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For Dynasty Warriors 5 on the PlayStation 2, Diao Chan by TornadoKirby. Credits/Special Thanks 8. Wang Yun wanted to tear Lu Bu and Dong Zhou's relationship apart so Lu Bu could kill Dong Zhou to end his tyranny. A page for describing Characters: Dynasty Warriors: Other Characters. The closest thing to a playable kingdom in this list are Lu Bu's forces, characterized by . A page for describing Funny: Dynasty Warriors. A hilarious example if you have LU BU dance in front of Diao Chan. .. At the end of a stage in 8 XL for Jin, it looks like Sima Shi will finally get to enjoy his . After playing as Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, Daqiao and Xiaoqiao, you get the feeling that their relationship is less of a Lolicon.

Should the player have Wang Yun hide during the revolt, Diaochan will find him alive and promise to return to Lu Bu's side. In the hypothetical route, Diaochan actively participates in Lu Bu's campaigns while showing concern over his dissatisfaction towards the Emperor.

She proves instrumental in cementing her lover's alliance with Liu Bei in time for their attack against Cao Cao at Xu Province. She also appears in the final battle at Chang'an, and is happy to see Lu Bu's decision to become emperor without killing Emperor Xian.

In the ninth installmentDiaochan's role is largely the same, and she remains amongst Dong Zhuo's forces until Lu Bu turns on him and slays him at Chang'an.

Dynasty Warriors 8/Story Mode

As Lu Bu leaves the capital, Diaochan apologizes that she cannot join him as she had intentionally deceived him to aid in Wang Yun's plot. Lu Bu relents to her wishes, but the general makes the dancer promise to live her own life, not as a deceiver or as her father's pawn, but for herself.

She is stopped by Dong Bai and Zhang Liao who end up defeating her. Diaochan is not heard from after this point. She eventually joins the Coalition against Orochicausing Lu Bu to disown her. In the Japanese script, he merely says he looks forward to meeting her again.

She loyally follows her lover in the sequel and joins his side when he declares his independence. She shares her dream stage with Motochika and Zhang He as the three artistic warriors punish Da Ji for ruining the picture-perfect scenery.

Bao Sanniang

When Lu Bu appears on the field to aid the vixen, she chastises him for blindly following orders and convinces him to defect from the serpent forces. During the original timeline of Warriors Orochi 3Diaochan was Lu Bu's faithful companion in his travels throughout the dimensional realm.

Upon watching her lover be defeated by Nezha after the two chanced upon an engagement between the Wei forces and Da Ji, she attempted to flee, but was cornered and subsequently killed. Her death is averted by the coalition when they travel to the past to chain boats together to form new passage for her in a changed timeline.

After returning to Tong Gate again, the makeshift bridge is enough to encourage her speedy and safe escape after Lu Bu's withdrawal. Grateful for saving her life, she eagerly accompanies them in their quest to change the future. Throughout the downloadable stages she appears in, Diaochan accompanies Lu Bu, rarely being without him.

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In "Dong Zhuo's Ambition"they help their lord in creating a paradise of beautiful women. One of the new scenarios in Ultimate has Diaochan cooperate with Ayane and Nemea in driving off the demonic troops at Yan Province. Their efforts help them earn the trust of Ayane's half-sister Kasumi. Diaochan continues to accompany Dong Zhuo in 4serving the Oda during their brief alliance with Nobunaga. When Dong Zhuo deserts the Oda at Luoyang, she is not seen until he attempts to capture Xiaoqiao during one of her excursions.

The two then surrender to the Coalition thereafter. At her father's behest, she will join the player if they conquer Chang'an during the former's twilight years. Her high charisma makes her an excellent choice for recruiting new officers, while her others stats are relatively low. Later titles depict her role in Dong Zhuo's assassination and in some titles she is exclusively playable in this specific mission. Her stats in these games are more or less like the majority of the female cast: Her charisma is among the highest in the games where the stat is present.

She tends to die young, around her 25 years old. She is a simple dancer and Liu Bei 's compassionate lover. The infant Han emperor entrusted her with the Imperial Seal and asked her to find a worthy man to possess it. She kept its location a secret, but Himiko sensed that she had it thus leading Cao Cao to stage a rebellion against Liu Bei.

She is kidnapped by him and is constantly interrogated to reveal the hidden treasure. She communicates with her lover through a crystal orb whenever she can.

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As she stays with Cao Cao, Diao Chan begins to sympathize with him and realizes that he wasn't the cruel tyrant she originally thought. Midway through the game, Cao Cao's troops leak a false rumor regarding her death with the hopes of demoralizing Liu Bei. The ploy didn't last long as Zhuge Liang tells his lord that she is still alive. During the later part of Wei's story, she eventually offers to tell Cao Cao the Imperial Seal's location.

Cao Cao, who has a change of heart by this time, states he no longer needs it. In Shu's ending, she is happily reunited with Liu Bei and reveals that Cao Cao died due to the wounds he sustained in battle.

Liu Bei is declared missing after his defeat in Wei's ending, so Diao Chan respectfully leaves Cao Cao to search for him. She finds him in the game's epilogue, and the lovers are content to leisurely sail on a boat. Personality Edit Diaochan is an elegant and patient woman who displays her cunning with her charms. Normally a kind and benevolent individual, she painfully conceals her true feelings for her father's scheme. She does not enjoy violence yet finds that battle is inevitable in the times she lives in.

A talented dancer and singer, she equates each encounter she fights as a dance. I did everything in my power to make him fall in love with me, knowing that a man so proud and possessive as he could not stand to see something about which he cared in the hands of another, even his foster father.

The moment I remember most clearly, the instant I knew I had him, was the night he met me in the garden and I told him how I suffered with much shedding of tears. I doubt anyone, before or after, had ever seen Lu Bu look so tender, so earnest and scared, as when I told him that death was better than what I suffered as Dong Zhuo's most favorite consort.

That was when I knew my father's plan had worked. I, a mere woman, had conquered the mightiest of warriors with a few tears and an embrace. The poets and women who speak of our great romance seem to forget what came after my lord speared Dong Zhuo like the pig he was. They ignore the fact that I was no longer fit to become any man's wife, doomed to only fulfill the role of a concubine. Yes, I am Lu Bu's favorite woman, but that means little. He has two wives, and as they are properly married to him they rank above me.

For everything I am and have done, I remain a ruined woman. Popular verse claims that I love my lord, that I have repeatedly expressed my desire to remain always at his side. To the average peasant, I would never dream of belonging to any other man. What would they think, then, if I told them I would rather he had not taken me with him when he fled Chang'an?

I felt something for him, once. When I accompanied him onto the battlefield and trailed in his wake, cutting down any who got close to him, I was entranced by the fighter in his black armor, carving a swathe through the enemy ranks with no more thought than one would give to swatting a fly.

I desired him then, and willingly lay with him when he called for me. Perhaps it was love. More likely it was lust. Gossips like to think that my act became a reality, that in pretending to love Lu Bu I created true emotion for him in my heart and soul. They manipulate our story so we become lovers meant for one another, separated only by the presence of Dong Zhuo. But I believe otherwise. I am a woman, not a silly girl to dream of true love with breathy sighs and starry eyes.

Whatever I felt for my lord after I became his concubine, it was not love of the destiny-entwined variety. It is also gone now. Whenever I see him in this castle, stalking through the halls and rubbing eyes gone red from drink, I cannot stop the shiver of revulsion which inevitably crawls down my spine.

When he clambers above me, naked and panting, my gaze is drawn to the pendulous gut hanging above my quivering stomach and I must fight the urge to shove him aside and flee. It is sometimes implied if not outright said that he puts himself into severely disadvantageous scenarios just for the sake of this. Generally in the battles against Dong Zhuo.

The games specifically advise you to not fight him and instead take detours. Subverted in 5 and 6: Once the event is over, Lu Bu declares, "Hmph In 8, he can be ignored, so long as the player ignores Diaochan.

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Happens in 8XL, depending which route that the player take in his story: In hypothetical route he becomes more respectful to his officersalthough some of his arrogance still remains.

It should be noted that while the real life Lu Bu may have been a solid warrior enough to gain the iconic phrase "Lu Bu among men, Red Hare among horses", he despite all of his skill wasn't nowhere as crazy as the Dynasty Warriors-portrayal of him goes to show especially when also compared to other adaptations of the novel.

Nonetheless, he is normally struck down the same way in most scenarios based around Xiapi due to his rather narrow mindset. Has a high defection rate in 6: Justified since it's accurate to the novel, his overall history in-game and even in real life; he first served Ding Yuan, then Dong Zhuo, and then helped with Xu Province for Liu Bei until he takes it for himself.

Even Warriors Orochi 2 lampshades this. In one battle, when he betrays Kiyomori, a random mook informs him of this "turn of events". That man is being true to himself. Red Hare, which serves as the best unlockable mount in the games due to it's speed and ability to trample through enemies. Becomes borderline demonic in 7, complete with glowing crimson red eyes, and a mane and tail of fire.

E because of his extremely high defection rate. A Day in the Limelight: XL, he gets his own mini-faction and storyline due to his daughter and strategist being the new playable characters of that game. Dragon with an Agenda: He invariably kills Dong Zhuo due to Diaochan's machinations, and he only plans on serving Orochi until becoming strong enough to defeat him and regain his claim as the world's strongest warrior.

Both in-universe and the community, to the point where even the mere mention of his name traumatizes players who got their asses handed to them by him. The phrase "do not pursue Lu Bu" is also spoken both in-universe and in the community.

In some missions, Lu Bu just stepping foot onto the battlefield is enough to make the opposing army start hemorrhaging morale.

Dumbass Has a Point: While not stupid, Lu Bu isn't the sharpest when it comes to strategy or politics. Even so, in his hypothetical ending for 8 he berates the Emperor for allowing chaos to flourish, saying the man at the top must be strong. To be fair, he's not wrong. His hypothetical campaign concludes with him deposing, but pointedly not killing the last Han Emperor and crowning himself as a new ruler of a united China.

Even Evil Has Standards: Despite his bloodthirsty nature he won't kill people who can't defend themselves, like the Emperor.

His inability to remain loyal to maintain respect as aforementioned, as well as his inability to be a good commander overall. Especially with the real life Lu Bu in comparison to his other portrayals, he was said to be at least skilled with his brawn; though on the flipside was mentioned to be a crap-tastic commander over controlling his own soldiers when it came to the territories he conquered when he was striking out solo. That, and overall his armies were massively disorganized and disunited when it came to their motivations, especially when taking Lu Bu's fickle personality into account.

In the first game and Strikeforce Inverted in his final stage for 6, where the final bosses are almost the entire cast other than Diaochan and Zhang Liao.

Often first encountered in the games defending Hulao Gate. One of Lu Bu's most redeeming qualities is his genuine affection for his daughter, Lingqi. He first insists that she stay away from his violent and dangerous lifestyle, and when he finally relents to letting her fight, he tells her to run at the first sign of danger.

It's telling that, for as violent as Lu Bu is, his daughter has grown into an intelligent and well-mannered young woman, and she absolutely adores him. Occasionally averted that he's quite a Sore Loserbut played straight way back in 4 where his retreat quote is him essentially expressing surprise that he actually met a strong opponent.

The list shows as: His first charge attack in 4. His EX attack and fifth charge attack in 7. His True Rage Rampage and second standing Musou in 8. A dead Diaochan will quickly lead to a painful period of mourning. Painful for his enemies, that is. Lu Bu's hypothetical campaign in 8: XL and his story mode for 6 climaxes in the slaughter of every other faction's heroes, leaving him to rule at the top. During gameplay, he is responsible for being many players' first game over.

With some of his dialogue with Diaochan in 6, where he simply will do what she asks without complaining despite Diaochan's possible protests of manipulating him. Also see Well-Intentioned Extremist below. That, and he tends to be rather civil to his daughter and doesn't wish for anyone else like her to follow his path. Just hear him growl in-game. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Much larger and taller than Diaochan. He's built, and ruggedly handsome. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: His C5 attack as of 7 will end with him skewering an opponent on his halberd before slamming them into the ground hard enough to create a fissure.

Though this first was displayed in a rather brutal fashion for its time in 4.