Don starve wendy ending relationship

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don starve wendy ending relationship

A page for describing Characters: Don't Starve. Playable Characters Introduced in the main game Wilson Percival Higgsbury Also known as "the Gentleman . Wendy is the third playable Character in Don't Starve that can be unlocked via Experience, with XP, and one of the 12 playable Characters in Don't Starve. Wendy is also my favourite character due to her 'relationship' with her sister and her rather dark 'quotes'. I apologise for this not really being.

He enjoys a substantial amount of success, although whether this is how he actually appears to others or merely how he views himself is a different question. Maxwell continues onwards to San Francisco likely in the company of Wolfgang, Wes, and Wigfrids traveling circusand sets up his show in the city.

He puts out an ad for an assistant with "a curious demeanor and a keen interest in the mysteries of the universe" - qualities that match his own, but are in retrospect poor choices for the arts he now dabbles in.

He hires a young woman named Charlie, and the two form a strong relationship in and out of their work.

don starve wendy ending relationship

As he studies the book, Maxwell begins to see shadows and dark things forming unbidden. He still exerts a measure of control over his work, but as his work dabbles in the value of dark madness, he keeps it largely hidden. He remains in San Francisco, performing in his act and growing steadily more unstable and powerful in the occult, until April 17, On that evening, Charlie comes to Maxwell's apartment to check up on him and gather up the props for their show.

She uncovers the secret passage to his study room and enters, attracting the attention of both Maxwell and a shadowy hand. As Maxwell intervenes quietly through a portrait to stave off the shadows, Charlie collects his things and reads the mad scrawls on his study room wall, visible only through the light of a special lantern.

don starve wendy ending relationship

Making a hasty exit, she returns only to drop Maxwell a worried note, suggesting they take a break after the current run of shows. Maxwell meets Charlie at the theater that night and the two give one last performance.

Reaching into the Codex Umbra to pull forth the shadows within, Maxwell instead finds himself pulled upon instead. He fights back, and shadows emerge from every direction, capturing both Charlie and Maxwell and drawing them into another world. The next morning, an earthquake levels parts of San Francisco, collapsing all evidence of Maxwell's existence and killing thousands. Charlie is consumed by the darkness. Maxwell is enthroned by shadows and trapped in the world of Don't Starve. He can create and manage parts of its existence.

Much stuff happens here we don't know about yet. Overcome by boredom, Maxwell begins communicating with the outside world and drawing in new people, targeting stage performers and those who bear dark obsessions and secrets of their own. He lures them into the Don't Starve world and in doing so, traps them there. Beeslikewise, are easy to kill by the hive due to their swarming tendencies.

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When spread out they can give Abigail a bit of trouble, but most of the time an entire swarm can be stunlocked all at once as she sits on their hive and scowls and thinks ugly thoughts at it until everything dies.

Unless you've taken a jog through a killer bee forest or they manage to start kiting her, Abigail can probably handle any amount of bees you'll encounter naturally. Beefalo are a mixed bag as well, due to their natural tankiness, heavy yet slow attacks, and their tendency to rush in from large distances when their comrades are attacked.

In the darkest hours of night is the best time to take on a herd due to her higher attack damage, but make sure you back Abigail up or she might not have the power needed to melt through an entire herd. Be prepared to sprint if she falls, but if the group is small enough you should be able to mop up what's left, even if Abigail didn't have it in her to finish the job.

Koalefant hunting can also be made easier with Abigail's help. Once tracked, place the Koalefant into a wide area. Next, run past the Koalefant and drift to the side, so that Abigail falls behind and you gradually force the Koalefant between the two of you; issue an attack order on the Koalefant, and Abigail will try to attack it too.

One of you forces the Koalefant into the other as it tries to flee, the other can jump in from the opposite side to land a strike, triggering the aggro and preventing its escape.

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From there, it's a simple matter of securing the kill through normal methods. Hound waves, particularly early on, are easily handled by Abigail. Versus larger groups she can be overpowered, but the first several weeks can be spent in relative safety as you can largely ignore the handful of Hounds that came for you, picking up bits and pieces of them when the deed is done.

Beware of fires later on: Pengulls are a mixed bag, leaning more towards not a good idea; they tend to take a while to attack up close and she can sit on an entire group all at once, but the strength of a Pengull attack is very easy to underestimate and an entire group bellysliding into Abigail can sometimes take her out instantly. She will also stop attacking when her first target is dead, allowing the group to wait for their attack cooldown to rush in and ram her again.

Keep issuing attack orders if she gets distracted and be sure to lend a hand, or she might have some trouble. Tallbirds are a mixed bag, as Tallbirds generally target the player. Even though the tallbird is fast enough to reach the player, it's attack won't connect given the player does not stop running. Abigail will then catch up to the Tallbird and attack it, which will normally result in a victory. It may take time for Abigail to kill the Tallbird, especially if the fight takes place in the morning.

However, if the Tallbird targets Abigail, Abigail's chances of death skyrocket …because it's not like they are already dead or anything. There are also many enemies that Abigail will struggle to fight against. These foes are often plentiful on the map and can be extremely dangerous to any Wendy player.

Care must be taken when attempting to pass through the areas where these mobs reside when Abigail is in tow. Enemies to avoid with Abigail: Tentacles will wreck Abigail. Striking them resets their attack cooldown, and she will do so consistently with no consideration for her own safety, making things that much harder for herself.

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She can sometimes take a single tentacle, but strolls through the swamp will sometimes trigger the aggro of many tentacles in a row, and each time she will break off from you and attack the thing that just took a potshot at you.

The end result will leave you vulnerable for several days or just straight up leave you injured, leaving you open for the next Hound attack as a result. If you must go through a swamp with Abigail, do so after a Hound wave has passed through recently, and try to stick to the paths; most tentacles don't spawn close enough to them to take a swing at you.

Frogs in small numbers won't pose much of a threat to Abigail. But an entire swarm, or even a small group fought during the Day, will probably be too much for her to handle.

Frogs can't be stunned when hit, and Abigail's tendency to sit right on top of her prey will most likely be her downfall as the frogs constantly attack her until one side perishes. One or two is fine, but it's probably better to avoid them completely without the aid of darkness to boost Abigail's power. Treeguards could, arguably, be a useful enemy to throw Abigail at.

She will fail miserably versus the creature one on one - but when she dies the Treeguard won't remember it was mad at you until you strike it or start to chop another tree down. This makes it possible to run away and equip yourself properly to duel the beast on your own terms without worrying about a lumbering monstrosity looming on the horizon. Be prepared to do a lot of kiting when you do engage it, however; it will take a while to kill it by yourself.

THE END... (Don't Starve Hamlet)

Pigs are simple one on one, but their kiting AI will give Abigail nothing but trouble. If you intend to fight a pig, Abigail will compliment you very nicely if you both were point blank to it, but if it slips out of range it could give you both a bit of a run-around.

Anything higher than two pigs will almost surely be the doom of Abigail, or at least make your day significantly more difficult and less enjoyable. Merms are difficult for the same reason as the Pigs above, accentuated by the fact you will almost always be swarmed immediately if you were too close to the Abandoned House.

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They're also faster than the Pigs, making it even harder for you and Abigail to do any damage. Generally speaking, swamps and Abigail do not mix. Boss enemies in general will easily do Abigail in. The supplementary damage is always useful, but in that case you're probably going to wind up taking most of the heat if you didn't start the engagement out with Abigail. It's not always possible to run, but it's recommended to do so unless fighting them is your specific goal and you came prepared.

Other notes about Abigail: She will pass through walls when trying to avoid you, but her path finding forces her to seek openings like normal creatures.

don starve wendy ending relationship

Her AI does not consider her health and will attempt to sit directly on top of enemies, regardless of how much damage she takes. Her eyes will turn from the "blank stare" look that she and Wendy usually share, into a more "worried" or "hurt" look - the same type of look that Wendy will periodically display at low Sanity levels.

Occasionally she will sit just out of range of her AoE attack if her AI hasn't registered it because it's too small a distance; it might be necessary to nudge her a centimeter or so closer to something, or re-issue the attack order. She is a bit slower than Wendy and can be left behind on long walks down paths or roads.