hold in the world.

an imperial affliction ending relationship

They feel the need to figure things out, maybe because they're acutely aware that they don't have an endless amount of time left.