Ffxii revenant wings ending relationship

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - Walkthrough

ffxii revenant wings ending relationship

I've not played Revenant Wings (and don't have much interest to do so), so I attention to Penelo and its implied that they get together in the % ending early in Revenant Wings that there is something more to their relationship. Like most of the deep character stuff in FFXII, it's kept subtle rather than. Dec 24, This guide is written for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, which released There are three types of attack, which act in rock-paper-scissors relationship. .. Mission end when you successfully rescued Llyud's companion. Dec 17, Revenant Wings picks up from the end of Final Fantasy XII; for those . They are very different games, but they share the same relationship to.

Bahamut's wrath sends the Galbana into a crash-landing at Tswarra, Isle of the Lost. Stranded, the group finds a wounded man by the name of Velis.

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After nursing him back to health, Penelo discovers Velis is Mydia's dead lover, the feol viera behind the Judge of Wings's faceless helm. The Judge herself appears on the deserted island, changes Velis into a terrible Yarhiand orders him to attack Vaan's party.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - Walkthrough

Though Penelo refuses to hurt her friend, the rest of the crew fight. Though the Judge again escapes, Llyud deals the finishing blow to "Velis", revealed to be but his anima taken form as a Yarhi, ending his warped life.

ffxii revenant wings ending relationship

The Judge and her cohort, the Esper Mateusare defeated and leave the area, but Balthier intends to destroy the auralith. Lesrekta serves as a test for Vaan's true feelings towards his friends. After being separated from one another throughout the misty island, the five reunite after Penelo expresses her wish for Vaan to return. A voice calls them to Illusion's Homewhere Velis's spirit lingers.

He begs them to send him onto the next life properly, and explains Mydia's true existence as Feolthanos's puppet.

ffxii revenant wings ending relationship

Mydia is a normally kind feol viera who has been corrupted by her ancestor's spirit. After his defeat, Velis pleads with Vaan to save Mydia from Feolthanos's clutches, and turns himself into the godblade Anastasia.

Velis's passing prompts Vaan and his friends' return to the real world, upon the Galbana. Mydia, the last of her race. After Balthier explains he destroyed the auralith to protect the aegyl souls within from Feolthanos, he and Fran join the party.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - Wikipedia

Feolthanos uses the auraliths to drain the aegyls' anima reducing them to cold and emotionless beings who feel neither hatred nor happiness. The stolen anima is locked in the auraliths and can manifest as Yarhi.

The auraliths sustain an alternate dimension where the Yarhi live, and pieces of auracite can be used to summon the Yarhi to the world of living, but doing so gradually drains the summoner's anima. After Feolthanos stole Mydia's anima, he turned her into the Judge of Wings and ordered her to drain the auraliths' power and use the power to destroy Ivalice.

ffxii revenant wings ending relationship

Descending to Ivalice, Vaan and company follow several leads on the Judge, until they meet her at the Feol Warrenthe secluded home of the feol viera. Mydia kills the penultimate members of her own race, with the intent to give them, in death, escape from Feolthanos's will.

The Jungle denies Fran's entry with magickal barriers. To get to Mt Bur-Omisace the group must pass the Golmore Jungle, but magickal barriers prevent their entry. Fran knows the barriers have been set up by the viera and reveals a path to Eruyt Village despite knowing she is not welcome there, having abandoned the viera way of life as protectors of the forest. Once in the village they discover Fran's sister, Mjrn, has gone missing. They find her from the depths of Henne Minesbeing possessed by Venat and thus being driven insane.

Fran's other sister, Jote, gives the party an item to let them through the magick barriers.

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Before departing Fran asks Jote to listen to the woods' voice for her as she no longer can, having spent too long a time away from the woods. Jote tells Fran the wood longs for her, envious of the hume that has stolen one of its own. Fran smiles and says, "A pleasant lie, that". The group eventually make their way to the Pharos where Ashe attempts to destroy the Sun-Crystthe origin of nethicite. The Mist escaping from the Cryst affects Fran and she collapses.

Cid is defeated and dies, his body fading into the Mist, Fran repeats his final words to Balthier, urging him to escape, although he refuses to leave her behind. Fran carried by Balthier after she is injured in the Sky Fortress Bahamut. As the Battle above Rabanastre is about to break between the Resistance forces and the Imperial Fleet the group infiltrate the Empire's main battleship, Sky Fortress Bahamutto stop Vayne who is now the emperor of Archadia.

ffxii revenant wings ending relationship

After defeating Vayne, Bahamut's power goes out, and is about to fall on Rabanastre. Balthier and Fran stay behind to fix Bahamut's glossier rings and save Rabanastre, though Fran is injured by falling debris.

ffxii revenant wings ending relationship

Bahamut crash-lands outside the city and the pair is thought to have perished.