Futurama simpsons crossover ending relationship

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futurama simpsons crossover ending relationship

At the end of The Kid is All Right, the Hypno-Toad is in the audience of the presidental At Comic-Con , an official Simpsons/Futurama crossover was . While the crossover installment aimed to satisfy fans' desire to see Fry & Co. on one Their gender and exact nature of their relationship was never clearly We thought it was a great ending to get the [Futurama] aliens, and then bring in Kang and Kodos,” Simpsons executive producer Al Jean tells EW. The Simpsons and Futurama Crossover, and the History of TV it's worth exploring television's relationship with crossover episodes and if they've several times, and of course on Frasier too, long after Cheers has ended.

If you go back to the pilot episode and look, you'll see that that character's shadow is present in the scene. Then in another episode flashing to that scene, you can see not only that character's shadow but, another one that looks like Frye.

Then in a later episode it ends up that Frye travels back in time so that his future self was there to see himself get frozen. Time travel can be so confusing.

Anyway, the show kicked ass. Sadly, Fox didn't see that.

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They didn't treat the show so great. They would film a full season of the show and then preempt it for half the year with sports. They'd end up airing about half the episodes and banking the rest to air in later seasons. Every year it seemed only half a season of episodes would air. They did this so much that Fox ceased production on the show but still had enough episodes to keep it on the air for another season!

So the show was still running for a season while the folks behind the show were out of work. Futurama and The Simpsons would name check each other every once in awhile but in ways that did not directly link their realities. The Futurama folks would stumble upon a pile of old Bart Simpson dolls.

Or on The Simpsons they'd have Matt Groening appear at a comic book convention billed as the creator of Futurama. But no concrete "shared world" connections. For a long time the closest they got was a crossover between the shows that happened in a comic book. But I'm not going there. Eventually they did a small crossover. The Simpsons constantly do episodes flashing to the character's futures. In their th episode inFuture-Drama, The Simpson's resident mad scientist, Professor Frink, invented a device that allowed users to Tivo their futures.

Bart and Lisa sit down to watch what will happen to them. At one point Future Bart goes to visit his dad. He and Homer go for a ride in Homer's crappy hover-car. Seems Homer bought one of the first hover-cars before they worked all the bugs out.

Homer and Bart drive along and hit a quantum tunnel in a mountain. Basically the quantum tunnel allows them to drive right through solid rock.

When they come out the other side, Bender is riding in the car with them. He tries to buddy up with Homer and Bart but they kick him to the curb. And I breathed a sigh of relief. Lord help the world with those three paling around.

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The problem with this crossover though was Futurama was set about 1, years in the future. The Future-Drama episode of The Simpsons was set 8 years in the future. What the hell is Bender doing in a time period years before his time? At the time of this episode I had to wonder if Bender units in general were created a thousand years before Futurama.

And they thought Frye was ancient? As year old tech Bender would be like an Edison cylinder player in an mp3 era. Cut to November Following its revival on Comedy Central, Futurama had been cancelled again in But Groening and friends decided to give the Planet Express crew one more moment in the spotlight in the Simpsons episode Simpsorama. The episode packed in everything you would expect from The Simpsons, from Futurama and what you would want if those shows collided.

The plot starts with the city of Springfield burying a time capsule. Being a brat Bart blows his nose on a sandwich and throws it in. Then the time capsule is buried in a hole that is filled with liquid nuclear waste oozing up through the ground from the nearby power plant.

Cut to a mysterious object falling from the sky. Eventually he remembers he is supposed to kill Homer! Homer is going to do something to destroy the future. Only, really, it turns out, of course, Bart was responsible. Almost the entire Futurama crew ends up coming through a time portal into the past so you can see them in Springfield.

Then almost the entire Simpson family ends up going through the portal into the future because we want to see that too. The Bart-bunnies then mutate into goblins causing more havoc. Eventually the problem is solved when they round up all the Bart-goblins and launch them into deep space.

They all land on the planet Omicron Persei 8, home to an alien race Earth has had strained relations with. See, at one point we unknowingly harvested their young who seemed to be alien chicken nuggets and started eating them.

futurama simpsons crossover ending relationship

Now Bart-goblins from Earth were destroying their planet. Instead, he goes back to the future the long way: This means Bender is now technically present in The Simpsons timeline.

And Bender being Bender The question is might he show up as a guest on future episodes of The Simpsons. Now, there is no way I could fully list all the riffs and references in this episode but here's some of them The professor says they do not have to kill Marge, just one of her children. One of the rabbits eats Linda and transforms into a lizard-like creature that resembles Bart.

Frink wonders how Bart destroyed the future. Bart reveals, through a sepia-toned flashbackthat when he put his sandwich in the time capsule, it touched Milhouse 's lucky rabbit's foot and the toxic ooze in the hole touched the items in the time capsule mutating them into rabbit-like creatures with Bart's D.

Lisa suggests they dig up the time capsule. The Simpsons and the Planet Express crew arrive in the town square to dig up the capsule, but Groundskeeper Willie forbids them from doing so, since it cannot be opened for another thousand years. Bender's ass then shows a hologram of Amywho assumes the creatures got a hold of Scruffybut Scruffy reveals they only got his mustache. Since Scruffy figures life is not worth living without his mustache, he shoots his own head off.

futurama simpsons crossover ending relationship

They see in the hologram that the creatures have destroyed the portal, and Bender sucks the crew and the Simpsons to the year Marge does a head count and realizes they left Maggie behind. Bender decides to take Maggie to the race track since he knows the outcome of every single horse race in this time. Homer kills all of the Bart creatures by strangling them.

Marge is discouraged that they cannot go back to their own time. Marge notes that Homer works at a nuclear power plant.

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When asked if he is good at his job, Homer takes pride in the fact that he was named "Employee of the Month" for April Fools' Day. The professor suggests that Fry and Homer fix the portal while the rest pray.

Nibbler attempts to eat one of the creatures, but instead of pooping dark matterhe merely poops out another Bart creature. Lisa is surprised everyone has given up. The professor then proposes they shoot all the creatures into space. Lisa says she will round them up. Back in Springfield, Bender bets on a horse named Bender's Bountyeven though he died during the race. When the horse starts to lose, Bender obliterates it in anger. In New New York, Lisa tricks the Bart creatures into believing that Madison Cube Garden is full of Butterfinger bars and also annoys them by playing a saxophone version of a holophonor showing images of things she likes such as unicorns and kitty cats.

Hermes locks all of the creatures into the cube and the Planet Express ship lifts the cube up and hurls it into space, to the excitement of the crew and Lisa, and to the discouragement of Bart. Reconstruction begins in New New York and Fry and Homer successfully reactivate the portal, which sucks the Simpsons back to their present-day home.

Marge is happy to be reunited with Maggie, and notices her diaper is full. Bender volunteers to change it, revealing the diaper is full of money he won at the races. Bender bids the Simpsons farewell and shuts himself off to be awakened a thousand years later. Homer drags the robot to the basement, but also pours him one more can of Duff. Lrrr and Ndnd are both annoyed that the creatures are destroying the planetespecially since "the Johnsons" are coming.

Ndnd runs away sobbing and Lrrr asks "the one of [them] that is female" to console her, as both Kang and Kodos comfort her. The episode ends with a Simpsonized-version of the Futurama opening sequence.

Production This section is in need of expansion. The reason given is: A picture of the episode's production script, posted by John DiMaggio on his Twitter page.

Al Jean said of the episode: It's really funny, and their show lends itself to any variety of plot lines. By having them on, we have a little freedom The biggest thrill for me is that we don't have to adjust the animation style.

On 17 Decemberan interview with David X. Cohen revealed that the episode was being animated. On 21 MayJean revealed through Twitter that the episode was "scheduled to be the first episode [to air] in November ", [7] suggesting an air date of 2 November. The first episode to air in November was actually " Opposites A-Frack ".

On 4 SeptemberEntertainment Weekly published an online article revealing the first official image of the episode and also provided more information on the episode's plot. I don't think so.