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haganai light novel 11 ending relationship

Haganai (はがない), short for Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is a Japanese light novel series . Volume 8 of the light novels has a story where her teaching position is .. When Sena's father asks Kodaka how their relationship is progressing, A second season, titled Haganai NEXT, aired from January 11 - March The story ends with all of them eating stew like in vol.1 .. before, this single book serves as the epilogue, "Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" Volume . Both Kodaka and Yukimura quits the club to start their relationship. Light Novel Volume 11 is the eleventh and final volume of the Boku wa In the end, I've managed to push through the ending that I have planned since the very .

But having said all that, I still love Haganai as a whole with all my heart. It gave me so much, from tons of enjoyment to confidence in Japanese reading it was my first light novel that I could read without looking into dictionary every 10 minutes. I also still admire Hirasaka-sensei's writing style and sense of humour, and will continue reading his other works.

Volume 11 spoilers

It was a great journey and I have absolutely no regret of having read all the volumes of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. I will miss it. I am curious about several things from your opinions. I was equally hoping for either Sena-end or Rika-end. And secretly admiring Kobato: P Both Sena and Rika have that characteristic that "They know what they want, they know what they must do to achieve it, they can do it, they are not bent by other's envy".

Even Yozora was genuinely horrified at that instant before regaining her composure and claiming it is "godly".

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai「AMV」Not Another Song About Love

Rika remembers that the game was notorious for bad endings where the hero and all his romantic interests die in the most horrific ways should the player mess up with even a single flageven as Sena angrily breaks the disc. When Sena tells Yozora that her Childhood Friend past with Kodaka doesn't matter in Episode 8 of Season 2, Yozora gets extremely angry and confronts her. While they argue a little bit more, Yozora then does what Sena usually does, cries a little then runs out of the room while insulting her rival.

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Arguably, Sena and Yozora respectively. Sena is more conventionally attractive, conformist and popular than Yozora. She doesn't hide any dark secrets. However, her personal issues are just as severe as Yozora's, and few would call her a kind person. Beware the Nice Ones: In Episode 5 of Season 2, Yozora tries out an otome game, which Rika describes as a "gal game for girls".

It turns out to be a gender reversed game of the one they played back in Episode 2 of the first season, and Yozora tries it out. Sena grabs the controller while she's attempting to put her name in, similarly to Yozora doing it the first time around. Rika then emanates a very dark aura, and speaks in a monotone voice asking Sena why she was attempting to sabotage her attempts to introduce Yozora to otome games.

Rika seems so scary that even Kodaka is creeped out by it. Kobato adores her brother not that she says it out loud and gets jealous when he starts spending a lot of time at the club although she ultimately joins. She also behaves particularly territorial of her place as his little sister and dislikes when Maria and later Kate start calling him " Onii-chan ". On the flip sideKodaka feels this way towards Maria, more so than his actual sister who he considers an Annoying Younger Sibling.

Naturally, his clubmates accuse him of being a paedophile. Sena has something of a Little Sister Attraction towards Kobato, much to the latter's discomfort. She is often hugging or gushing all over Kobato and on several occasions has attempted to take a bath with her. When Kodaka rescued Sena from a group of thugs Averted in Episode 5's game.

haganai light novel 11 ending relationship

After Maria goes to take a nap, her character is standing still, while the party is fighting a tough boss that could use her character's healing abilities. After everyone but Kodaka's and Maria's characters are killed off, she starts moving again, and for a brief moment it seems they could possibly beat the boss themselves, but then she pulls a Leeroy Jenkins and gets herself killed.

Then it turns out Maria wasn't actually playing, but rather Kobato, Kodaka's sister, who was wondering why he was spending so much time in his club.


Maria, and Kobato turns into one when they eat together at the latter's house. Kobato lets one out near the end of Episode 9, running away from Sena in the process.

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Yozora towards Maria, in a surrogate way. Maria's sister Kate fits this trope nicely.

haganai light novel 11 ending relationship

Episode 7 of Season 2, celebrating Kobato's birthday. The first half spends time showing the Neighbor's club members shopping for birthday presents for her and throwing a party, and the second half shows Kate and Maria celebrating it with her at Kodaka's house.

haganai light novel 11 ending relationship

Happens to Sena in Episode 9 as she chases Kobato in the nude, after the latter ran away while taking a bath together. She is very rude and immature, and often uses a variety of expletives when annoyed. As a friend of Kodaka's father, he arranges for Kodaka and Kobato to attend the school.

haganai light novel 11 ending relationship

LN 1 He is embarrassed by the unusual pronunciation of his first name, which would normally be "Tenma". He often badmouths Kodaka's father, but only because he truly values him as his best and more or less only friend.

LN C A blonde year-old woman, she is a capable servant, though often surprisingly outspoken to her employer. She has a habit of making straight-faced jokes. She has a largely nonchalant attitude, and sometimes inappropriately belches or farts in public. Despite being relatively mature, she eventually calls Kodaka onii-chan big brother as well, since she is only 15 years old.