Fuuko ending a relationship

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fuuko ending a relationship

Their relationship is very interesting because Fuuko is a member of Recca's team , No matter how Flame of Recca ends, I'll always see Fuuko and Raiha as a. Parfait Tic is a Japanese shōjo manga by Nagamu Nanaji. It was published by Shueisha in Not even his budding relationship with Fuuko can lessen his need to be with Iori. Fuuko can't Fuuko had been in love with Ichi, but she ended things with him because of his inability to let go of his feelings for Iori. Although he is. Main Gallery Appearances Fuuko フー子 Fūko anime Manga Movie Character information Status Deceased Species Wind Relationships Fuuko, tied with Underwater Buggy are the only protagonists that die in the end of the movie.

Now that she's back in his life, Ichi's feelings turn to her again. Not even his budding relationship with Fuuko can lessen his need to be with Iori. Fuuko can't deal with this and they part ways.

Fuuko is heartbroken again, but this time the pain runs much deeper. Her love for Ichi was more serious than her former crush on Daiya. Ironicallyit's Daiya who supports her through these hard times. Ichi spends his free time with Iori, and Daiya tries his hardest to distract Fuuko.

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Slowly, Daiya is beginning to understand 'what it is to be in love', as he is falling in love with Fuuko. But she can't return his feelings, she is not over Ichi yet. At New Year, Daiya asks Fuuko if she wants to go out with him. Taking a fresh start, Fuuko accepts. Meanwhile, Ichi says goodbye to Iori, as he finally understands she only sees him as a little brother, while the one she really loves is her boyfriend. At a class cleanup, Fuuko accidentally kissed Ichi and felt guilty towards Daiya.

When Daiya finally found out, he was upset that Fuuko didn't trust in their relationship enough to tell him right away.

Fuuko started to knit a hat for Valentine's Day for Daiya without knowing whether she would get a chance to give it to him. Their relationship got stronger after Fuuko confessed to Daiya at that she was only thinking about him when knitting the hat at the hospital after Daiya's accident. Characters[ edit ] Fuuko Kameyama The upbeat main character. She likes playing with little children and hairstyling.

Wears her own hair in unusual and complicated styles. She does feel insecure about her looks, especially when being compared to Daiya and Ichi. Had to take swimming lessons from Ichi in order to pass P. In the beginning, Fuuko had a big crush on Daiya but when she confessed he rejected her kindly.

Ichi helped her to mend her inner wounds and she fell genuinely in love with him, but at the same time, Daiya was falling in love with her. Although Ichi loved Fuuko, his old feelings for Iori returned so he chooses spending time with her over Fuuko. Daiya took this as a chance to go out with Fuuko.

fuuko ending a relationship

Fuuko appears to have reconnected with her feelings for Daiya, but it is not known whether she is still in love with Ichi. Ichi Shinpo The cold and quiet love interest.

I'm not saying that my suggestions are the greatest, but they show that the endings could have been more highly memorable. Having a great ending makes a game worth playing to the end and leaves a good impression, making it more likely that people will replay it. ShikanRaider 4 years ago 9 Fuuko: I liked the atmosphere though.

Well at least they're happy. Lacks a picture of their wedding though.


Too bad they didn't tell you what the MC said to the girls. Common complaint for all of them. Each ending should've had at least minutes of scenes. Jellic 4 years ago 10 can I see every ending on my first playthrough.

Remember not to buy Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. Because, this shouldn't be allowed. Fujin told Fuko she needed to find the main crystal of her madogu, but she ends up using all four of the smaller crystals anyway, which, presumably, renders her trinket useless.

The old man who turned out to be the 7th dragon told Kaoru he needed to master his weapon's secret configuration to win his bout. But Joker drops out of the match before we even get to see what he can do, and Kaoru never needs to use anything to fight him beyond the first and most basic configuration. After suicide-bombing Mori, does Kurei die too, or what?

We technically don't see him after that. Raiha said he was destined to fight Fuko, but we never see this happen.

fuuko ending a relationship

A plot thread from the manga that got dropped like a hot potato? A lot of what you mentioned are revisions done in the anime as a result of having Overtook the Manga. The problem was that the scene with the old man meeting with the Hokage didn't jive with the revised finale. Fuuko IIRC didn't end up using all the minor crystals until much later in the manga, at which point she got the main crystal back from Raiha. The pair do have their destined fight.

fuuko ending a relationship

Joker did have a proper battle with Koganei, and forfeited the match after Koganei used the 6th for, but only because he had his fun or so he says Kurei and Mori's fate in the end of the tournament was different.

First of all, the anime is non canon to the manga, which explains everything that the anime didn't bother to change.

Is it an example of Good Is Dumb? Do you think Mikagami would've fared better if he still keeps his cruel methods but not as suicidal as he was before? When it came to meeting that domme Marie, yes, most likely his cruel methods would have gotten him out of it. Instead of him being so stupid as to sit down with someone he oblviously knew was the enemy and drank tea from her when he even suspected it of being poisoned, with his cruel methods he would of just threaten the woman at blade point, making her reveal her BDSM nature a whole lot sooner, allowing him to take out her and Poochie with minimal effort.

However, in the case of Aoi And what really bugs me was Why make Mikagami into a James Bondage a lot when he was kind of like one of the more powerful good guys!? Because if Mikagami keeps his awesomeness and coolness after he joins Hokage, they'd only need to have Mikagami handles all the enemies for them and we won't have a Flame of Recca but Ice of Tokiya.

Well, except Kurei maybe Recca is pretty overpowered on his own. There are ways to make Tokiya still look badass despite not being overpowered, making him a James Bondage does not do him justice.