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For Corpse Party: Book of Shadows on the PSP, a GameFAQs ends, and have some relation to certain chapters in Book of Shadows. Corpse Party (コープスパーティー, Kōpusu Pātī) is a Japanese horror film directed by on August 1, A sequel, Corpse Party Book of Shadows was released on July 30, Ayumi begins to succumb in jealousy because of Naomi's relationship with Satoshi, whom Ayumi is obsessed with. She gives Naomi a. Corpseparty; Musume (コープスパーティー;娘 Kōpusupātī; Musume, lit. " Corpseparty; The Girl") is a Japanese manga series written by Makoto The ending of Corpseparty; Musume is a reference to Ending Rank: C of CORPSE- PARTY.

I don't even know. I keep trying to follow the story, but it seems like in each "version" different people die and things play out differently.

I know that someone who survives in the game seems to die in the anime I've only played the game but none of the The Official Everything of Every board. Seriously, who decides this and what's the point? Archlvt Ajogamer 4 years ago 2 Basically, it's like this: In this one, there were 5 main characters, Satoshi, Naomi, Yuka, Yoshiki and Ayumi, along with the Girl in Red essentially Sachiko, though at this point, she had no name, a somewhat different story, and was a teenager rather than a young girl as the villain.

In this version, the story was majorly expanded upon, to the point that many plot points and characters are different sometimes even drastically soand there's a whole lot of new content. In fact, it's only really the intro, Sachiko's backstory, and chapter 5 that shares common plot points with the original game; most everything else is completely new. As you may know, this plot expansion also caused a LOT of new characters to be introduced, like the other Kisaragi characters Seiko, Mayu, Morishige and Yui and all the Byakudan students, among various other characters.

This is the PSP version most of us are familiar with, though it was simply called "Corpse Party" for its English releases. This one's a bit more complicated to define, since its relation depends a bit on the chapter. Basically, chapters 1, 2, 3 and 5 are what-if chapters taking place in an alternate timeline, chapters 4, 7 and 8 are on the same timeline as the first game, and are therefore all canon events with 4 and 7 simply being moments in the past we hadn't witnessed, and 8 resuming from the end of the 1st gamethen chapter 6 is a what-if scenario taking place from where a bad end in the previous game left off.

As a result, the only chapters that completely match up with the first game are chapters 4, 7, and 8. But all the same, when she doesn't get her way and can't think of a means to get it, she becomes murderous. Whether that requires beating someone to death or tricking them, it's the same to her. In fact, the whole reason she ended up in Heavenly Host is because she tried to get her friends sent there under the guise of eternal friendship so she could make a clean start after being rejected by Kentaro.

Her left eye is always covered by her hair, giving her a rather mysterious appearance.

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Red Eyes, Take Warning: Her left eye, which is always covered by her hair, may be red. That is, the one time her left eye is shown she is under the influence of the Darkening, which can turn people's eyes red, so there's that. However, her right eye is as blue as ever, so that suggests her eyes are in their natural state. In the Wrong End of the 2U extra chapter, a broken Azusa meets with Kizami, who claims that the living should stick together.

In a promotional audio recording for Blood Drive, Kizami meets a dying Ran and becomes interested in meeting Azusa after hearing she beat Ran up and was true to herself in doing so. They're still sticking together by the time Magari comes to retrieve Azusa. Ran Kobayashi Voiced by: Cruz Girls' High School. She's in love with Azusa and very eager to please and keep her. A fairly girly one, but one all the same.

Ran has pretty large bunny clip in her hair. For Azusa, whom she calls "wife". She has no interest in anyone else and becomes highly distraught and violent at the thought that someone else would get with her. Azusa beat her up so badly that she was dying and still she wanted nothing more than to be reunited with her wife. It required the environment of Heavenly Host combined with Azusa's hypothetical power to come to fruition, but her attempted murder of Toshihisa wouldn't have happened if she didn't have the potential for it in her own psyche.

Wears this with her school uniform. Kentaro Oshio Voiced by: He's very intelligent and empathic, making him well-liked. He's only in the extra chapter, not in either of the game's manga adaptions, and he pretty much died before the cast even meets him. Most of "his" appearances are a ghost possessing his body.

His corpse is one of the harder to find in Corpse Party: What we do get to know of him paints him as an altruistic and trustworthy individual. Toshihisa Goto Voiced by: He's a fashion designer with moderate success and once dated Azusa. He's only in the extra chapter, not in either of the game's manga adaptions, and he's dying during it.

His corpse is the first to be found in Corpse Party: What we do get to know of him is marked by Azusa's and Ran's betrayal.

Ayumi Shinozaki

Blood Drive introducees Kuon Niwa Voiced by: Saori Hayami The older sister of Aiko Niwa and a both physically and mentally gifted woman.

Too bad it comes at the cost of her life energy, causing her to age rapidly. To the point of being a Crystal Dragon Jesus. Aiko actually hates her because of how great of a sister she is. She is very serious about her job and the safety of her students. And despite the awkward feeling she caused for the survivors who remembered Yui, her help and care causes them to embrace her with the same love they did Yui.

This makes her happy, but also makes restoring the memories of the victims that much harder. Aiko describes her as the embodiment of human ideals ; there is nothing she doesn't excel at, whether it's academics, business, or eventually the occult. And she always comes out at the top. This was part of why Aiko despised her. She brought up an entire multi-faceted company by becoming its CEO, then took on teaching Class as a side job.

In the eyes of the Heavenly Host survivors, she gives off the appearance of something the Nirvana fathered as a replacement for Ms. This doesn't help when compounded with her martyr-like death in Chapter 10, where she makes a sacrifice by fusing with the Sephirot of Knowledge, essentially playing a major part in saving the world, and opening the way for the rest of the cast to reach the Nirvana's core.

And let's not get into the implications when she transfers Sachi's spirit into herself, ordering her to move on and be reborn. Did Not Get The Guy: She has feelings for Satoshi Mochida. It makes her want to live, which in turn stops her aging process.

But the Satoshi who returned from Heavenly Host doesn't share the memories of their time together, whatever happened that made Kuon fall in love.

He came to care for her a lot, but could not love her due to the memories of Yui and the other victims.

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And it is heartbreaking. Her being an expy is actually part of the story. Heroic Albino Heroic Sacrifice: Dies trying to destroy the Sepirot of Knowledge. Locked Out of the Loop: Most of her hair is almost bobcut-short, but she has a braid at the back of her head that goes down to at least her thighs. Ridiculously attached to her students, but especially Satoshi.

Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Her gift comes with rapid aging. She'd never live for long, though falling in love with Satoshi stopped the process until it became clear her love was unrequited. She took it with grace. Magari Mizuki Voiced by: Maaya Uchida A mysterious girl from Martuba's Tomb who appears to the cast, and has a mean-spirited, somewhat murderous personality. She has an affinity for dolls and somewhat has the looks of one. It's unclear what her goals are.

Her intentions are not fully clear, but she's definitely not friendly towards Ayumi or the main cast. The only reason she helps them out is because as a Shinozaki, only Ayumi is implied to be able to gain control of the Book of Shadows and without Ayumi, the Nirvana can't be suppressed. Seeks the Book of Shadows for her own purposes but loses to Misuto and the Nirvana. Mind, Magari doesn't actively try to hide her awful personality. She just likes frills, soft colors, lace, ribbons, etc.

Anyone who mistakes her fashion sense for her being approachable only has themself to blame. She was left with the Tomb of Martuba, so her biological parents probably wouldn't have minded all the things Magari gets up to, but still. Her caretaker, Waldo, is more of a butler and takes orders from her.