Gears of war 3 sad ending relationship

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gears of war 3 sad ending relationship

Dom, talking with his mom about Marcus' relationship with his parents . to Gears on the ground, and were preventing the war from ending quicker, and He and Maria talked about Marcus and his dad, and Maria felt that it was sad that In Gears of War 3, a "Commando Dom" multiplayer skin is available to those who. Gears of War 3 made that impossible for me. I was disturbed by the way the story ended and felt like I was playing a villain all the time but nobody told me. .. policy, I am a New Zealander, we have traditionally had a trying relationship. . In a way it gives a sad history to Sera, an unfortunate state of affairs. So I just finished the Gears 3 campaign, and proceeded to laugh a little at Ice T's song was the only lne who knew. i cant find adam fenix death sad. dont like him .. that Adam and Myrrah had SOME sort of relationship beyond just research.

When the war over immulsion escalates, Locusts resort to attacking human cities, killing large numbers of civilians and making sky scrapers collapse.

The invasion of the Locust territory in GoW 2 as a response to the attacks against human cities is directly analogous to the invasion of Afghanistan as a response to the attack on New York on september 11th Actual quote from the game: This makes it pretty hard for me to not regard the way the fictional conflict is resolved in Gears3 as a fantasy blueprint to end that war.

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Master race Trying to make other races appear to not be real or full people, dehumanizing them is the oldest trick in the book to make justifications for inhumane behavior towards them. Especially when there are clear visible distinctions like skin color and when the oppressive group can claim the oppressed group to be less civilized.

And yeah, usually those people think they are making a point, but just fail by drawing a completely ridiculous comparison between their minor complaint and a unfathomable act of madness and injustice. But in this case the comparison is the meat of the problem. Nazis referred to Jews in terms of them being a plague, vermin, pests, parasites… …Gears call their enemy race Locusts.

In battle, the Locust Queen asks, what makes a life of her people less worthy than a human life? On which Marcus Fenix, our designated hero, simply and confidently replies: They are not people, they are monsters.

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They are an independent society, with spoken and written language, social structures, cultural treasures, art, architecture forced into becoming a war culture by human intrusion. Granted they are barbaric and ugly.

gears of war 3 sad ending relationship

But that does not make them less than people. But in publications like this the makers at least had the dignity to limit acts of violence against enemy races to individuals who have actually shown to be a threat… I mean, imagine Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli going around and slaying orc babies in their cradle. But in Gears we should find a sense of victory in killing every single Locust on the planet, no matter if they have done anything wrong yet, no matter the age or personality.

They deserve to die — all of them — because they are not human. It was used to sell the idea of completely eradicating the jewish people in Nazi Germany. The Nazis had found a way to basically industrialize the killing of people of jewish heritage and political enemies by hunting jews, imprisoning them in work camps and using gas chambers to finally kill them. Marcus ordered Pad to get on a roof and snipe the Indie heavy weapons users, while Dom, Marcus, and Tai provided covering fire.

As Pad ran for a roof and they fired, Dom asked Marcus to remind him how much ground the COG had gained that week, and Marcus guessed that it was zero again, which is what Dom had thought. Pad sniped the Indie heavy machine gunner, and Dom and Tai followed Marcus as he led a charge on the Indie position, with Pad sniping two more Indies, leaving only three left.

They overwhelmed the Indies with fire and cut them down, and Marcus reported to control that Ghato was secured and they would meet up with the rest of the unit in Tenla. As they walked along the side of the road out of Ghato City, Dom remarked that he had thought that the war would have been over in months after the raid on Aspho Point, and that he sometimes thought Carlos had died for nothing. Marcus told him not to think that way, and that his father said that the data they had retrieved had cut years off of his work.

Dom asked him if Adam had ever discussed it with him, and Marcus told him that for his dad, top secret meant top secret. Ceasefire and Ambush "Goddamn it- it's over! Nobody should be dying now! Dom was glad to see someplace that hadn't been bombed, but Marcus told him not to tempt fate. The convoy then stopped, and Dom and the rest of the squad were called over by some other Gears. They listened with the rest of C Company as it was announced by Chairman Tomas Dalyell that the war was ending with the UIR's surrender after the deployment of the Hammer of Dawn orbital weapons platforms, which had been designed by Adam.

Dom and the other Gears began celebrating, but were stopped and shocked when they were shelled by an Indie unit in the mountains. Several vehicles were hit and some shots hit the town below, and Dom remarked that this was insane and that someone needed to tell the Indies they had surrendered. Marcus reminded him that they technically hadn't yet, and they joined in with the rest of C Company in opening fire on the Indies while their commander tried to get the Indies to surrender.

Several mortar shells hit near Dom and the others, and he saw Novak go down. Dom began cursing in frustration, saying that no one should be dying now since the war was over.

gears of war 3 sad ending relationship

A few moments later, the Indies did stop firing, having received word from their superiors that the surrender was real and not a COG trick. Dom was relieved, but disappointed looked down at the town below them, which had been heavily damaged during the shelling. Three hours later, Marcus showed Dom the Indies coming down from the mountains and surrendering, and told him that it hadn't all been in vain. The next day, C Company had moved into the town, and Dom waited silently with Marcus and the rest of the squad as noon approached, at which time the surrender would go into full effect and end the Pendulum Wars.

One day, Maria sent the kids to her mother's so they can have a day to themselves. Unfortunately, this day was Emergence Day. On that day, Maria's parents were killed along with Benedicto and Sylvia. Both Dom and Maria where able to evacuate back to their house in Jacinto while the Locust attacked the city. However, Maria was pushed over the edge of major depression with the loss of her children, her new life destroyed, and Dom's constant presence on the front line.

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One year after E-Day, Dom and Maria continued to live their lives; Dom spent much of his time fighting the Locust, while Maria was prescribed with anti-depressants and stayed at home. She sobbed about her children and would still clean their rooms and go out for walks believing the kids are still alive. Even during the Hammer Strike she wanted to go out. She blocked out the truth about her children, and Dom became upset with her denial.

One day, he didn't find her at the house: Adam Fenix had her escorted to the Fenix Estate for her own safety a couple of days before the planned Hammer Strike on Sera. This, along with the loss of his parents and children on E-Day, makes the war with Locust deeply personal.

About ten years after E-Day, Dom testified in Marcus's favor during his trial, when Marcus was charged for Dereliction of Duty in the face of danger, and was sentenced to death. The last boss was just tedious, but that's because respawning enemies remain my biggest pet peeve in single player campaigns.

gears of war 3 sad ending relationship

Other than that though, the campaign was a lot of fun. The story is the one thing I think is getting too much praise.

‘Gears of War 3’ Developer Diary Details The End of The Trilogy

It's good, and the characters are more convincing this time and have much better dialog, but there's something missing. Anya and Marcus never develop, hell Anya barely talks. It would have been cool to see how Cole and Baird found the Navy, but that'll probably be DLC which pisses me off, it feels like a chunk of the game is missing.

I also liked Carmine and Sam, so I wanted more from them. I think that Dom's scene was so well done a lot of people praise the overall story, not that it's bad, but there were disappointing aspects to it. Something is definitely missing. I loved the Stranded sections with Griffon and the Ash Kid. But we never see Griffon again after he swore to settle the score with Marcus Fenix.

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Marcus and Anya's relationship never develops. Anya keeps him in check during the whole game but that was about it.

gears of war 3 sad ending relationship