Ar tonelico 2 luca ending a relationship

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ar tonelico 2 luca ending a relationship

Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of MetaFalica - Walkthrough/guide . This means if you chose Luca's path, you can only go so far into Cloche's Cosmosphere until you . Move Luca behind Croix and both pairings should result in a good relationship. . At the end of them, you'll automatically be back in Mint Block. Let's Play Ar Tonelico II by Feinne - Part Luca's Ending. really like this conversation, since it's basically letting Jacqli decide not to continue the relationship. For Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica on the PlayStation 2, comparing cosmospheres, Chroah never fixes Luca it always ends up being Her problems were the relationship with her mom and getting over using Croix.

The party then arrives to find Luca, Amarie and Chesterthis one talking about some "powers" of Luca she doesn't understand. After an argument between Leglius and Chester, due to belonging from the Grand Bell and the Sacred Army, respectively, Chester excuses himself and promises to visit Luca, the 'Real Holy Maiden' some other time.

They all decide to rest in Enna, Luca being the most exhausted, sleeping for many hours straight. After waking up, she thanks them all, especially Croix, for caring for her, and tells him she loves him, bothering Cloche quite a bit. The party heads back to Luca's house, where Luca asks Reisha why she wasn't told she was unwanted before and before Reisha can say something, Luca tells her she'll go away live somewhere else.

Cloche stops Croix from going after Luca and goes see her herself to talk to her, but Luca is really hurt and doesn' want to hear anything, causing them to argue heatedly. Cloche, uses her last resort, Reisha's Lullabywhich she had heard just before, to calm Luca down; but while Luca is shouting for her to stop it, Cloche faints again.

Leglius worries, as it doesn't seem it has to do with the Life Extending Agent, so after his command, the team decided to go to the Grand Bell Hall to find some help, through the Ironplate Desert, as the Grand Bell Airport was under attack by the Sacred Army.

ar tonelico 2 luca ending a relationship

In some dead end of the dessert it is revealed that Cocona is a Reyvateil and she gone outbreak as the symptoms is already revealed in the middle of the journey. Croix is terribly shocked, and the knights later arrived to take Cocona away, but Croix refused to let them do it, and he fights Leglius and other knights, but it's in vain as Croix is defeated.

Everyone is taken back to Pastalia, while Croix is still saddened of the situation he fell, in Grand Bell, the Chancellor are being attacked by the Goddess's messenger, Croix support the other troops and chased him away, the Chancellor thanked them and Lady Cloche's birthday ceremony is coming up, and She summon Croix and Luca to see her, and it's revealed that she and Luca's birthday are coincidentally the same, after that they left.

Croix, Amarie, and Luca stay at Croix's house until the ceremony, while Leglius stayed in the army, later Luca acts weirdly and Amarie decides to "stalk" her, Croix decide to follow Amarie, while stalking, Croix finds Lady Cloche at the fancy shop and she helps with the stalking. They find out Luca's trying to go to the Slums, a hideout for I,P.

Outbreak occur, when Croix going to contain her, Luca plead him for her to do Dive Theraphy on her, afte some arguement they agree, before administer the theraphy, Luca tell Croix to buy a doll, which Cloche accompany him and buy an expensive doll instead of the cheap one, and so Luca treats Reine the I.

Later Croix, Cocona, Amarie, and Luca are taken to jail. In jail, Luca tells Croix the truth and breaks up with him, Croix becomes furious and yells at Luca, telling her that a person's feeling shouldn't be tampered with, and Luca said that it's almost the time for the Life Extebding Agent, which Croix help her to put it so, and said that this is the last time he put something on her, then he was released from jail. He talked with Leglius and then encountered Shun on the way and gave him two choices: Continue his alliance with Grand Bell to protect and support Lady Cloche or shift his alliance to Sacred Army to fulfill his promise to protect Luca.

Luca's Route Phase 1A: In Rakshek they encountered Lady Cloche when she is giving her speech, they party quickly goes out, and in the restaurant Luca told the chief about her work, which it's not a problem to do so. The party engages Raki and managed to turn Replekia's power against her, but Raki defeated the party regardless.

Croix Bartel

When Maiden of Mio Aqua were subjected for execution, Jacqli stopped Raki and tells the party to sing Metafalica in response of the impending fall of Metafalss.

During the Metafalica's execution the party fought against Shun, who tries to kill the party when the hymn's execution used too much of Frelia's power. The party stood victorious against Shun, but then the new land killed Luca, which terribly saddened him for failing to protect her, Leglius adviced him to take her to the Promised Hill for a proper burial for Luca, and the party headed there, in the ruins they see the sculpture of 2 Goddess maiden and Soope which is very similiar with the statue in the Bell Strike Hall, after they put Luca into rest the party rest for the night, and when Cloche wake up, she tell everyone that Luca might still be alive somewhere, and so Croix and Cloche go to check on Luca, they find that Luca's sstill conscious somewhere but then an attack occur from outside, it's an attack from monsters that came out from the created land, Leglius suggest them to go to the Grand Bell Palace from the slums to ask the Chancellor's sponsor.

In the slums they encountered one of the monsters and defeated it and the people there explain the things around, when the party about to go to use, but the Lift has been downed, and they need to find the other Lift, when they reached the lift and goes to the Grand Bell Palace, Amarie and Cocona will wait for Croix and others in Croix house, and the others plead the Chancellor for his sponsor but he refused, but after a message from Jacqli, he suddenly changed his mind and let them go for a one way trip, and so the party heads out and infrom Amarie and Cocona, the party then climbed through the Verrticave to Gaea.

Beacon In Gaea the party encounter Jacqli, but Jacqli serves as a rival who tries to retrieve the Heart of Gaea for her own agenda, then the party finds a town that's populated with Pippens and Soope s. She takes the Heart of Gaea away and the land began to crumble, but the Crown Prince Targana arrived in time to pick them up from the falling land.

Croix's party then worked to dispatch Chancellor Alfman and catch up with Laude and Jacqli, while Jacqli betrayed both Laude and the Grand Bell, Croix's party lost track off her, and Cloche suggest that she would talk to Luca in the Infelsphere, and so Croix's party pursues Jacqli to the Cat Mansion, into the basement of the mansion where the party meet her, and then she returns the Heart of Gaea to the party.

In Cat Mansion they find Jacqli's dog robot standing, and in Jacqli's room they finally find her, she said she need to pack her belonging in case the land is going to collapse again, and she also say that she want to go to the Promise Hill to check on something, there in front the carving of Maiden Infel and Nenesha, it's revealed to be a seal to somewhere else, Jacqli broke the seal and a warp appear, they warped and arrived in a place where a Diary written by infel is lying, it tells the story about the 2 Maidens years ago.

Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of MetaFalica - Walkthrough/guide

Raki then appeared and blast off Laude, and she also attacked Luca, only to be block by Reisha with her body, the party fight her and she ran off, and tragically Reisha died, both Luca and Cloche mourn her and grief for her, and Reisha is then buried in a proper place. Metafalica Cloche's Route Croix was specifically assigned to protect Lady Cloche at all cost by Alfman, but Lady Cloche stated that she don't need him, He reveals to him that his "engagement" with Luca was a fabrication all along so she could meet her sister, and that she want to be her ally, but she flat-out told him he would be her dog; the dog she would give unreasonable demands to, even if.

Soon afterward Captain Leglius revealed that Lady Cloche was the one who is responsible for Croix's release, and that she didn't open up to many people because of her status. He gives him a brief insight about his mission, and was later assigned to escort Lady Cloche to retrieve Hymn Crystal Replekia. During the day before the war, Lady Clocha have him to escort her to the Fancy Shop where she could display her hardcore love of Gergo freely.

She asked Croix if a necklace looked good on her, but he replied by wondering if it even mattered and later dragged him to a park that they felt was as close as Metafalica as possible. After watching couples, Cloche got the idea to feed Pippencuit to Croix, but she didn't know that the substance wasn't good for humans, and thus Croix thought she regarded him as a lowly dog.

When Croix had lost her in her due to the Metafalica event. During one of the 3rd Infelsphere episodes, it is revealed that Lady Cloche also have feelings for Croix. If Croix choose to protect her as his partner, he will confess his feelings to her and she regained her will to live.

Role in Ar tonelico Qoga: As she said, " I want to see Cro He was also mentioned at several other points throughout the game. Trivia Croix likes to do lancing Croix' favourite food is hotpot Croix's dislike as shown in the game is the I. However, the day before her departure after doing her Therapy shift, she bumps into Croix. Luca greets Cocona with a kind and cheery attitude, then turns to Cloche. Cloche introduces herself and Luca replies both cheerily and nervously.

This serves to create a wall of misunderstanding and hatred between Luca and Cloche. Later on they meet Luca's friend Skycat, a waitress who works at the restaurant where Luca used to work before she became a Dive Therapist.

Skycat treats Luca with a lot of respect even though they never worked together. Croix has also become quite the celebrity in Rakshek as most people recognize him as Luca's boyfriend.

ar tonelico 2 luca ending a relationship

Some even call him Luca's fiance which surprises the entire group, even Croix himself. However she seems to deny spreading exaggerated rumors and only referring to Croix to people as "a boy she used to live with," although it is highly likely she exaggerated the story and deliberately spread it around town.

Why she did this is somewhat questionable because Luca is mostly using Croix to save Leyka. The first level of her Cosmosphere is actually a soulspace specifically made for Dive Therapy, After she heard about Paradigm Shift from Croix during his visit to Luca's soulspace, she tried to made an artificial one.

During Croix's next dive, she sealed off many of the area within the level 2 along with her alter ego, but her effort to hide her true self from Croix fails when she collapsed in her own soulspace, and the other Luca revealed the truth to Croix. Croix eventually convinced that she wanted to know the real Luca, and she crafted a Song Magic to tear apart the wall she created to hide her true self. His subsequent dives with Luca focuses on her mental conflicts, where she try to put a smile on everyone by attempting to fill everyone's wishes in one Cosmosphere Level while she is relied on to save the world while she wanted a normal life on the other.

Cloche and Luca fight over who would be the better house wife in the Infelsphere. Presumably, Reisha was this pre-series. Cloche and Alfman's mantra in Phase 1; it may be heinous but it is for Metafalica. Croix remembers the fact that IPDs can't have mind guardians at a certain point and confronts Infel about it in Cloche's route, who only gets evasive, and combining that with Croix admitting to having read her diary, it's impossible to get any information from her.

Croix - While fairly plausible a spear with a massive guard to act as a shield with a machine gun mountingit has rocket boosters on one end that he uses for his EX attack. Leglius - Equipped with what can best be described as a "Chainsaw Yo-Yo" that are the size of shields.

Cocona - Equipped with a pair of hair ornaments that are also chakram-like weapons and metamorph into a bladed staff by materializing a stick between the two Shun - He's a big robot wolf, so naturally, he attacks with Amarie - By far the biggest offender, she normally has what looks like tonfa or maybe short-swords, but then puts the two halves together, and can turn it into a bow firing what appears to be laser arrows and in the EX attack, these arrows are supposed to travel faster than lightthen she flips it around the other way, and suddenly, she has a lyre, and can hit the enemy with a Brown Note attack!

It tops off rather spectacularly Jakuri's spell list that's already the strongest of the three available Reyvateils by getting Misha, Aurica and Shurelia to join in a Combination Attack to the tune of an arrangement of the first game's end credits song. Getting it requires to reach endgame and complete Frelia's Binary Field. Cloche has a Tsundere-type reaction. It takes time for Reine to build the Cloche fanclub, and the IPDs have to be convinced by the player to join by complying with their support requirements.

In theory, with good timing you could defeat any enemy in the game that does not have a healing skill so long as you hit a perfect guard every time you're attacked, even if you're only at level one.

However, to keep you from blocking attacks that the game wants you to get hit by they'll often move the attack meter from where you're used to looking, make it shake violently or give distracting lights in the background to make it more difficult to tell when you're supposed to guard. In the Name of the Moon: For the first five levels of Jakuri's Cosmosphere, Luca, Cloche and Croix's memories are temporarily taken away while they act out Jacqli's script. Whenever Luca and Cloche turn into magical girls they give cheesy speeches while even with mind alterations Croix still refuses to do it except for the very last time where he's becoming subconsciously aware that this isn't just the game Jakuri is pretending it is.

There, Shurelia does it. One common element where the finished product looks nothing like the components is parodied hilariously with Croix's numerically strongest weapon is simply the components glued to each other in a hap-hazard manner.

I Will Wait for You Croix made what amounts to a Childhood Marriage Promise with Luca who agrees to wait until he's a full fledged knight and he comes to take her to Pastalia. However, this was mostly part of her long term plan to infiltrate Pastalia's higher security areas to look for Reika and the relationship is called off before act one even ends.

In the default ending, Croix says he will wait for Coccona to return from her journey to the third tower. Jakuri's Long Skirt costume draws on the "sukeban" style of female Japanese delinquents. Replekia is depicted as this as well, as it was fired twice throughout the story. The in-game battle system depicts it as a Song magic amplifier, though.

Of the Bright Lady and White Knight variety. Croix is the knight, and Luca and Cloche are the ladies; Phase 1 is about him standing between his childhood friend and his boss.

Both Luca and Cloche play this dead straight; poor Croix. In fairness to Jakuri, her cooking is a crapshoot. So what if it was supposed to be a cake, it's still really good sushi! Compared to the other girls, you at least stand a good probability of surviving her meals. Additionally, anything that is actually toxic at least looks the part.

Requires a series of specific actions for the vanguards to activate and they are awesome. Cocona from Metafalica manages to push this to its limits. Wielding her concealed baton and roundhouse kicks, and an occasional magic attack, as her weapons, she not only fights on the front lines, but bodily protects the Reyvateils who are twice her mass and age in spite of actually BEING a Reyvateil herself.

Her EX attack involves creating a laser blade from her baton. Except that she's really almost years old and thus only looks like a loli, and Croix definitely doesn't see her as a "younger" sister, unlike Cocona.

Coccona is Croix's adoptive sister and very cute. She confides in Cloche that she is in love with him but his only love is as a brother because of their age difference. She's the default love interest. Living with the Villain: Long Song, Short Scene: Although it's fourteen minutes long, it's extremely unlikely you'll hear half of it unless you intentionally idle.

On the other hand, it overrides the normal battle musicand so, it's easy to hear it to then end before getting to the next plot point where it gets replaced by normal event music. Infel repeatedly makes bad puns.

ar tonelico 2 luca ending a relationship

However, these were translated literally for the North American release, which turns Croix's responses into strange non sequiturs. There's the pun regarding Skycat's name. In the original, she's called Soraneko while working, anywaywhich literally does translate to Skycat. However, Croix mistakenly calling her Seacat loses its humor if you don't know the Japanese equivalent, Umineko, is actually despite the literal meaning the term for a type of seagull.

Nearly every synthesis with her will invoke the Power of Love. Croix doesn't have it any better than Lyner ever did. Croix was almost killed 4 of the 9 levels in Luca's cosmosphere, killed by the sucidal Cloche and squashed like a bug in the third Reyvateil's hate for humanity. Love Makes You Evil: Infel does everything for the sake of her beloved Nenesha. Jakuri gets this surprisingly frequently and it's done hilariously at the end of her Cosmosphere.

Normally, it involves a "marriage" ceremony with a speech. Jakuri breaks the rules and has Ayatane forgo this because it's embarrassing whilst blushingand her "Costume Get" image, normally with a default expression, has her blushing while rolling her eyes. Averted for Frelia and Shun. Shun was a human who willingly transformed himself into a digital lifeform to protect Frelia throughout her year lifetime. However, his bio says that he wants to go back to being human.

Croix and Jakuri if you choose her path considering that he's human and she's a Pureblood Beta Type. She has about a century more to live.

Cloche's Pretty Viola costume has her hair in spiraled pigtails. One of Jakuri's costumes is a maid uniform because of her cosmosphere script job. In addition to the Reyvateil's Individual Cosmospheres, there is also the Infelsphere, which is a shared world that Luca and Cloche can enter, though Croix is able to join them with both girls permission at first.

Hearts of the Land. They also function as a Cosmic Keystone for the land because they regulate everything from the cycle of the seasons to the growth of living things, and the most powerful Hearts serve as the cores for planets.

Amarie joins the main party as a spy for the Sacred Army. One of Alfman's attacks reveals a Hyperspace Arsenaland he unloads. More Expendable Than You: Leglius sees this as his purpose for traveling with Cloche: Do dangerous rescue missions so she won't.

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The knights in general are kind of this too. More Friends, More Benefits: Slapped down compared to the original - you have to commit to one girl before completing Level 5 of their Cosmosphere and be able to go deeper and get better song magicand that locks you into their ending. The Cello and Viola moons. In her backstoryInfel gave a cruel yet not underserved Calling the Old Man Out toward her foster father Grammul, after it's revealed that his plan for Metafalica require her to be sacrificed.

Grammul was soon fired from the Metafalica project and then disappeared. What Infel realized later was that Grammul had created an imperfect replacement for the sacrifice in the form of Mimimi, the doll he gave to Infel a long time ago. However, now that is a wish that can't be fulfilled. Because, he must have passed away already.

Infel's hat stands out in particular for its size. Jakuri thinks a giant killer stuffed rabbit is cute as well as thinking all the "normal" cute things are lame. Shun is a wolf that severes as the bodyguard and messenger of Frelia, the world's administrator. If Croix enters Frelia's cosmosphere and takes the option to succumb to Reisha's temptations, they hook up and live happily ever after.

The story ends and Frelia sulks that she didn't even appear despite being the heroine. Croix can get basically the same bad end in the third level and it's still a happy ending, but this time a sulky Frelia calls Croix a pervert. If you do not progress past Level 5 in anyone's cosmosphere in Metafalica, Croix gets paired with Cocona, his adopted sister. Croix is raised in the house of Reisha alongside Luca.

Even though, for some odd reason, he's never officially adopted despite being a 4-year-old orphan, that still makes Croix and Luca more than just "childhood friends" by any reasonable count. The game very specifically never tries to mention this, probably to avoid squicking the player out of picking Luca's route. Only Known by Their Nickname: Her true name is Mir. Cloche for Sasha; an elegant, reserved, and affectionate big sister figure.

Sasha's adoration can be seen in every one of their conversations. Cloche fits this most. Lampshaded when upon her first Dualstall scene with Luca; her dress turned out to be so complex that she didn't know how to take it off herself. Luca starts as the maiden and Cloche as the common girl when they're born, then they're switched, then they both become commoners after Alfman's coup, then end up swapping roles in the opening flashback, then both end up as the maiden and It keeps going from there.

Not explicit, but Reyvateils tend have their powers awaken right at the start of puberty, though there are rare exceptions that are considered freak accidents like with Reika as a toddler, or one ancient Maiden who awakened at one year old.

Cocona, at ten or eleven, has an IPD outbreak immediately after awakening, causing a nasty double shock for Croix. Also, it doesn't come with the usual mastering that you might expect: Most spells have to be individually crafted for each Reyvateil, which requires either a lot of time for them to sort out the necessary feelings to craft the songs, a strong shock or epiphany, or undergo Diving with a partner.

Diving with children is a terrible idea due to the fact their Cosmospheres don't get stabilized into actual worlds until they reach 13 years in age high risk of dying for both people involved if they dare to attempt such a Divenor something that would be palatable to most people, given how most people take the intimacy and trust required for Diving as being a direct metaphor for sex.

Therefore, at best Cocona can just use really weak basic spells to supplement her melee or channel a raw burst of power into her combos as her EX attack. Leglius is technically Croix's boss at first Even when Croix is transferred to being directly under Cloche, a woman very much used to giving ordersshe takes orders from him, too.

Rage Against the Heavens: