Batman arkham city armored edition ending a relationship

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batman arkham city armored edition ending a relationship

Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition (Nintendo Wii U) . story unfolds, players will meet many important characters for the first time and forge key relationships. It is the sequel to the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. A Wii U version, called Arkham City: Armored Edition, was released in . sake of their past relationship while uncovering the true nature of Protocol .. Joker references the show during his "return to health" speech "How come it all ended in a church?". Batman Arkham City Armored Edition - Batman: Arkham City: Batman Arkham City Armored Edition is exclusively for the Wii U. Developer is WB.

Batman's gliding provided a sufficient means of transportation, and it was considered that putting Batman in any vehicle would make it a completely different game. While relating the game's dark nature to the animated movie Batman Beyond: Although the team developed several ideas for new moves, gadgets and abilities, they only went forward with those that they felt would be authentic to Batman.

Arkham City has a virtual footprint five times larger than that of Arkham Asylum, and the navigational aspects were improved to offer the player "the freedom and exhilaration of gliding down alleyways and soaring above the skyline".

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Rocksteady aimed to make the player think creatively when collecting trophies by requiring the use of gadgets to solve puzzles, rather than placing the trophies in obscure areas of the map as mere collection items. Hugo Strange was selected as a primary antagonist, as his power and controlling manner help maintain the lockdown on Arkham City once Batman enters. Strange is aware of Batman's true identity, making Batman "vulnerable and exposed in a way that he has never been before", according to Hill.

He noted that Strange is a character new to many players but that his backstory and character are detailed throughout the game. Senior concept artist Kan Muftic explained: The shaved head is inspired by cage fighters, because we thought that Robin might be doing that in his spare time to keep him on his toes. Still, we kept all the classic trademarks of Robin's appearance, such as the red and yellow colors of his outfit, the cape and the mask. The developers believed that providing a small part of each villain's story rather than focusing on a select few allowed the player to meet many more characters and effectively conveyed the feeling of being in a superprison filled with supervillains.

According to Hill, "If we use all of the energy that is required to create multiplayer and instead focus this on the single player, would that deliver a better overall game? To keep the environments interesting, base color schemes such as Mr Freeze's ice-themed area, Joker's fire-themed steel mill, and Poison Ivy's jungle-themed area were populated with contrasting elements: The album contains 11 original songs inspired by the game from mainstream artists including DaughtryPanic!

An extra song was made available via the Collector's edition of the album, [] [] and the Deluxe edition included a portion of Arundel's original score. Black-and-white photographs of iconic personalities like inventor Steve Jobs and actor James Dean served as inspiration and a basis for the final marketing campaign used in advertisements and the game's cover art. The imagery, highlighted with blood and bathed in light was considered to move away from the classic superhero image and refocus on Batman's humanity.

The black and white campaign was featured on magazine covers and was targeted towards approximately 15 million consumers across a variety of social media and Warner Bros. By Aprilthree gameplay trailers had gained approximately 6 million views. Arkham City was released on May 11, The series bridges the plot between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

Arkham City on Monday, October 17, one day before the game officially hit shelves. The remaining copies of Arkham City could be purchased at the event, unautographed. Australian retailers EB Games and Game broke the official release date two days early, selling the game on October Defeating enemies earns points that can be used to upgrade Batman's stats or unlock gadgets or costumes. Additionally, both games include all previously released downloadable content, and feature improved graphics, upgraded models and environments, and improvements in the lighting, effects and shaders for both games.

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batman arkham city armored edition ending a relationship

The Animated Seriesand Batman Beyond. Additional Robin skins were also released, including his appearance from Batman: The Animated Series and the Red Robin outfit. Earth One alternative skin for Batman.

Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition - Wii U Walkthrough - Chapter 22 - Mister Freeze Boss Fight

A bundle containing these items and a Kinect controller was also released. A free download of the animated movie Batman: After Penguin kills one of the cops, Batman vows to take him down. Batman manages to rescue all except two, who were being personally held by Penguin of the remaining undercover cops, and locates the captive Freeze. In exchange for Batman promising to return his suit to him, Freeze reluctantly tells Batman that his suit contains an override chip that he created in the event that someone ever managed to use his weapons against him.

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Batman takes this override chip, then heads to the Iceberg Lounge to confront Penguin and disable his freeze gun which he had stolen from Freeze earlier. Penguin, however, has an ace up his sleeve.

He dumps Batman into a hidden chamber beneath the Iceberg Lounge, where it is revealed he is keeping the massive zombie known as Solomon Grundy. Penguin awakens Grundy using electricity and forces him to fight Batman. After a long fight, Batman is eventually able to take down Grundy after disabling the electricity sources keeping Grundy active, then tearing out his heart. Batman then confronts Penguin one final time and beats him down, then has him imprisoned within one of his own display cases.

Batman then returns to Mr. Freeze who is now fully armored and demands information on the cure for his and Joker's illness. To his dismay, Freeze states he had indeed been able to manufacture a cure, but it was incomplete - it required a restorative chemical in order for it to be properly stabilized. Studying the data, Batman tells Freeze that he knows of a man who had been exposed to a nearly identical chemical for several centuries: Using a blood trail to track the ninja, Batman proceeds to follow her.

batman arkham city armored edition ending a relationship

Along the way, he is ambushed by more assassins, but is saved by Robin. Batman gives Robin a sample of his poisoned blood and tells him to give it to the hospitals in Gotham. Robin reluctantly agrees and leaves Arkham City. Unfortunately, Joker's poisoned blood has started to take effect, and Batman is greatly weakened. Estimating that he has only minutes to live, Batman nonetheless forces himself to keep going, his sheer iron will perhaps the only thing keeping him from death.

Finally arriving at the Chamber of the Demon, Batman meets Talia and tells her about his condition. Talia informs him that he would need to take part in a series of tests known as "The Demon Trials".

Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition Review

As part of these trials, Batman drinks a sample of the " Blood of the Demon " which boosts his health but doesn't completely cure him. Batman is inevitably successful in completing the Demon Trials. Instead, Batman simply knocks him to the ground via a well placed Batarang and acquires the blood sample he came for.

Angrily, Talia runs off after having been used and betrayed by the only two people she loves. He says that each time he comes out of the Pit, he fears more and more what will come out next.

Batman has no time to go after Talia, as he needs to get the blood back to Mr. Strange announces that Mayor Quincy Sharp has been brought into Arkham City and encourages the inmates to "provide him with the welcome he deserves". Batman decides to find Sharp and question him about Hugo Strange. Upon reaching the surface, Batman finds Two-Face's thugs surrounding Sharp with guns. After taking them out, Batman interrogates Sharp about Strange but only learns that Strange had "powerful friends" who helped Sharp win the election at the cost of Sharp "turning a blind eye to Strange's experiments".

Once back at the GCPD lab, Batman gives the blood to Freeze, which he uses to complete the antidote, making two vials. However, at the last moment, Freeze destroys one of the vials and seals the other into a vault, then tries to use the antidote to blackmail Batman into rescuing Nora Frieswhom has been kidnapped by the Joker as collateral to try and force Freeze to make the antidote. They proceed to fight each other over the antidote and Batman defeats Freeze. However, it is revealed that during the fight, Harley Quinn had broken into Freeze's safe and taken the antidote.

Freeze tries to help Batman defeat Joker, hoping that he'll rescue Nora, by giving him an armament of freeze bombs he developed. Unfortunately, on his way to Joker's hideout Vicki Vale 's news chopper is shot down by Joker, leaving her caught in a shootout between Joker and Penguin's thugs. Batman easily rescues Vale and moves on, being informed by Joker that the attack was a distraction to buy Harley time to get back to base. Strange claims that he failed to stop the spread of illegal firearms, which he provided, in the city and that the inmates are preparing an uprising.

Using this, Strange has gained permission to activate Protocol 10 in 30 minutes. Returning to Joker's office, Batman notices that Joker has apparently been completely cured.

Batman demands that Joker hand over the cure. Batman is able to defeat the others, and advances on Joker. Suddenly, Talia interrupts the fight, and surprisingly offers to give Joker the secret of immortality and make him the new leader of the League of Assassins. Intrigued, Joker agrees, but Talia plants one of Batman's tracking devices onto herself, subtly telling Batman to follow her lead. Meanwhile, across town, Catwoman and Poison Ivy are arguing. Catwoman convinces Ivy to allow her to retrieve the plant from the confiscated goods vault.

During the effort to break into the vault, Catwoman overhears Strange's plans to wipe out Arkham, and has apparently killed Batman. Against her better judgement, Catwoman proceeds to rescue Batman with success. Once outside, Batman realizes that Protocol 10 is actually missile strikes against Arkham. It was a ploy to gather every criminal in Gotham in one place and wipe them out. With it, he is able to infiltrate Wonder Tower.

Once inside, Strange contacts Batman over the PA system and says that the crime problem was his fault to begin with and his presence created an environment in which the criminal element has spiraled out of control, and there was never any way to truly rid Gotham of crime, until now.

Batman proceeds up Wonder Tower and eliminates Strange's personal guards before confronting him in his office. She succeeds, and Protocol 10 is halted. At that moment, Strange activates "Protocol 11" with his dying breath. Suddenly, the tower begins exploding around them - Protocol 11 was a self-destruct sequence. Once Batman recovers from the fall, he is contacted by Joker, who reveals that he has taken Talia hostage at the Monarch Theatre. Batman heads to the theatre and confronts Joker, demanding that he return Talia.

In turn, Joker, while holding Talia at gunpoint, demands that Batman give him the cure. Batman is confused at Joker's statement, as he is apparently healthy and had already stolen the cure. At this point, Talia breaks free from Joker, then stabs him with her sword, seemingly killing him. She then reveals to Batman that she stole the cure from Harley Quinn. However, realizing that it's never simple with the Joker, Batman begins to rethink all the strange occurrences throughout the night; a seemingly dead Joker dummy in a wheelchair, the two versions of the Joker card left in place of the cure, and a healthy Joker looking into a mirror that reflected a sickly Joker.

Connecting them all together, Batman realizes the truth: Moments later, Talia is killed by the true Joker, who is indeed still very sick.

Batman then engages Clayface in a fight, with Batman able to slow Clayface down using the freeze bombs given to him by Mr. After completely freezing Clayface, Batman seeming defeats him when he takes Talia's sword and cuts him into pieces.

However, Joker detonates explosives on the floor of the theatre, causing it to collapse, and bringing the fight into the room where the very Lazarus Pit that Joker had been looking for was located. After a brutal fight, Batman finally manages to defeat Clayface for good, then retrieves the cure and drinks it, curing himself of the TITAN illness, keeping the other half needed to cure Joker and the rest of Gotham.

Joker then attempts to jump into the Lazarus Pit to claim immortality once and for all and become the new leader of the League of Assassins.